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Hey! It’s me Anshita back with the eighth chapter of ME, YOU AND PASSION!
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It was 6am and the sun was shining bright in the sky with the misty clouds all around. The sky looked wonderful despite the bright rays of light being sent all over from the sun. Sonakshi was jogging in a garden nearby to her house. She was dressed up in a sporty attire with a plain purple polo t-shirt along with a thin black jacket over it, black track pants at the bottom with which she sported out her purple sport shoes. Her hair was tied in a single ponytail while a flick or two which were pinned to either sides of her hair as they came in front of her eyes. This attire was probably preferred more over fancy clothing by her, for it let her be as comfortable as she could and didn’t end up making her look terrible either, although her looks didn’t really matter much to her. She had her earplugs on and had been listening to all sorts of calm and cool music all this while. This really helped her to get her mind refreshed and get rid of all the thoughts which had been disturbing her, and they were quite worrisome as well.


After a good session of jogging and exercises, Sonkashi went to a bench close by and sat on it. She unplugged her earplugs as she kept them all back in her pockets. She stretched her arms and legs all wide apart and automatically, a sweet smile came up on her face. More than stunning or smart, she simply looked like a simple girl who indeed was very down to the earth. She sat back normal once again and looked at the time on her phone screen. It was 7:15am. Another 15 minutes and Sonakshi would then take a leave and start getting ready for her college. While she had been working out here, Elina, on the other hand, had been having a good amount of sleep. Although Sonakshi too desired that sleep a lot, she kept control on her emotions and simple had to resist the idea of having a longer sleep. After all, Sonakshi wasn’t that regular for these fitness sessions of hers. On a maximum, she’d be coming here twice or thrice a week, which actually was a lot compared to how much she actually needed to work out.

Now that Sonakshi was here, alone, and all free, she decided to think about something which had indeed been worrying her since quite some time. She closed her eyes and took a deep and heavy sigh before she could resume thinking about the topic she’d left alone last night. She opened her eyes and smiled brightly. It was a smile that signified that she knew just what to do. But to much of one’s displeasure, her smile turned into a worried expression. And this one clearly meant that yet again, Sonakshi was stuck. Stuck between making two choices. She simply couldn’t choose any one. Well of course, her mind signalled her to only focus on her dreams and leave all others behind. But oh dear, her heart supported her in bringing her relationship with Dev ahead to another step. Yes, she so badly did want to do that, but, it seemed it would be quite a hard decision to make. While both her mind and heart had different opinions, there was some part of Sonakshi, only Sonakshi, which was only her soul, that didn’t really choose between the two. All her soul advised her was to do what keeps her happy. What makes her feel that she is worth this all lot of stuff. God! This indeed was going to be hard enough for our dear Sonakshi.

Sonakshi looked at the birds chirping up on the trees. She felt they were luck, quite luck indeed, for nobody seemed to be having such high expectations out of them. Then, this weird but relevant thought occurred to her, who was raising high expectations towards her? Was it Dev? No, it certainly shan’t be Dev, for he liked Sonakshi for who she was. He didn’t really expect anything from her except, love and trust. But if it wasn’t Dev, then who was it? Who was it who’d simply not been allowing her to make a decision? And all of a sudden, a thought struck her mind, leaving her eyes wide open. If not her love, then it definitely had to be her dreams. And her dreams clearly meant that she herself was the one who’d been causing all this great heap of trouble for herself. If she was really the reason behind this all, then Sonakshi knew very well, that the decision would be even harder to make now. After all, it was her versus her brain versus her heart. For a moment, she thought whether Dev too would be included in the list. But then, she reminded herself that if it was her heart that’d win, it would definitely mean it was Dev who’d win, indirectly. It would be really very, very tough for her now, and she knew it.

Sonakshi closed her eyes once again and tried to think hard. Soon, she was deep lost in her thoughts. Looking at her face, once could tell that she was thinking of something really nice. The smile on her face was a proof of that.

She imagined a huge stage with a million of people standing in front and cheering. Cheering for whom? Sonakshi. And then, there was a voice that could be heard coming from the stage and the crowd silenced. The face wasn’t visible to Sonakshi. All she could see, or rather hear, was the voice. A beautiful, melodious voice. She could now tell it was a girl. From the distance, she could see the girl wearing a white crop top with a jet black leather jacket. She wore black denims at the bottom along with black boots. By now, Sonkashi had figured out that the girl was a singer, a wonderful one. She could see the crowd still silenced and moving their arms gently as they got mesmerised by the voice heard by them. Sonkashi tried her best to catch a glimpse of the singer but couldn’t. Finally, after a few minutes of trial, Sonakshi spotted the singer’s lips, rosy and red. They looked quite similar to hers. Sonkashi then looked at the crowd and wished for the same crowd to be cheering for her when she’d be there up on the stage. Then all of a sudden, the crowd burst in applauses. She could her whistles and claps. After all this, Sonkashi was tempted to see that face of the singer. Alas! Her wish was fulfilled. The singer focused on the audience and gently moved her hair to the side. She looked at the direction Sonakshi was and passed a smile. Sonkashi smiled back. She was not only awestruck by her fascinating voice, but also her beauty. She looked gorgeous. Her face resembled Sonakshi’s. Her lips, ears, nose and most importantly, her eyes, all looked alike Sonakshi’s. Sonkashi stared at her in admiration. And suddenly, her expression turned to a look of horror. She stared at the singer with her eyes wide open. Slowly, her mouth opened as well. The singer looked exactly like her! Not only her name was the same as Sonakshi’s, but also her look! On the stage, she could see the singer thank the audience and then look towards Sonakshi’s direction yet again. But no, she wasn’t focusing on Sonakshi. Instead, she was smiling at a man behind Sonakshi. The singer called him ahead and he went towards her, passing Sonakshi. His face was yet not visible to Sonakshi. The man went on the stage when Sonakshi saw the singer hugging him as he pecked a kiss on her forehead. This scene made Sonakshi lose her mind. She couldn’t believe it. The singer, whom she’d fallen for a moment back, was nobody but herself. And the man, who’d gone up on the stage, was….

“Dev!” Gasped Sonakshi as she opened her eyes. She tried to cool herself down, taking care of the surroundings and then closed her eyes again. Yes, the man sure was Dev and the girl, no doubt, was Sonakshi. And now, Sonakshi was sure of what she’d just seen. She couldn’t believe it though. But then, she was forced to do so by her mind.

She’d just seen herself singing between a bunch of people. Really? Yes. And this clearly proved that….she was a singer. Singer. Singer. Singer. Sonkashi was deeply confused as these words went floating in her mind. And then, she’d seen Dev and herself together on stage. This meant, that even after achieving her dreams, she had Dev on her side. Yes, she sure did. And the look on his face told her that he was proud for her. He was happy for her. Even more than she was for herself, maybe. They were still together, even after she followed her dreams. She had her dreams fulfilled and the love of her life by her side. Sonkashi couldn’t simply believe what she’d seen. She couldn’t believe what she’d realised. She couldn’t believe what she’d learnt from her dream.

She had seen herself as a singer, a thing what she always wanted to see. She’d realised that Dev was still with her, even after she went chasing her dreams. And she’d learnt that her connection with Dev was too strong for anything to break it off. Anything at all.

Maybe now, she could convince herself that Dev would never stand between her and her dreams. Never ever would he do so. Maybe, loving him was right enough. She knew she would get all the happiness in the world if she’d be with him. She was sure of it. She was sure that life WILL be perfect with Dev, even if she achieves her dreams.

She opens her eyes and looks at her watch. It was sharp 7:30am. She got up from the bench as she muttered under her breathe, “Yes, I know what to do now. I will love Dev. I will follow my dreams. And I will get both of them,” as she went back towards her house, smiling confidently to herself. Sonakshi knew that this was indeed taking risk and she was well aware of the consequences she’d have to face. But this time, she was ready to risk it and face the consequences. In fact, she was eager to show life that she could fulfil both her dreams at the same time. Yes, she was sure. She indeed trusted Dev and knew that he wouldn’t stop her from chasing her dreams, instead, he’d help her. For now, all she could hope for was Dev to not let her down.

As Sonakshi reached her house, she quickly took a shower and got ready. She had her breakfast at the speed of a train as she swallowed each and every bite. She was very excited today. Indeed very. For today was the day she would be able to take her relationship with Dev to another step. Finally, she could have both her dreams and love with her. The thought of leading such a wonderful life made Sonakshi blush. Actually, she thanked god for this moment and each one after this. Perhaps, this would end up making life a thousand times better for her.

Alas! Sonakshi has decided to take her relationship with Dev another step ahead. She will be keeping both her love and passion in mind. But will things remain easy for her? Will Dev accept her? Is there anything such upcoming that may ruin Dev and Sonakshi’s paradise? Will the two hearts join? Will two souls be able to become one forever?
To learn more, stay tuned to ME, YOU AND PASSION by Anshita.

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