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Hi guys! It’s me Anshita here! I’m back with the third episode of the series.
Honestly, I couldn’t believe the number of comment I’ve received so far for all my posts?? Especially the number of comments I received for my fist and second episodes?? It was truly UNBELIEVABLE!!!?????????
I look forward for the same response to my further articles. Of course, if they’re good enough?? Once again I’d like you all to kindly answer this question of mine: Do you find the storyline catchy and interesting enough or would you recommend a few changes? Kindly reply in order to lemme know if I should continue with the current storyline or add a few changes to it. Do drop in your suggestions and/or complaints without any hesitation??? I’d better get started before it’s too late! One more thing: I’d like to know if the vocabulary I’m currently using is convenient for everyone or I should upgrade/degrade it a bit.
So here we begin with the third chapter of ME, YOU AND PASSION……

Recap of the previous episode: Sonakshi gets mad at herself for admiring Dev. Sonakshi sits beside Dev during chemistry period while the two share some cute yet romantic moments.

It was night and Sonakshi stood by the window in her room at home gazing at the moon. The sky looked magnificent with the bright twinkling stars up above surrounding the white shiny moon covering a dark layer of black colour which was seen everywhere. How she loved the scene! For it reminded her that just like the stars in the sky, there are a few people on land who twinkled. Elina and her parents had always been amongst those people. Or precisely, the only people who came under that list. However, today, a few variations had been made in the list by Sonakshi. The change included another member being added to the ‘twinkling people on earth’ group. Any guesses who that special person was and what special thing did he do that made Sonakshi add him in her list of special people? Well, of course, the person was none other than Dev. For Sonakshi, he was only Dev. No Dixit and no title of Mr. She had started considering him as a friend but wasn’t sure if it was right since she didn’t have the slightest of idea of what Dev felt.

Dev, on the other hand, sat in his balcony all dressed in jet black from head to toe with his headphones on and stared endlessly at the endless universe. He’d always loved doing that. But something made this time feel even more special. What was it? He thought. He didn’t really admire thoughts of his interrupting him at this time. However, this thought of his made him smile like a small child who’s just been gifted a lollipop despite being told not to have them by the dentist. His smile, was definitely natural and it counted in the endless list of why he was heavily admired by not only girls, but also boys. What’s wrong with me? He questioned himself. How begged his own brain to try and figure out who or what that thought was all about after all!

Today’s day had been a long yet interesting and different one for both Dev and Sonakshi. A lot had happened today. Even more than they could’ve possible expected. They felt this weird feeling in their stomach whenever they’d think of each other.

Dev’s POV : Why is this happening with me? What is this all about? And why is this even happening to me? I’ll talk to Sona tomorrow and seek advice from her on how to deal with such weird or probably psychological problems. Wait a minute, why should I ask Sona?! Why her? What makes her so special for me? Is she even special? Oh gawd! I’m sure I’m missing out on something. Something really very important I feel.

He quickly exits the balcony and rushes to his study table. Everyone else had been asleep at his house. Therefore, he tried to make minimum noise in order to not disturb anyone’s sleep and most importantly, make nobody got suspicious about him and his weird acts. He picked up his laptop from the table and ran towards his bed I’m great hurry. He jumped on his bed, quickly unlocked the laptop and started to search the following on the Internet:
1. Signs you’re falling for her
2. Symptoms of falling in love
3. Am I in love?
4. Love tests for boys
5. What’s so special about her quiz for guys

Soon after his extraordinary research on the Internet, he placed his left palm on the centre region of his heart and softly spoke, ‘ I guess it is true then. I’m in love with you Sonakshi! Real, mad and desperate love. But the only problem is, we’ve hardly known each other and will you even accept me and this proposal of mine keeping in mind that we’re just ‘just-became-friends-from-strangers’???’ And irrespective to the fact that how recently they’d met, will Sonakshi still accept Dev? Nope, thought Dev. He doesn’t really stand much of a chance infront of her. Besides, as far as he’s learnt about her in one day, which is a lot, he has concluded and very well learnt that Sonakshi is definitely amongst those rare girls who does not believe in love and would rather prefer following their dreams and building up their stairway to success and glory. She truly was the type he wanted and admired. She was no type. She was one and the only one and no replacements can ever be found, thought Dev as he smiled to himself. Then again due to the fear of losing Sonakshi, although he hadn’t even completely earned her yet, his face became pale and expressionless.

Dev’s POV : Oh no! What am I supposed to do? Main usse paana zaroor chanta hoon lekin khona bhi nahin chahta hoon. Kya karoon? Hey bhagwaan! Mujhe lagta hai ki abhi mein usse apni dosti bhadata hoon! Are Dev, dosti bhadegi to tab naa jab dono log usse bhadana chahe. Lekin koi nahin, mein apni poori koshish karoonga Sona ko humesha ke liye apni Sona banane ke liye. Mujhe poora yakin hai ki ek na ek din vo maan hi legi. (Oh no! What am I supposed to do? I sure do want to earn her but on the same time, I’m afraid of losing her. What should I do? Oh god! I think it’d be better if I increase our friendship currently. Oh Dev, friendship can only be made better if both the people want it to be so and give it a try. But no worries, I’ll give my best to make Sona officialy my Sona. I have full faith that one day or another, she’ll agree to accept me and my proposal.)

It was final now. Dev was head over heels for Sonakshi while she’d been trying to be the least expressive and hide her feelings as well as the sorrow and pain she’d have to bear for the sake of her dreams and goals. Was she right? She simply just couldn’t chose between yes or no. After all, it was a matter of her dreams and ambitions and the first person whom she admired, lovingly.

Sonakshi’s POV : Hey bhagwaan! Iss dil ka kya karun? (pinches herself really hard). Mera matlab yeh mujhe kya ho raha hai? Pehli dafaa hai ki mujhme koi aur chalka hai. Pehli baar koi mujhme mujhse zyaada hai. C’mom Sona! Apni padhayi par dhyaan de!
Kahin tujhe pya…Nahin! Tujhe kissi se pyaar nahin hai. (Oh god! What am I supposed to do with if this heart? (pinches herself really hard). I mean what happening to me? It is for the first time that I’ve been coloured by someone’s colour. It is for the first time that someone lies within me even more than myself. C’mon Sona! Focus on your studies! You aren’t in lov….No! You do not love anyone.)

The thought of loving Dev troubled her, for that would mean leaving her dreams, goals, ambitions and parents behind, and she couldn’t possible just do that. They all meant a lot to her. While not loving Dev also didn’t seem appropriate to her. And why would it? After all, as per to what Elina’s theory suggests, love is a human right. Wasn’t she a human as well? Or was it just that she didn’t have the same right as everyone else? She thought. Finally, she came up with a conclusion: ‘Huffff! I’m tired of this thinking! It’s final now. I’m going to confess to Dev and let him know about my feelings. If he reciprocates positively, it’s fine then. And if the result is negative, I’ll atleast get a a surety of what he feels for me and most importantly, to never love or fall for someone ever again.’ She thought.

However, from the inside, she badly wanted Dev to accept her as his own. But, some part of her kept on telling her that what she was about to do was extremely wrong and she should rethink about her decision. Yet, for she’d already decided what to do, she thought of it to be best if she’d stick to her plan. After all, confessing wouldn’t cause any harm, would it? She might regret it later on but the option of not confessing seemed even worse. What if Dev liked her and she liked him as well, but due to her fear of confessing, neither of the two confessed and could never be one? She asked herself. The thought of it was even more worse than her worst nightmare.

So it was set then. Both the two had something big planned for tomorrow. Dev with his proposal for friendship and Sonakshi with her admiration-turning-into-love confession. ‘It is late enough to think about it further. A peaceful sleep shall do great help for the day tomorrow,’ thought the two as they went to bed and closed their eyes with a lovely smile on their sweet faces. Yes, tomorrow indeed was going to be a big day for both of them, probably the day which Sonakshi feared the most in her life and Dev awaited for. What would happen? Would both accept each other’s confession/proposal? We’d only get to know after the break of dawn the next day.

It was a bright early morning and both Dev and Sonakshi tried to look their best. They wanted to look simple yet lovable for each other. After all, they had to dress to impress! They both were in a great hurry while getting ready. Their families were shocked at this behaviour of theirs. Sonakshi, on the insistence of her parents, had light breakfast while Dev refused to have any despite his family’s requests and insistence.

Elina, who’d been watching Sonakshi weird and unusual behaviour and Vicky, who’d been watching the same with Dev, thought that there definitely must be something fishy. Vicky had fallen for Sonakshi. But he couldn’t call it true love. He even liked Elina. Maybe more than like, admired or maybe, loved her. More of love at first word than love at first sight, for he liked the way she spoke, boldly and in a rowdy yet cute and comfortable manner. Although Elina wasn’t as great, beautiful, talented, outspoken and admirable as our dear Sonakshi, Vicky liked her for who she was. She was one clumsy and messy girl unlike Sonakshi, who was neat, clean, disciplined and more or less, perfect. Elina was naughty most of the times and was very supportive. However, one mustn’t consider Sonakshi to be a quiet, obedient and shy student, for she could beat everyone in naughtiess if she wanted to and could be one of the most spoilt brat if she desired to. The main flaws Elina possessed, which were yet unknown by Vicky, were that she could be sensitive to a very big height and wasn’t comfortable in making her own decisions and rather preferred following than leading. She’d become a bit better after she started living with Sonakshi. She became more bold and confident, although not as much as Sonakshi. The two sisters shared a very deep bond and loved each to her to the core.

In the case of the two brothers, Dev and Vicky, you could say that Dev was nearly the male version of Sonakshi and Vicky was nearly the male version of Elina. The qualities Dev and Sonakshi possessed were nearly the same. However, in terms of the qualities possessed by Elina and Vicky, Vicky had always been brave enough to take his stand from the very start unlike Elina who had to be built to do so. Dev, well known for his attitude, nature, charms etc. always gave the best to Vicky so that he’d have his own identity and wouldn’t be known as ‘Dev’s brother’. However, girls didn’t seem to admire him or even notice him due to his flirtous nature. Yet, Elina admired him. She thought that he was never flirting but just wanted someone whom he could love and who’d love him in return. Thus, behaved in a kind manner with Vicky, unaware of his feelings for her, and this made Vicky fall for her even more.

Sonakshi and Elina quickly ran to their classroom and grabbed the same places they were seated on the day before. To Sonakshi’s and Elina’s disappointment, Dev and Vicky weren’t there yet. They badly hoped that the two weren’t absent. Suddenly, two dashing looking boys with their black shades on entered the class. They passed a smile to Sonakshi and Elina and walked towards them.

Sonakshi: Hey Dev! Good morning!

Dev: Hi Sona! Good morning to you too! (he went and grabbed the seat next to Sonakshi’s seat)

Vicky: Hiii Elina!

Elina: Hiiiiiii Vicky! So good to see you! (then she realised what she’d just said and the two went red blushing while Sonakshi and Dev looked at each other and laughed)

Vicky quickly went and grabbed the seat beside Elina’s and the two started talking. Meanwhile, Dev and Sonakshi were eying each other lovingly.

Dev: (holds Sonakshi’s hand and whispers in her ear) Sona,I’ve gotta tell you something.

Sonakshi: (holds his hand and whispers back in his ear) Oh really? Me too! Something really important!

Vicky and Elina: (interrupt in their conversation) Ahem, ahem!! (cough).

Elina: Guess this isn’t the idol time for romance, right Vicky?? (smirks)

Vicky: Oh yes! Of course! Bhai aap hi to kahte hain padhayi par dhyaan do aur khud hi….( Bro you’re the one who always tells me to focus on my studies but you yourself….) (blinks his eye)

Elina: Exactly Sona! Looks like love is in the air, huh? Dev jiju? (giggles)

Vicky: Of course, love is in the air! Sona bhabhi? Tell us naa. (both Elina and Vicky leave giggling)

As the duo left, our poor Dev and Sonakshi stood still looking at each other, highly embarrassed and were badly blushing. And all of a sudden, they ran after Vicky and Elina yelling, ‘Vickyyyyy, Elinaaaaaaa!!!’

Seems like both the bodies have realised their passionate love for each other. But will they be able to confess? Will Sonakshi be able to confess? Will Dev be able to propose Sonakshi for their friendship? The hearts seem to be get closer as well. But will this last for a long time? Are things going to go really smooth in their paradise? Will two bodies be able to make two souls one forever? We’ll have to wait and see.

Continue reading ME, YOU AND PASSION by Anshita to learn more?.

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