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May I Come in Madam 30th September 2016 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 30th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Sanju thinking the earrings have created big problem, I have to do something. He goes to Sanjana and asks did you wear these earrings. She says what do you mean, you should be happy that I have worn this. He says I love you… your earrings, why are you wearing at office. She says I can wear this anywhere, at office, my home and your home, I was thinking to show this to Kashmira. He says no need, she will not like it. She says everyone complimented this in party. He says no, they joked as its looking old. She says no, they are so pretty. He says its old fashioned, I will get new design for you. She asks how do you know what girls like, you don’t know fashion. He says I have fashion sense. She says I like these earrings, you should be happy, don’t try to change


it, get out. He goes.

Sanju thinks my fate is laughing on me. He sees mummy laughing. Mummy feeds food to Chedi/boss. Sanju says you here. Boss asks what are you doing this. Sanju says I work here, what are you doing here. Boss says I collided with her. Sanju jokes on her and asks mummy what is she doing here, did she start tiffin service. Boss says she makes tasty food, I liked it. Sanju asks mummy did you come to give tiffin to Chedi Sir. Mummy says I got tiffin for you, Chedi ji wanted to taste tiffin. Boss asks Sanju about mummy’s earrings stolen. Sanju asks what can you do. Boss says I will buy new earrings for her, she is dear to me, like you are dear to me. Bhupesh comes and says I m also yours, give me Sanju’s chair. Sanju taunts Bhupesh.

Bhupesh asks mummy to meet Sanjana. Sanju thinks mummy will see Sanjana’s earrings. He asks mummy to feed food to boss. Bhupesh takes mummy to Sanjana. Sanju worries. Sanju keeps file infront of Sanjana’s face. Sanjana asks what are you doing, why did you stick this to my face. He says its small writing, so I wanted you to see it clear. She says my sight is good, whats happening, move this file. He says check once, its imp file. She asks do you want to read your termination letter. He says no. Sanjana meets mummy and Sanju comes in between. Mummy asks why is he coming in between. Bhupesh says I think Sanju is doing something wrong. Sanju says stop it, I have to discuss about project. She asks him to move. Sanju shows 100rs note in his pocket. Mummy and Bhupesh has eye on the note.

Sanjana asks mummy about her treatment. Mummy asks what happened to me. Sanju signs Bhupesh to take note. Mummy gets Kashmira’s call and says fine, is itt imp, fine I will come. She tells Sanjana that she has to go now. Sanjana says sure, no problem. Sanjana asks Bhupesh to go and work on his desk. She says I could not invite you for birthday treat, come today. Mummy says yes, Chedi ji will be there, we will come. Sanju keeps note back. Sanjana asks Sanju will he come, he gave her special gift. Sanju says sure, and worries for Dadi’s reaction on seeing earrings.

Sanju comes home. Kashmira gets ready and asks him to get ready for Sanjana’s birthday party. He says its get together politics, she will make me work more in office, we did not spend family time, we will go somewhere. She says we can go later, we will go for party now. He says why to take risk by getting mummy along, we won’t go at Sanjana’s house. She asks why, did you do anything wrong with her. He asks what, how can you doubt on madam, she is boss and our house runs by that job. She says I m doubting on you. He asks her to understand.

Mummy and Bhupesh are also ready. Sanju says I don’t have food at other’s place. Kashmira scolds Sanju. Sanju says we will talk and solve this. She asks him to come. He says I m unwell. Bhupesh says we will buy medicine from Khiloni’s medical store. Sanju says stop it, if I go there and vomit, it won’t look good, this is wrong to torture me. Kashmira says you will come like this, Bhupesh get him. Bhupesh drags Sanju. They leave.

Sanju and his family reach Sanjana’s house. Boss flirts with mummy and welcomes them. He says Sanjana is getting ready. Sanju wishes madam does not wear those earrings. Sanju says boss did not remember Sanjana’s birthday. Sanjana comes wearing those earrings and flaunts. Sanju worries. Mummy and Kashmira see the earrings and get shocked. Kashmira says mummy, this is Dadi’s earrings, how did Sanjana get this, why did she steal it. Mummy says leave it, Chedi ji’s daughter is like my daughter, its same thing I have earrings or Sanjana has it.

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