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May I Come in Madam 18th October 2016 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 18th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Khiloni calling Sanju. Sanju asks how are you Ganga, why are you crying. Khiloni says I m not fine, I went to become heroine to Mumbai. Sanju tells Sanjana that its his friend, you can get experience, I will put on speaker. Khiloni says I got ruined, director cheated me and I did mistake to go there. Sanjana worries. Sanju ends call. Sanjana asks who is she, I did not hear about her before. Sanju says when she called now, I got chance to talk to her, I wanted you to hear her good experience and she said all this bad things, I m scared.


Sanjana says I was also scared when Shreyas said there are many frauds in industry to misuse girls, but he said he will protect and guide me. He says then he will attack you, and calls her a goat, this film industry is not for

good girls for you, stay away. She says Shreyas told me to be away from negative people, Shreyas knows industry better than you. He goes.

A girl asks Shreyas for autograph. Sanju sees them. He throws Shreyas out from the railing and shouts. His imagination ends. Shreyas asks what happened, all okay, did anyone fall, whats the problem. Sanju says nothing, Sanjana performs so well, she is a star. Sanju says I m upset for you, I m your well wisher, I don’t want your loss, its my duty to stop you. Shreyas asks him to come to point. Sanju says Sanjana’s mood is strange. Shreyas asks what. Sanju says she is calm and then angry, we can’t judge her. Shreyas says then she can do this role well, mad and eccentric, she is fantastic, you are great, you made my day. Sanju worries. He meets Khiloni. He puts wine in tea cup and drinks.

Khiloni asks why is he drinking in day. Sanju says no day and night for me, its all darkness, madam is not seeing me since Shreyas come, she trusts him a lot, what to do. Khiloni says cut this trust then your connection with madam will join, else be like old cycle in a corner. Sanju says I like idea, have this wine. Khiloni’s phone rings with Shreyas’ song. Sanju throws the phone and scolds him.

Chedi says we will rehearse romantic scene today and flirts with Ramwati. Kashmira and Bhupesh look on. Chedi tells the scene. They don’t like the scene and understand Chedi is fooling them. Bhupesh asks him to get script and talk, leave else I will kick you out. Chedi says you are doubting on me, this movie will be made for sure. He leaves.

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