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Married to my sisters husband (episode 1)

Swara pov

“life sucks…. it really sucks when your dreams get shattered because of someone’s mistakes and it becomes very hard to digest when that someone is non other than your own sister.. ”


” Yes my dreams got shattered, more than the grief of my dreams remained unfulfilled, I was crying on my fate which brought me hitched up with the man I hate the most in this world.. ”

” yes I am now legally wedded wife of my sisters husband.. I know its sounds funny but it is the truth of my life.. the girl dreaming about love of her life till yesterday ended up in marrying her sisters husband…hope never ever a girl address her sisters husband as her husband.. that girl will be the most unlucky girl of this universe…and now I will be no I am that unlucky girl.. ”

” love and trust are two most important things to lead a happy married life.. but trusting him will be my worst nightmare after knowing how he blackmailed my family for marrying me.. and ‘love’ lets not talk about it… ”

” but till now I am still not sure my he forced my family its not just because he want to marry me may be their is some strong reason like business deals or may be just he want to make his name clear from the allegations over him that were running in media.. Yes this may be the reason, he wanted to clear his name.. he wanted to prove he was not at stack…’my sister running away from her husband just after one month of marriage ‘ has became the news of the town, he want to show the world that he was not at fault by marrying me.. it was quite a intelligent move to get back his lost reputation but can’t he just once think about me.. ”

” how can I expect a arrogant, egoistic, money minded and self centred man to think about me.. I am just no one in front of him that is the reason he not even bothered about my opinion nor my feelings.. I never liked him from starting but I respected him as my sisters husband but never thought I will be promoted.. promoted from wife’s sister to wife.. no girl will be happy at this promotion.. leave that arrogant man but how can my family make this huge decision of my life Without my concern.. I agree he blackmailed them but can’t they stand for their daughter.. leave it what more can I expect from them more than this even they are like this man just worried about their business and reputation more than their daughters happiness.. ”

” on the whole my family to my so called husband every one made my life hell…. on my wedding night sitting on the bed decorated for so called first night, I am waiting for my sisters husband who unfortunately became my husband and thinking how and why I married to him… ”

finally I told my self congrats for this unexpected and unhappy phase of my life…

precap – Sanskar pov

hope you are liking it guys.. please give me your feedback… keep smiling… spread positivity…. love you all ???

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