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Manmarziyan – My Sweet Mistake – Chapter 9

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Chapter -9

Arjun kept the phone aside., the words ‘Ajju bhaiya’ still lingered in his mind.. His mind was stuck with the thoughts and college incidents which only lead him against Radhika..

” Everyone is just a Toy for her..Arjun… I fear we lost our Preeti.” Vivek’s words flashed a second.. He sat in his bed with a thud..
‘how could I.. how could I forget it this soon.. why did I propose her like a fool,after what she did to preeti..’ He locked his hands behind his neck and sat stooped, thinking a part of him is still in love with her… He mentally cursed himself recalling his behavior… ‘May be my attentiveness in that
stupid project took a toll on my brain’ his mind convinced him with a mock.

” Yes..Kishore” he answered as he received a call..


“Okay… after an hour..sharp..!” he replied glancing his wall clock..

He was in his kitchen, murmuring himself not to fall on her traps again.. “Not again Radhika” he gritted through his teeth, as he chopped veggies vigorously, only to cut his finger instead.. Not only a part of him, his whole was against his perception… He threw the knife aside,grabbed his car keys after dressing his wound…

He drove to prena’s place.. He doesn’t know in which flat she lives.. He flipped a thousand rupee note to the security over there and gave Radhika’s vehicle number..The security came after 10 mins nodding his negatively..

“Sir.. The car hasn’t been parked here” he said..

“Is there any other place for car parking for the owners here.. any nearby car shelter” he asked tapping his fingers on the wheel..

Security guy grinned widely, gesturing the ample vacant space.. Arjun glared him bad which made him to say “Sir..I know this madam.. white BMW car..She dint come still ..usually she comes by 7”

Arjun hummed in response before trying her number again.. “Have you seen her? Arrogant!”, he said as he scrolled for Raghav’s number..

“Yes sir.. She is so beautiful and…” security guy stopped abruptly looking Arjun’s warning look.. he extended another 1000 rupee note., his fore finger raised itself before the note implying a warning. Security gulped saying, ” I won’t sir.. not even to Bhabhiji”… he blinked looking the arrogant mannerism of the man behind the wheel..

A immediate smile shone in Arjun’s face listening,’Bhabhiji’ ..

“Hello..sir!” Raghav spoke

“Did Radhika come home?”, he asked as he reversed his car.

“No sir.”

“Is there any specific place she goes when she is upset?” he asked waiting for the reply..

“Yes..Beach..Baby ji comes to beac”

“Which one you are looking at?” he asked clearly knowing Raghav would be on a search.

“Ju.. Juh…” his voice broke expressing his fear..

“Okay.. Call me when you meet her..” he said more like a order.. He banged the steering wheel angrily.. The day’s evening flashed before him.. It’s almost 9.30.. almost 3 hrs she left the office.. he drove to nearest petrol bulk thoughtfully… he asked the guy while paying..”which is the fartheset beach view from the city.. I mean… from here… The guy saw him like a alien.. “I am new to this city..” Arjun reasoned realizing the meaning of that look…

“Marine drive..” a guy suggested from behind the one whom Arjun asked.. Arjun doesn’t want to look like a fool anymore.. he drove with that.. ‘Am I not new here and with the beaches Mumbai has., where am I going to find her.. Radhika is not a night person, and she is not the one to wander alone’.. his thoughts fueled those suppressed panic flames inside him. His vehicle gained a new momentum after that.. He desperately wanted to see her now.. all lively and naughty… somewhere his heart raced for her smile.. he felt an unknown anger raise inside him against her parents.. he saw tall buildings far away.. he quickly drove towards Nariman Point..



Preeti’s Residence…

Neil was preparing dinner with Preeti after attending back to back events in that weekend with her… Kavin withdrew himself looking Neil in his self.. His words played again as he saw Neil smiling as he tossed something in a pan..

“Neil..Don’t you think you are degrading yourself by back stabbing Radhika’s trust on you? … she will not neglect any of your words.. still.. you want to transfer the ownership when she isn’t here., I feel…. you are just utilizing her talent.. still you consider her as one of the staff as she is your working partner..”,Kavin replied to Neil when they met 4 days back in that cafe..

Kavin’s mind argued that he shouldn’t have spoke like that., after looking Neil. His face lost its color and warmth listening Kavin..After all, Neil consider them as his family.. Neil walked out silently from there.. Neil’s voice broke his thought bubble.

“Buddy.. what’s up?’ Neil called as he moved out from kitchen.

“Hey Neil..Nothing much” Kavin said in flat tone, looking from Neil to Preeti.

“Thanks Kavin”, Neil pulled his hand for a handshake confusing Kavin and hugged him..

“Am sorry yaar”, Kavin said shedding his hesitance.. “I shouldn’t have spoken so… but..”

“Relax.. Am not going to do any such., I will speak with Raadzie about this..Nothing will happen without her consent in Cheer Beats..Ok??!!” Neil assured him..

Kavin hugged him back “Thanks” he said aloud surprising Preeti and Neil..

“And you are gem man! I thought even my apologize won’t work ” Kavin said impressed by Neil’s nature..

“Hello Aunty!” Preethi attended Prena’s call for Neil.. Listening her worried voice, she immediately held the call in speaker.. Prena’s anxiety soon caught them too… Though everyone knew about Radhika, the uneasy atmosphere around her made them panic… Shooting questions to each other, finally Kavin decided to trace her location using his influence.

“I know, she is courageous, but I don’t want to take a chance..I will be happy even if I turn out to be a fool in this matter..” Kavin said before making some calls.. Neil felt a thin ray of happiness seep inside him amidst his stress, as he saw Kavin’s care and concern for Radhika..

“Yes.. he is right.. we know about Radhu.. But what if ..”Preeti stopped as Neil signaled Prena’s call was still active..

“Mom..we will get her…She will be safe..” Neil spoke trying his best to reduce her worries though he himself was..


Piyali was angrily pacing in her hallway taunting Samrat and Radhika time and again.. Radhika’s arrogance in executing her decisions,Samrat’s
nonchalant behavior towards her after Radhika’s arrival had its effect on Piyali’s taunts.. and now,hearing about Sam’s stay at Prena’s house, she fumed more.. She thought the girls completely prefer to stay away from her, their home..

“Will you please stop it?”, Samrat said annoyed.. “Don’t think..I can’t speculate what happened in my absence.. I could guess what you would have said about her, she made you to raise your hand in return.I don’t even want to speak about that.. You should be actually happy for Sam’s new partnership”

“Oh! You want me to be happy for a tie-up that happened without my consent.. and..you … went there for completing the formalities without even informing me.. why Samrat? Did you think I will create a chaos if I had been informed”,Piyali tried to justify her anger.

Samrat was already frustrated with the events, and to the more, now, Radhika’s mobile got switched off which was active minutes before.. His paternal instincts triggered questions about her safety., his anxiousness made him to loose his reins on the words which he had held back.
“Yes..I did think….In fact,That’s the truth …You won’t let it happen thought it’s good for Sam, for It’s Radhika who brought this..Isn’t Piyali… Your Ego will not allow that..! Your Ego will blindfold you to get the picture on their distress they may face being in Birdsong.. I fear you will never let them to live their life.. I don’t.want.my daughters to suffer…And I don’t want to repeat my mistake again.For God’s sake, stay away from my kids..!.
” his voice raised more as a warning at the last note though he was yelling throughout his reply…

Piyali sat dumbstruck listening those..Samrat looked furious..He called Raghav to find about his princess’s whereabouts.. Servants stood devoid of any movement hearing their boss yell.. It had been always the opposite they witnessed.


Her fingers poked the little blue fur made teddy doll,in between the two pink ones.. The set has 3 teddy dolls with metallic alphabets ‘R’ ‘J’ ‘S’,plastered on their middle..

“I Miss You!”,Radhika said poking the middle one again,as fresh hot tears streamed down her cheeks…Preoccupied with thoughts about her business she drove to Nariman Point looking those giant buildings.. She forgot everything with the view before her.. Deep blue Sea waters and multi storey buildings with their heads high on its opposite.. She had another round of Chaat leaning on her car.. Its dark.. Too dark.. She thought to return home.. She switched on her mobile as she sat inside.. she noticed her watch missing and began searching it.. She completely tossed herself inside the vehicle to find it near back seat.. As she buckled her watch , her mobile beeped..she was surprised at the sight of Arjun’s name in Missed calls list.. A smile appeared on her doleful face..

Precap: Ardhika meet and Sam asking Radhika to leave Mumbai


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