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MANMARZIYAN: His Dark Secret ~ chapter 1

Hello everyone… m back !! as i promised… it’s Sunday.. so m here with my ff…. first thank u all for ur love and support…. and next… enjoy reading.. ?
MANMARZIYAN: His Dark Secret
Chapter 1
Radhika was a young girl, a high school pass out who had taken admission in Adler University, Chicago, to acquire a degree in psychology. This is a subject which has greatly influence her over the years and as a result she decided to pursue this as her career option. It was the first day of her college and she was ‘EVER EXCITED’. But little did she know about her fate. She reached the college and the first thing she noticed was its great campus. A tour through the college corridor took her some 15 minutes to reach her class room. Thankfully the teacher had not reached then. She took her seat beside a guy. He had an innocent face and an ever calm demeanour.
“hi…am Neil” said the guy..
“Radhika..” she replied…
“Indian..right??” said neil.
“yeah..but I stay here…” she replied..
“oh..cool.. me as well” said Neil
“nice to meet u…” he added.
The teacher arrived and the class started. The topic for the day was—
Although radz had quite a lot of knowledge regarding the subject, she came to know more about human psychology. Like different person react differently when exposed to various surroundings…their emotions vary. For example, 50% of your happiness is genetically determined and cannot be altered, and another 10% is by circumstance ( income, educational level, married or single ), and again, is difficult to change. But the remaining 40% is yours! How you choose to live your life, your outlook on the good and bad, and the way you think about yourself and others can influence your happiness almost as much as genetics.
Radhika tried to relate her life with whatever has been taught in the class. Her mom and dad got divorced when she was just twelve. It was then that she moved to Chicago with her father. She used to miss her mom a lot, before she came to know that her mom has been paid an heavy amount of money for handing over Radz custody to dilip. This fact ridiculed her even today. Very soon she came across more shocking news. Her father married an American woman who started staying with them. Radz could take it no longer. At the age of 15 she decided to leave her dad’s house as she could no longer tolerate the daily war with her step mother, Christine. Dilip offered radz a new apartment but she refused. Since then she stayed alone by earning her own living. She did a part time job in Library and gave tuitions to few kids. She was a bright student and so got a scholarship, to the university.
Radhika actually was a very brave girl….who fought with the situations single handily.
Radz was sitting in the cafeteria when neil arrived.
“what’s up??” he asked…
“Nothing u say..” she replied…
Their friendly convo started. They discussed a bit about their personal life and few matters regarding the subject. Suddenly a girl came and bumped on Neil. She hardly looked like a girl, who was wearing a skinny three-quarter dungaree and a white T-shirt. Her hair was frizzy.
“idiot…u here.. and i m searching for u…” she said…
She then quickly rotated her eyes and glanced at radz. Radz looked confused.
“oh first day and girl friend??” the girl stated….
Radz was uncomfortable….. “stop it Sammy..” said neil cutting her short.
“she is my class mate…” added Neil..
“okay… “ said the girl..
“she is radhika… and radhika..this is samaira… my best frnd..” said Neil…
“hello.. radhika..” said sam..extending her hand…
“ hello.. samaira.. nice to meet u..” said radz..
“same here…btw call me sam..” said sam
After this the trio began to meet regularly.. it was as if it had become a daily routine. This new friendship and bond had created a observant change in radz character..she started to trust people again.. she wanted to be a part of this great world… she wanted to be ‘happy’…
One day while coming to the college radz bumped with someone on the way… she was in such a hurry that she somehow picked up her bag and said “sorry” and just went away….
After she came back from college she was so tired that she fell off to sleep.
The next day radz got a shock when she opened her door for the newspaper….
There was a small parcel with a note….
Radz opened the parcel and found a small diary which looked exactly the same as hers… but when she opened it.. it was blank… she hurried to her room to check her bag…to her great surprise it wasn’t there… then she opened the note…
“Precious things need care…
Now, all your secrets are with me”
Radhika was shocked….
To be continued
So did u like it?? Do tell me whether i should continue or not… m very nervous as its my very first attempt to write like this… so do comment and lemme know… m waiting…
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