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Manmarziyan – Hamari Adhuri Kahani Chapter 23

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Rathore was discussing with the legal team to take over bird song but the problem is rathore should be in person to and which was bothering is he was planning to change the birdsong to radhika’s name but to make her in person is sparing her happy life which rathore would dare not to do.
Rathore was discussing with Neil over phone and they decided that let radhika say what she is willing to do. But little did rathore knew that radhika will ask him to change the name in his name or others rather than her name.
Arjun’s apartment…..
Teji Arjun and radhika were sitting in the dining table and was discussing of what happened to bird song as that was not a company which will sink.
Arjun ; I distinctly remember there were more than 5 deals signed for 3 years of contract then how come BS sinking, how ??
Teji ; im sorry to say this sir your sister is the reason of this. Arjun was hell anger as even after so many shame she is still in her stand where there is no wrong on Samrat.
Arjun ; cant she leave them ?? And teji she was my guardian and no more my sister a third person to me now.
Radhika ; Arjun ?? in a higher tone with confused voice….
Arjun ; what ?? What not she did to u and others and the dumbest of all i was hell blind no more this time. I will save bird song to repent my mistake. She gave a look. TEji understood her look as Rathore already started to speak with his legal team about takeover of BS.

Teji ; dont worry rathu will take care..
Arjun ; who ??
Teji ; sorry rathore my brother sorry our brother. He nodded. Just then rathore called Teji and asked about himself and Radhika.
Teji ; yaar rathu im here with chashni only and for heaven sake go out with bhabhi she is fed up with ur bhai mode now change to lover mode.
Radhika giggled hearing that and Arjun lost his heart on her pink face when she was controlling her laugh and her teary eyes for controlling her laugh. After the call there was a text from rose to him. He jerked as that was a punch and a angry emoji with a red face. He gulped and sweated badly. He saw Arjun and radhika. Radhika went in to for something.
Radhika ; oye what happened ?? Teji saw Arjun and showed the phone. He smiled and said something on his ears. Teji’s face brightened. In between Teji (hussked) ; Will this work ?
Arjun ; i bet it will work.
Teji ; what if not ??
Arjun ; fall on her feet well that may work.
Teji ; i will owe u one for this.
Arjun ; i will count this bye now go soon else even that will not work. Teji nodded and rushed out with a warm hug. Radhika came out and walked to Arjun and made her feet up to match his height and kept her chin over his shoulder. He smiled and made himself a bit down to make her comfortable to keep her chin. She smiled and made him stand proper and inbetween his hands and his body she inserted her head and smiled at him. He burst out in laugh and pulled her to him and asked what happened ??
Radhika ; donno wanna play with u like this. Why shouldn’t i ??
Arjun ; of course panoti why are u asking this ??
Radhika ; why did u laugh that big then.

Arjun ; look im a shy person basically and some person coming near to me makes me feel goose bumps and u are making me go all shy radhika hoo pls dont do this and he did in a girly way. She turned and twisted her lips and winked her eyes and came near him and circled her hand over his neck and in a kind of a boyish voice ; hey baby how about a kiss and she stressed the s part a bit more.
Arjun ; hoo pls someone help me save me from this man aoooo she laughed but she too continued today no one can save u from me miss arjun mehra he burst out and held her by waist and said ; i dont want to Mr. Radhika Mehra. She too laughed at him and they spent some cute times before leaving back home. He drove back to home and on the way he diverted his way to a small hotel.
Radhika ; why are we here ??
Arjun ; teji wanted to speak.
Radhika ; Where is teji arjun ??
Arjun ; look there and they saw Teji with a board in his neck stating im sorry rose i wont skip my date here after and she was looking at him with a puppy smile the way he was keeping his face a long face and the rose face of her was now turning red coz of smile.
Radhika burst out and came near teji and rose.
Arjun saw rose and smiled at her.
Rose ; how is my punishment brother ??
Arjun ; awesome my little cutie. Both radhika and teji cant understand how they knew each other.
Rose ; what are u looking at me tej he was the one who helped me to get u.
Teji ; how ??
Rose ; dont speak i will say only to her pointing at radhika and said i was boarding my flight he called me and said he was rushing to see me so i cancelled my first flight and was waiting for him for the next flight. Then he came dashing the glass door with the mickey mouse pyjamas. Teji gave a look to radhika. She turned her gaze to the other side to avoid teji as that was her compulsion he was having that.
They were happily enjoying the time together…….

Sam and neil were in the top of their apartment a terrace area. Sam was so much stressed with her work with others as they have to complete the shoot of an ad and that was a last minute preparation. They had a hard day and she was waiting for Neil to come. He came with a cute dimple smile and sat next to her and they were in their night suits. She smiles at him and keeps her head over his shoulder and holds his hand tight. Neil presses her fingers to ease the pain and to make her relax. Sam shows her leg, he smiles and slowly pulls every finger and the knock sound was tearing the ears.
Neil ; sammy u r seriously looking tired. She nodded and again kept her head over his shoulder and pulled his hand over her head and make it cares her hair.
Sam ; why are u doing this neil ??
Neil ; what ?? Without looking at her but again caressing her hair…..
Sam ; bird song ??
Neil ; how do u know ??
Sam ; news of course.
Neil ; saminder singh for me ur smile matters ur happiness matters so for that i will do anything. Sam saw his eyes and hugged him and holding him tight. He was rubbing her back.
Sam ; i love u so much neil wanna grow old with u will u be with me always ?? (without breaking the hug and keeping her face on his shoulder). He smiled and said ; so what should i want to say ?? she broke the hug and saw him and said ; say me i love u idiot. He smiled and pulled her cheeks and said dont u remember jahan saminder singh wahan uska idiot.
Sam ; argh idiot cant u for once say me i love u ??
Neil ; why should i say if i can feel it. She bangs her head and pulls her hand over the air and give a irritating look.
Sam ; say me once yaar i m acting like a teenage boy and u are like a girl for not saying i love u .
Neil ; ok u said 4 times and now its time for me to say.
Sam ; wait what are u saying 4 times ??
Neil ; i have proposed u till now 4 times. U now said 4 times i love u so made it equal. She stood up and said ; neil saaley u r so dead idiot and started to chase him and he was running the total terrace and she with her full energy pulled his shirt and made him fall down and she too fell on him and both were breathing heavily and were looking each other and she laid her head over his chest and he wrapped his hand over her. She felt safe. A lone tear escaped from her eyes and so was his. It was after so much struggle they are together that day. Both wished for one thing nothing should separate them.

Few days later.
Rathore completed his paper work for bird song and little did he knew that Nandhini is not that easy to handle and as he is coming she will spy him so he has to make sure no one will harm his family which he is building either be radhika teji nesam or luna or his friends even rose teji’s love.
Radhika did packing but she was restless. Rathore saw her lost in thoughts.
Rathore ; Chashni ?? Radhika stood up and hugged him tight and it was clearly evident that she was disturbed more of she was scared.
Rathore; chashni dont worry nothing will happen to me i will get that deal signed and will come back soon.
Radhika ; never talk to her. She is fit to do anything. Rathore smiled and pulled her nose and said ; chashni i will come soon. Promise u . She smiled a little and he left to his flight with Danny who was well known cool person as one face yet the other face known only to his close circle.

Next day
Nandhini was sitting in the main branch of the bank with a wicked smirk and was thinking how she got Birdsong.
Nandhini to herself ; Finally my wait is over u r finished Samrat for rejecting me and hurting me.
Nandhini used her ways and made bird song to sink when she came to know that neil and arjun left india and she was waiting for a perfect timing to make Bird song hers. She with the help of one of the opponent of Bird song by name Miracle made Bird song to lose the image that had and the head was stuffed with the money to make things done and he did whatever she said just like Arjun she used him as a poppet to make him dance in her tunes. She was lost in thoughts of what she did and finally the day of birdsong she will be in and samrat and piyali out. She made sure that no one is investing in Birdsong so that she bangs it as a trophy and pays him less and make him a bankrupt.
Her thoughts were disturbed by a voice of a office person informing samrat signing the deal with a American company. Nandhini was shocked.
Nandhini ; how is this possible ??
Person ; madam he has offered more than what we quoted so as per the bank norms Samrat has signed the papers and Bird song is being aquierd by Creative one of the top leading Ad agency of the world.

She rushed to the manager room of the bank but when she pulled the door she found Samrat was smiling wide with a tall guy of 6 feet and another person with him sitting near by chair. Samrat was hugging him and samrat saw Nandhini and her she was buring in anger to the disbelief after all again she was defeated. Samrat saw her with a smirk and rathore turned and saw her.
Samrat ; hiee nandhini Rathore this is nandhini. Rathore saw her with a winning smile and extended his hand for a cordial hand shake. Nandhini was burning in rage of losing in front of samrat.
Samrat ; come what may i am always surrounded by good people and u are always defeated by my people.
Nandhini ; i will not lose what is mine.
Rathore ; well sorry to interfere u were eyeing which was not at all urs. So its better u change the attitude else u will be defeated always again.
Nandhini ; i donno who u r …..
Rathore ; rathore my name is rathore , u can search me in google address and everything will be clearly available. He turned to Samrat and said ; uncle its party time wanna meet aunty and its been long time since i came to india im starving and if i wait for another Danny will kill me as he started to eat his nail and both saw Danny was biting his nails. Samrat and rathore laughed and Nandhini was least concered to them.
Nandhini ; Rathore i will destroy u mark my words.
Rathore ; ooh well the exit is this was ma’am. She left with a thud. Rathore smiled as she does not know that she is planning to hit a mountain which is not easy for a small took to break.

Precap – Thinking…..

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