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Manmarziyan – Believe me! Ye Dil -E- Beqaraar(Two Shots) Shot 1

Rosie..My dear…You were asking me to write on Ardhika.. So..here it is and Ppl if you don’t find this good feel free to punch Rosie..
hehahhaha..(Just kidding) My Dear Readers,pls do ignore my Typos and Grammatical errors..



Believe Me!! Ye Dil-E-Beqaraar

“Radhika.” I stopped on my tracks as I heard my name.. gulping down my fear,I turned around and there was no one.. Just then I noticed my position there, I had covered half way of that isolated road which had huge trees on either sides.. Though it was a residential area and almost situated in the heart of the city., this road always remained a deserted one..Only the residents and their vehicles happe to pass this road and that’s y I love to walk when I was here.. A slow walk, in this serene atmosphere,no vehicles honk or street dogs to alert me or scare me…Being 4 yrs away from home for my studies my heart desired to have a walk here and tats y,I was here at this hour..8Pm..! Neil did offer me a drop while returning from Sam’s party..Tch! Its me who avoided.. My eyes wandered from my right to left scanning the place to find any one… but., there was no one..

A chill breeze hit my face and my patiala dress swayed to it.. A sudden calmness occupied my mind..I indeed smiled too..Strange!. Again the breeze hit my face more like caressing my cheek…I got goosebumps and I grinned widely like a idiot.. Believe me! I’am Sane!! I turned around to walk again.,there to my right side, a bunch of freshly bloomed Frangipani flowers shook their heads to the rhythm of that breeze.. That when I noticed the house.,The only house which had Frangipani flowers on either sides of it’s entrance in this area..Its Arjun’s…My heart skipped a beat at that..Yes..! I felt it.. Arjun’s..!!

I scanned the entire house from there.. It looked dull.. The first floor was completely doomed in darkness. Arjun never lets it so.! I know..’you know??’ my heart mocked me.. Stupid heart.. what does it know..only to palpitate at wrong times blocking me to say what I wanted.. My lips twitched accepting my brain’s point.. I walked towards the house and surprising myself I plucked that bunch which popped their heads out
from that compound wall to see me…First time! On this 8 years I had never dared to step near his house and after witnessing his warning to someone who plucked this flowers I even started walk at the opposite site of the road whenever I used this way.. I searched through the small space of that gate to see his vehicle..Black FZ.. It was there.. but covered with dust..! what the hell!! How come!! He loves his vehicle…I know! My eyes clever than my brain, reacted fast to search his shoes.. That isn’t neither a big bungalow nor a normal house.,and I had seen his shoes lying there.,nearby those black marbled steps..The main door remains hardly opened and when it is so.,I had noticed..I remember.. But., Now..his shoes weren’t there too… My mobile rang..

“Mom..Am on the way” I said with my eyes on his house.. I stepped back involuntarily and started to move.. I wished him to appear before me like most of the time it happened in past.. I walked slowly anticipating the same to happen but I reached my home.. I hid those flowers inside my dupatta as I quickly made my move to my room… “Radhikaa..” my mom called from dining hall..

“Had dinner at Sam’s place..Feeling Tired mom..” I lied to her.. “Is anything wrong?” she asked.. I heard the screech sound of her chair..Oh God! she is coming upstairs.. I moved to my room fast and kept the flowers inside my table drawer.. I smiled with a relief when my mom came… She kept her palms on my forehead and neck and examined like a doctor,convinced with my normal body temp, she patted my cheek saying,
“Good night…Take rest..” I nodded like a good girl..I changed to my night wear after locking the door…I took those flowers..My fingers caressed those petals…I don’t know why..I felt sad..but I smiled the next sec..Believe me!..Am still Sane!!

I inhaled the scent of Frangipanies.. White Frangipani..!! I heard a bike zooming,and I rushed to my window which gives a clear view of that road.,even his house.. I could see his balcony too., I had seen him several times there.. “Did he really love me?” My mind questioned…May be! I sat there.. I uttered “Arjun” and kissed those flowers.. I smiled as I knew that now am taking a trip down a memory lane..

8 years back…

I was studying 9th grade then., I happened to see him as I went pedaling my bicycle in a hurry to attend my tuitions. I hate tuition classes…That’s different.. But when I came near that house, a bike which came fast from that house screeched on the mid road, and I applied brakes and landed my legs safe and steady.. My body stooped forwards by itself.. “Careful” I heard the sweet manly voice..Sweet and Manly.. Never together..!!
Still I heard..Believe me! I lifted my eyes to see a handsome..no very handsome guy.. wow!! My mind and heart jumped together..Deep black eyes met mine.. He saw my face..Only my face..! unlike some boys in my batch who had their eyes roaming on me whenever I met them.. He smiled a little.. very little and gestured through his eyes to move.. I obeyed like a good girl..That’s when I saw him for the first ever time though I had been here since my birth..After that., whenever I crossed that place My head unconsciously took a turn to see his house… him Actually.! I din’t meet him for a long time after then.. I did seem to forget too..”Infatuation..!!” My clever brain reasoned then, and I too believed until my heart pitter-pattered again when I saw him in my school…

He was there for Alumni meet..Meanss!! senior than my seniors! Super senior!!! He was busy interacting with his friends when I crossed that auditorium…He might have noticed me I guess, ’cause his brows furrowed slightly before turning my side.. I thought to turn my face, but No…He saw me!! I stood like a idiot if to smile or not.. He came smiling towards me..
“Hey..You study here?” I nodded.

“Arjun” he extended his hand..I saw a good number of people watching us..

“Why are they looking us?” I asked before thinking twice ..He just shrugged his shoulders and his eyes pointed his extended hand..

“oh! Am Radhika!” I said as I gave mine..

“Radhikaa” he said back.. I found my name little sweet and nice when he said..Crazy !! He saw my skirts and asked “So..which grade?” Actually, we don’t have skirts after 10th grade.. I felt so small before his age “9th”,I said meekly..

“Good..Study well” he said before he left… Huh! Did I ask that! My brain came to my ever snapping mode.. Later I got to know the craze he had in our school.. Of course, he should have.. after all he is so handsome that I, the Great Radhika fell for him…Fell for..?? No…Infatuation!! just that.. My brain said..

But I did notice him to smile at me whenever we saw each other by chance.. I felt it as a huge compliment as I heard that he is known for his arrogant attitude especially towards girls who approaches him with a interest.. Then how come?? Maybe he would have thought me to be a little one.. It turned as a habit of mine to check his presence whenever I stepped out.. During 10th Board exams.,he wished me luck out of the blue..Sam was with me then.. Sam..My bestie!.. She was shocked to see his antics..He was in his balcony, when we came near his house..”Radhika.,Wait” he said and came down in a slow run to reach me on road only to wish me luck..I went a statue at that..and.. I did score good!

There were talks about him being a playboy kinda character..But as far as I know.. he is a Mumma’s boy..I had seen him accompanying her to market and temples and everywhere at any hour., even which being a girl, I never did.. Temples..Eeek! No way! My dictionary don’t have that word.. But when I saw him dressed in half white kurta for that year’s dussehra..I got a shock! Guys and Temple..!! hmm.. It was very clear he did it for his mom, still with his heart.. His mom kept Tikka and he looked hell cute with that.. Guys and cute!! I know!! Believe me! He was..!

He raised his eyebrows as he got to see me and his mom turned towards us.. His mom gave me one displeased look as I wore a Knee length Jean skirt and white Tees with a sleeves jean jacket.. My mom praised his looks and the opposite happened with me.. “you look cute” he said when his mom applied Tikka for me.. Now…Back to the point…Such a mumma’s boy can never be a play boy!

Though my reasoning abilities found my research analysis to be stupid, I believed him.. Crush!!. But when Sam alerted me that most of the bad boys prefer to have such a image,I felt my legs to wobble… She time and again alerted me and the result,I began to snap at him whenever he spoke,during my 11th grade.. I know he used to watch me from his place, and many times warned the guys who tried to tease me when I used the same Isolated road for late and early tuition classes for 12th.. He will be in balcony until I reach my home.. One day he jumped before me from nowhere and proposed with a rose.. He asked me to take my time as I stood silent…Reality was I felt my heart to jump out of its place as it pounded that bad when he stood in black tees and blue denim jeans with his ever sweet smile proposing me. I couldn’t sleep or study well that week..I scored less in week tests..I came worrying when he asked my reply blocking my way..”Don’t disturb me plss…I am unable to concentrate” I said in between my tears..Stupidity at its peak!!. He stepped back at that.. But he wished me luck even then..

After that…I saw him the day he got ready to leave somewhere abroad for his higher studies.. I know he did Mechanical Engineering..But why can’t he study here further..I stood rooted when I saw him stuffing his big trolley bag inside his car boot.. He noticed my image on its mirror and came to me
“Am leaving to UK..!” he said with a smile.. “All the best” is what I said in return..

“Your Reply Radhikaa” he asked…God!! Am I feeling so or it’s real..his voice full of love..

“I … I thought it to..to be a..” I stammered and he finished “Crush” with a surprise in his voice and look… “Infatuation” I said like a Pure Real True Stupid..

His face scrunched up with that saying,”Crush was better..!” I saw his mom smiling at me this time.. Miracle..! I was in a knee length floral skirt even that day…

I said immediately “They say bad about you in our school” to his back..

He seemed thoughtful..and walked towards me.. “I know..you are too young.. But..Its just because am leaving I proposed you this year..Else…I would have really waited.. and.. I myself din’t know when I fell for you this deep…You know me… I have never waited for any one and pre-planned those sudden meets like I did for you… I used to wait for you there..”, He pointed a place where he could see me return from far.. “and would come here just to see your smile Radhika…I don’t think to be crush,,infatuation..Its Love for me..And,I love you..Only you.” he said in one go…

He stood smiling for some good minutes.. May be he would have expected me to speak.. But what would I? That too after listening that those coincidental meets were planned just for me.. My heart palpitated like anything.. like a Express Train still I stood calm..

“Any doubts?” he asked.. His bad !.

“Are you a Play boy?” I asked like a PRTS..yes..Pure Real True Stupid…One piece I am.. He laughed heartily as though I had cracked a joke and that caught his parents attention.. I stood embarrassed.. “What do you think I am?” he asked calm.. “Mamma’s boy” I blurted out without a thought..Yes..Exactly.. the same PRTS…

“That’s what I am..Mamma’s boy!! and Radhika…I now feel that I wasted my time in just starring you..I had missed all this.. Pls.. don’t change..Be like this..I will miss you… I will come soon!!” he said and made a move.. He suddenly came back and cupped my face with right hand…”Stay safe..!” he said and walked away..

“If he had really loved you., why he din’t give you a miss you kiss?”Sam asked munching french fries when I said this.. I really felt to kick that chair of hers she was sitting cross legged..

4 years passed in a jiffy with Neil and Sam studying B.Tech Environmental Engineering… I loved studying it…And Hostel fun was something which I will never forget in my life..I hardly got time to visit my parents here as most of the time they came to my place and we..friends had a habit of group visiting one or other’s house during vacations… Almost many days I had thought about him.. but may be he would have forget me… A tear escaped from my eyes..I couldn’t believe it.. Am crying for a guy whom I din’t even speak with, in these 4 years..

This Sam., who spoke volumes about Guys and love finally fell in love with our Evergreen Idiot Neil and got engaged before last semester… Now.,After completing our degree am here thinking about him..It must be night in UK too.. just 4.30 hrs difference.. whenever I heard someone calling his name.,my heart never controlled itself from pounding fast. ‘It’s ’cause of the attraction I had’ My mind too never failed to divert me with those warning signals.. but somewhere in my sub conscious mind I felt it to be Love!..Mutual.. Else Why I dreamt, me looking him..throug..shhhh!! No… Its a dream! Just a dream..

I dozed off after that self declaration..

Next day..

I woke up and my first sight was those Frangipani flowers..The day went as usual until I listened My mom to give my maid, a half day off for Dussehra. Dussehra!..Temple.!!.Kurta..Arjun!!!

I ransacked the two big cupboards of mine to find a orange single gold bordered Saree.. Now..I have to go to temple…Have to!! After a simple daily soap drama I made my mom convince me to attend the pooja..Am Clever! But she stood shocked when I came down in saree..

“You learnt to wear Saree???!!!” she asked..Too melodramatic…I must say!! When youtube is there why to fear..I gave a proud look and walked like a model and stumbled stepping my saree pleats…After some mother’s touch.. now..it got all well..! I searched for Arjun and his mom in the Temple.. Why can’t it happen like in movies..My mind screamed.. “Give me My Arjun”I prayed during Aarti.First time!!

There she was…Arjun’s mom..And she saw me and smiled too…God is great! I saw the idol with a ever thankful look and smile surprising the God! Trust Radhika Mishra to surprise her creator itself!! I din’t see Arjun..But got to listen his mom speaking with our neighbor.,he was back from UK… still single…God is double great!!


So…How was it? A POV style.. I intended for a OS..It extended.. Friends..Pls share ur reviews..Its always useful..Silent readers pls share ur views..I will finish this with next shot.. Finally I posted.. the story was sleeping in my lappy for past 3 days..and am trying to post from yesterday night..Net prob..mobile prob..ah .. finally …I did it.

Take care and loads of love to u all..

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