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Manmarziyan – My Sweet Mistake – Chapter 11

Hello..People of Planet Manmarziyan…Enjoying your sunday I hope.. Thanks for the support and I am happy receiving comments from few silent readers.. Thanks to you too.. Here is the Next chapter..Don’t forget to share ur views.. Pls do ignore my Typos and Grammatical errors..

A Note:

I saw the word ‘confusion’ as most happening one here.. Why so? Do share your confusions.. And abt Vivek.. In chap 3 I had mentioned.. I will clear again.. Vivek.,Prakash,Neil,Preeti,Arjun and Radhika were friends in college irrespective of seniority and depts.

: Every one has a Unique character.. A shade of the character may grew thick or thin according to the situation one undergoes but it never changes from its form..

The chapters until, have tried to explain shades of the character of major roles revolving here, through incidents, acts and words.. So,I guess this helps for confusions related to the prsn’s character here.. uff… I din’t intend to.. so.. I tried to explain..now no more boring.. As u have my really long update here..


Chapter 11

“Sam.. Wake up!! We are getting late!”, said Radhika as she moved towards the dining hall.. Prena was having her morning coffee lost in her thoughts…

“Morning..Peri darling!”, Radhika greeted cheerily and saw her face intently..

“Morning..Radhu!!, Prena replied for namesake with a faint smile.

“Any problem,Maa”,Radhika asked with concern as she hugged her by shoulders.. Radhika noticed a album under her palm.. She pulled the album…it had their pictures.. all of theirs….Radhika doesn’t even remember when they first met.. She was so little then… She saw a picture where she and Neil had a kid in each other arms..It was on her 7th Birthday, when Neil helped the little Sam from falling down the stairs.,
Radhika remembered herself introducing to him.. She never thought the bond would become so intense, that she tagged themselves as twins during her college days.. Her fingers were turning pages in the album by themselves while she smiled remembering one or other incident related to each picture.. There was a Pic., Neil with his friends of Junior college.. It was his last day in college when Radhika came to meet him
crying.. she too was there in the photo near Neil, angrily facing the camera.. She had been down from Delhi that day as she got suspended from school for a week, as she brutally bet a guy who tried to misbehave with her.. She came to meet Neil straight from the airport..

“Do you remember this girl”,Prena asked teasingly pointing Radhika in the photo..

“Mom..”Radhika said with a fake anger..

“Do you remember the hungama you created” Preana asked with a laugh..

Radhika’s mind automatically played those events listening Prena’s words… ‘she refused to go back to school fed up of being bullied., Prena and Neil had a hard time to send her back.. She finally accepted only when Neil promised that he will join along with her in college.. She was in her
12 th grade then.. Neil became a helping hand for Prena in their business in that year and refrained himself from attending college.. Prena tried to reason out.. But he was so adamant..
The next year, both went together to college in Delhi. It has been 5 yrs since then.,Neil has been away from Prena..

Prena’s fingers caressed Neil’s image in the last page of the album… Radhika couldn’t withstand the sight of watching a confident lady like Prena shedding tears with smile that explained her love and yearn to be with her son.. Her mind accused her for being the reason.. She quickly averted her gaze from perna’s face. She recalled Neil asking her to do masters in Mumbai, and forcing her to return here.. Everytime she
was adamant not to, and every time he was there with her leaving his mom behind, who had none but only her son in her life..

“Am sorry ma..”Radhika said and rested her head on Prena’s shoulders.. “You are missing Neil,isn’t…” Prena just smiled.. Radhika watched her smile.. Anyone on Prena’s place would have been angry with her.,but she was showering her love.. “It only because of me Neil is being troubled from here and there.. Mumbai to Delhi.. My stubbornness… But Maa.. Believe me! I had asked him to invest to leave Delhi..But he
stayed back… I have Kavin and Preeti isn’t”, Radhika said blinking her tears unable to bear her own self accusing thoughts..

“Do you think Neil will be in Peace leaving you alone there.. Radhu.. you both are my kids.. I miss you both.. we may not know the reason behind your decision… but that doesn’t mean we will leave you alone”,Prena said as she kissed her forehead.. “Radhu.. Don’t change your decision for us.. We want you to be here but not at the cost of your happiness.. Go where your heart desires.. We want you to be happy..
Next time.,. call me for your performance.. I have heard Neil saying about that” Prena said to Radhika who was keenly listening her with eyes on her face..

They both heard a thud sound followed by a yelp “Ouch.. Aaa” Radhika grinned widely stating,”Sam.! Safely landed!! “..Prena realized it and laughed loudly at that.. They both went laughing holding each other.. Sam was more like a sack wrapped in her sheets still twisting on the floor..

“Good Morning Sam!” Prena said and did a hifi with Radhika..

Despite Sam’s protests,Radhika took her to their house.. “I won’t leave,Mom if she scolds you”, Sam said with a determined face.. Radhika just smiled while driving. she knew that among them its Sam who loves their mom to infinity.. the sad part is its had been never acknowledged or reciprocated.. Sam can’t even hold a day ignoring Piyali..

“What will you do if Mom asks you to step back?, say the truth”,Radhika asked applying sudden brakes before their house..

Sam sensed the underlying fear in her voice” I would ask her to come back to me in first place!” she said..Radhika sat unaffected. “di.. I know, I turn weak before her love.. but ..I won’t loose you or let you down for that… And that’s a Promise from your doll to my Cinderella di”,Sam said with a hug..

“Bhaiya” Radhika called out as she stepped down from her car. But., he turned his face.. Radhika went to convince him.,he indeed cried yesterday while he spoke with her.. Sam waited till Radhika came back. Both the girls searched their parents stepping inside.. Piyali looked completely withdrawn. Samrat was no where to be seen.They quickly moved towards stairs without a word to her..Piyali wiped her lone tear as she heard their doors locked.. She was still the same when they came for breakfast.. Radhika noticed sam’s anxious looks on Piyali.. “Why don’t you speak with Mom,” Radhika finally asked..

“What if.. she gets into a taunting spree?”,Sam asked rolling her eyes in confusion.. Radhika nodded admitting the possibility of it.. She saw Samrat descending down and quickly reacted before moving away,”Mom…Now that Sam is here.. You ask whatever you want”.

Piyali lifted her eyes to see Samrat’s stare at her..

Sam gritted her teeth and said “Mom.. You look tired.. Tak ke.. restt.. Good night Mom!!”. shestumbled a little over the carpet.. “Careful kiddo!” Samrat said in a loud voice.. Radhika moved stifling her laugh listening Sam.. Sam ran to catch Radhika.. “why did you do this,di” she asked with a pout.

“Else you will be thinking about her the whole day…but.. Sam..Good night!!”..Radhika said in between laughing..Sam fake glared before leaving.

Arjun stood with crossed feet balancing himself on his car’s front being engrossed in a call.. Radhika watched him with her palm supporting her cheek and elbows on the wheel.. He appeared to solve a serious issue.. Radhika was making faces on that.. It has been 5 minutes she was there in parking lot admiring her love.. his antics.. Suddenly to her surprise, he pulled out another mobile from his pant pocket and dialed.. Radhika’s mobile flashed his name..

“Will you come inside office or continue starring me here?” he asked as he held down the other phone in right hand,but still facing straight.. before she could reply, the call got cut.. She sat settling herself more comfortably.. Arjun glanced her side before walking inside. She got down quickly and trod fast… He moved forward giving curt nods.. She fumed at that..

Once inside lift,”You behave too royal..You need to control it” She said looking straight..

He pulled through her waist to himself, saying”I won’t… I can’t change that”.

She pushed him, and rolled her eyes at his audacity.. He stood controlling his smile.. “Tell me., why were you spying on me?”

Her brows furrowed a second in confusion,”Actually I was eyeing my security!”, she replied sardonically..

Arjun raised his eyebrows and said,”Obviously.. Am your security..! Eyeing me is not good for you” he said before the lift door opened.. “Lets not go together”, he said stepping out.

Radhika entered after a few mins of corridor walk..She saw Amit creating a chaos in the middle of the office with a file in his hand…. Arjun stood rubbing his forehead…Few slapped their heads in irritation..Arjun’s face lit a second when he saw Radhika…She understood and smirked at him.. Arjun grew alert at that..

“Good morning Everyone!” She said attempting for a pleasant atmosphere..Few were surprised…while most responded with a smile and one such is Amit.,”Good Morning Ma’am” he greeted holding his breath..She could sense Arjun’s rising temper. As she got what she expected., she smiled big asking, “What’s the Problem Mr.Amit?” only to irritate Arjun more..

Engulfed by the sudden response he got from Radhika, Amit roared,”Ma’am…One of the important file went missing from my desk.. and I found out in Arjun’s cabin.”.

Radhika took a sharp breath before saying,”Arjun.Sir’s.Cabin!!…and where is the file now?” Arjun suppressed his smile as he stood next to her before the entire office staffs..

Amit blinked a second and beamed “This one Ma’am.. I found out!”

“Found out!! It’s over then”. Radhika clipped..

“No.,Ma’am”, Amit said and continued his blabbering against Arjun and the importance of File. She sensed the deep annoyance enfolding everyone there..

Unable to tolerate more she said dramatically,”Really !! Mr..Amit…I get the issue now!”.

Amit nodded his head vigoursly, “I request you to take the necessary action Madam..”,he said in a loud voice..Teji scratched his head.

“Sure Mr.Amit..I will ask CBI officals to look into the issue!.. and get back to your work,now”, she said grimly.. She quickly moved unable to maintain a serious face. Arjun mentally face palmed and moved aside.. Almost all the staffs had a muffled laughter session.. It was Amit who blinked for few minutes.. Teji flashed his white teeth walking to her cabin..

“Yes “Radhika said hearing a knock..

“Ma’am”Teji came with a smile…

“How was that” Radhika asked like a kid..Teji’s surprise at her behavior alerted her.. “He din’t get your note for few minutes”,he said and handed her the employee details..

“Just 2 files?” She asked.

“Yes Ma’am.. We have very few new employees… Most of them are the same..” Teji said and gave a brief info about their employees.. Radhika gestured him to stop when he spelled Arjun’s name..

“This details including everyone isn’t.. I mean even the security guards.. Everyone I want” She said on a clear note…

“Yes Ma’am…No one is left.. Everyone who gets their pay here are listed..”Teji said with a clear note.. She assigned him the next work about ongoing projects.. ..


Though Arjun enjoyed her emphasize his name as Arjun.Sir’s..he was still unconvinced with her jovial behavior of making fun before staffs.. He decided to tackle her later and sat back looking the Project list.. He sighed with irritation.. This is not the place he has to be.. the cabin.. the office.. this has turned a routine for him of being annoyed about his Presence here..but still.. Today turned out to be different for him.. Radhika!! Yes.. He was so engrossed in his thoughts on Radhika when Rana Called him..

“How is Nandu” Arjun asked urgently as Rana called him in unusual time..

“She is fine.. Ajju..I want to speak with you”.

“Yes.. Tell me!! ” ‘Arjun said relaxing himself on his chair.

“Hmm.. Don’t take me wrong beta.. Please Don’t do any such as Nandu had asked you.. It will harm the peace of a family..and..Bade saab will get furious if he gets to know this.. beta…Please consider this old man’s request”,Rana almost pleaded.

“I understand.. I won’t do any such.. Kaka!.. and… Don’t say anything to Dad.. I will say myself.” Arjun said in a clipped voice..

Rana felt happy listening that,” Thanks Ajju Beta..Take care of yourself..”,He said before disconnecting the call..

Arjun received a mail from Radhika stating to pass a brief note about the work progress on the projects currently handled.. He noticed that it has been sent to everyone working there., all depts.. all together..

“Yes.”, Radhika said receiving a call in her office landline..

“Have you lost it?.. Don’t you know how to get a work submitted properly . get it dept wise..”, Arjun barked at her.

“Why would I do that?” she asked equally annoyed.

“Then ask someone to do it.. Else, Sorting those you will lose that not so good working brain of yours” He mocked with anger..

Radhika gritted her teeth..,Why does he has to turn into a lecturer mode always while guiding me..Can’t he be as soft as Neil. She fumed thinking..

“Are u listening or sleeping?,”he asked still in the same note..

“Senior…I mean…MR.Senior Head! Collect the details project wise and submit to me here in hard copies.. within tomorrow!”

“What.. Radhika.. Are..”

“And no regular works should be affected because of this.. so you please take care that also.. “she hung the call with that. She smirked mischievously after a minute.

He facepalmed himself.. ‘Never yell at me Senior.. I will make you pay for it’ Radhika’s words ringed in his mind..

Amit came just before his lunch and handled files stating that Radhika has asked to collect the details project wise and submit to Arjun..

“To Me??” Arjun asked unbelievable.. “But the mail”

“Sir.. Ma’am send a mail again sir.”,Amit said before he left.

“It was sent to everyone here Sir”,Teji replied.,when Arjun confronted him on the same… he saw the staffs moving out for lunch… Piyali as well as Samrat dint come to office today.. He called her.

“Radhika attended saying,”The Subscriber you are trying to reach is currently busy sleeping.. So Please try later” she bit her tongue as she cut the call smiling to herself..

Arjun barged in pushing the door open… Radhika was munching a chocolate as she turned her gaze towards the door.. “Bad manners!!” she said.

“What are you thinking of yourself.. Playing pranks.. making fun on Amit..” Arjun just went on while Radhika ate the chocolate with utmost sincerity.. He narrowed his eyes at her..

“Why do you always have to yell at me.. you could even guide me speaking.. soft…Polite.. caring…Loving..” she said with a smile.

“Loving!!” he asked her with a raised eyebrow.. “So what is my work Ma’am.. If your Mr.Amit is gonna collect details”.

“You have to come here and read those details to me”,She said playing with the arm rest of her chair.. He glared at her and stepped aside..

“Senior!! The recent project.. Due for presentation after 2 weeks.. I want that today.. Bring it..”. Arjun nodded a strict NO!. “Its your boss order, dare to ignore!. you will face worst consequences!”,She said with a mock anger..

” Just step out of this office.. I will show you the consequences..” He smirked saying that. She blinked to decipher his words.. He winked at her with
a smile..

Precap : Radhika informs abt her plans to move.. Arjun decide to stop her..


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