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Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love – Season 2 (Episode 17)

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Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love – Season 2 (Episode 17)


Recap: NeSam & Ardhika gets jealous on each other. Neil thinks to stop Sam from hurting Radhika.

Ardhika sits opposite to each other in the dining table and Sam sits beside Arjun and observes their reactions. She understands that something is wrong between them and thinks to know about it and makes use of it. Radhika did not even look at Arjun’s face, she finished her breakfast and informs Dilip that she is going to Oldage home and goes from there. Dilip also notices Ardhika and worries for his daughter’s life. His view immediately turns to Sam and looks at her with so much anger. Sam looks at Dilip and smirks seeing him. Soon Arjun also goes from there leaving them alone. Sam continues her breakfast.

Dilip, “Why are you doing all this? Becoz of your deeds Radhika is suffering”

Sam stops eating and gives him a painful look with so much of hatred in her eyes, “Becoz of your deeds..i suffered and you never ever feels guilty about that”

Dilip, “Listen Sam…i already told you many times that i was not responsible for your suffers. It’s all becoz of that lady and she….”

Sam did not let him complete his sentence and stands saying, “Not a single word against my mom. You are not worthy to tell her name itself” she barges into her room by slamming the door on his face.

Dilip just closes his eyes and murmurs, “I am sorry Sam…but the truth is you suffered just becoz of that lady.”

Sam falls in her bed and cries remembering Dilip’s words. She wipes her tears and digs her bag and got something in her hand which is nothing but a photo frame. She rolls her fingers on the frame and whispers, “Maa…i miss you so much maa”

She hugs that frame to her chest and says, “I won’t let him live a peaceful life and it’s my promise”


Radhika drives her car towards the oldage home and she completely lost in her thoughts. She remembered how Arjun behaved with her the last night. SHe puts a sudden break with a creech sound. She looks at the surroundings and gets a sigh relief seeing the home and her favourite elders there. She feels relax seeing them and goes inside. She then goes to the office room and is checking the files and got to know from the incharger that a new person got admitted here two days back. Since radhika did not come here for few days, she did not know about this and the incharger takes her to the room where the old lady sits.

Radhika looks at her who is sitting near the window and starring outside. She walks to her and touches her shoulder. The lady slowly turns and looks at Radhika who is smiling at her. She removes her hands from her shoulder and turns back to look outside. Radhika is surprised and tells the incharger to look at her needs and goes from there but before going out of the room she looks at her once and so as the lady does. Then Rads spends her time in talking with other people in the hom, playing with them and feeding them the food. She spends her quality time in a way where she can forget all her worries and especially about Arjun.

Evening, she bids bye to them and gets into her car and then only she remembers that she left her mobile in the car itself..when she unlocks it..it has 70 missed calls only from Arjun. She rolls her eyes and throws her mobile on the other seat and drives to home. She reached her home and finds no one there except Sam who is sitting on the couch and watching Cartoon channel & laughing. She gives an irriational look at her and goes to her room. Sam notices her and smirks seeing her going and continues watching TV.

Radhika storms into her room and locks the door. She holds her head and sits on the bed of stop thinking about Arjun and his behaviour. She couldn’t accept the fact that her husband can stoop so much low to show his right on her. Though she loves him but Arjun’s behaviour was not acceptable one and she is not ready to forgive him for that. She packs her dresses, cosmetics and other necessary items in a bag and zipped it. She takes the weight with lot of difficulty and opens the door but stuns seeing Arjun on the way…she passes him a sharp look at him and tries to go out but he blocks her way and looks at the bags in her hands. He moves a step to her but she did not move a single step back and stands at the same place. Arjun understands her angry and in a low tone, “What’s there in the bag?”

Radhika, “My dresses and other things. I am going from here”

Arjun, “What? Are you mad? Where are you going?”

Rads, “Mind your words Mr. Arjun and Don’t get so much happy. I am not going out from this house but from this room. I won’t ask you to go out and my dad taught me the basic manners, so only i am moving out of this room” she is trying to go using the small gap but Arjun again stops her and holds her wrist saying, “You are not going anywhere. I am…am..really sorry for whatever i did yesterday…i did not want to hurt you but i lost my sense. Pls don’t go from here”

Rads jerks his hands from her saying, “You lost the right of asking sorry Mr. Arjun. I can’t stay with you in this room anymore and don’t dare to stop my again” she pushes him hard and goes to another room & locks the door.

Arjun is bewildered seeing this and feels really bad thinking about his situation. He sadly goes inside the room and sits on the bed with a thud. He covers his face with his hands and rubbing his face and he gets disturbed by a voice. He looks at the mirage infront of him which looking at him seriously by holding his hands across the chest.

Mirage, “What man? why you pretend to be sad after all this is what you expected it right?”

Arjun gets confused, “What nonsense…i did not expect all this and i am thinking how to convince Radhika”

Mirage, “Don’t think. IT will not happen and you know about her very well and she will not easily forgive you”

Arjun, “I know…coz i really did bad with her. I am hurting her a lot for the past few days. All becoz of me”

Mirage, “Really…am so happy that finally you accepted that it is because of you. Yes it’s you the reason for this seperation and you are correct that you hurted her a lot”

Arjun, “What should i do now?”

Mirage, “Nothing can be done. You should have told her the complete truth on day 1 itself. You know very well that Radhika did not like when her trusted ones hides something from her and you did it after knowing that also. You did not learnt the lesson from Preeti’s matter”

Arjun, “I know that and i don’t find any other option other than hiding it from her”

Mirage, “Why are you doing all this Arjun? You are distancing yourself from Radhika coz of your idiotic promise”

Arjun holds his head screams, “Enough and i don’t want to talk about it now. Just go from here”

He holds his head and falls on the bed. Sam who watches all this from outside smirks seeing Arjun and the other room where radhika went. She goes down and meets Dilip on the step. He stops her pleading, “Pls stop creating misunderstanding between them”

Sam, “It’s you Mr. Dilip Misra. It’s you who got promise from your damad Arjun. It’s you who stops him in saying this to his wife. IT’S YOU WHO IS THE ROOT CAUSE FOR ALL THIS PROBLEMS” she steps down immediately and goes out.

Dilip goes to his room and sadly and looks at his wife photo and says, “I am Sorry Mala…i am really sorry. Becoz of me our kid is suffering. I don’t know what to do.

I am really scared to tell her about Sam. You know na..she won’t forgive the person easily if they hides something from her and now if she gets to know about Sam then i am sure she will definitely hate me and i can’t tolerate her hatred on me. I am stuck in this and my kid is really worried now. Pls show me some path to solve this”

In the oldage homw, the incharger comes and gives the food to the new lady who is still sitting at the same place and cries silently. He puts all his efforts to make her eat but she did not eat anything. He goes out left no option and she murmurs, “I am sorry Sam. I shouldn’t have done this. I am responsible for all your sufferrings”

Precap: Radhika takes care of the New lady well in home. Radhika avoids Arjun everywhere. Neil finds Rads worry and says, “If i find her then all the problems will be solved”

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