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Manmarziyan-A new story (Chapter 52- Niti meets Chandra Prakash)

Hey all! Back again!! Too quick isn’t it? Well can’t help as I’m in such a mood to write that I’m going on and on…

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Niti and Manha reached a beautiful mansion. The mansion that belonged to the Dikshits. Surrounded by lush green garden and flowers of different varieties and colours could be seen which gave the atmosphere a calm and peaceful look and a smile crept on both the girls faces. They went in and found beautiful woman in her mid fifties draped in magenta and indigo Banaras sari. Her long hair plaited in braids and she had matching diamond jewelry on her. She carried herself with grace poise. She spoke of money and power. She was Anisha, mother of the twins Supriya and Gauri.

“Hey aunty, how are you?” Niti smiled.

“I’m fine bete” she smiled “is she the girl who came to our party last time?” she asked pointing to Manha.

“Yes aunty that was me. I’m Manha” Manha smiled.

“Welcome home bete. How do you know Gauri and Suppu?” she asked.

“Thanks to this female standing here next to me. Niti did engineering with them and I was with her at medical school. We all met at a party of her’s and clicked well” Manha replied.

“Good. Good thing you both came. Suppu left home in a fit of rage after the engagement news broke out” she sighed.

“Why did she get so angry?” Manha asked.

“Because it’s Chandra Prakash” Niti frowned.

“Wait wait wait. Is he that fellow?” Manha asked all confused.

“Yes him. That bastard!!” Niti gritted her teeth.

Niti took her phone and tried to reach Supriya. But her phone was switched off. Niti screamed as she threw her hands up in the air. Supriya for sure knew something more than her that made her go against her family and leave home. Chandra Prakash, the man who ran Exotics with his cousin Varun Shekhar. So, on the whole Chandra Prakash was a man of bad influence and the worst a person could think of after his brother Surya Prakash.

“What happened bete?” Anisha asked.

“Nothing aunty. Niti had a bad experience with him. He’s bad influence though” Manha replied rubbing Niti’s back.

“I’m helpless. He got her alliance fixed so that he could take over a company” Anisha sighed.

“I’m not going to let this happen” Niti growled and stormed to Gauri’s room.

“Are you mad?” Niti screamed as she entered Gauri’s room pushing the door wide open.

“Hi guys” she gave a weak smile.

“You should be happy. Stop giving that weak smile” Niti snapped sarcastically.

“Niti can’t you see she’s already upset?” Manha sighed.

“Right. Who asked her to be a daily soap queen? Sacrificing. Typical sanskaari daughter” Niti crossed her arms.

“Shut up you both. Can’t you both stay a moment without fighting?” she scowled.

“When did we fight Niti?” Manha pouted innocently.

“Yeah right, when did we?” Niti scratched her head.

Gauri burst out laughing and Manha and Niti heaved a sigh of relief. Gauri composed herself and looked at the two of them standing and staring at her with their arms crossed. They sat down and then went for another round of roaring laughter. Anisha who heard her daughter’s loud laughter to the hall, silently smiled thanking God.

“What made Supriya so angry?” Manha asked.

“She told me not to get engaged to him” she sighed.

“Did you ask her why?” asked Niti.

“She just told me not to. Told that he was not the right one for me. She even told that I can get engaged to anyone other than him. There was a big argument between her and daada. She got angry and left home” she sighed.

“Do you really know whom you’re getting engaged to?” Niti asked as she squeezed her hand.

“Chandra Prakash. A rude, ruthless, arrogant and a cold heartless businessman” she sighed.

“You know nothing more about him?” Manha asked as her gaze shifted from Manha to Niti.

“No. This is all I have heard about him from other business delegates” she replied which made Manha and Niti go furious.

“His brother was the man responsible for my father and his best friend’s family’s death. He runs Exotics with his cousin Varun Shekhar. That company which is a show. It shows to the world it’s an advertising company, but on the inside it’s an agency that runs human trafficking, drugs and diamond smuggling. That man wants me for revenge. For his brother’s death. I couldn’t gather much evidence against that company, but now I do” Niti snapped.

“Why does he want you?” she asked.

“Because I killed his brother” Niti replied.

“Are you serious that you want to get engaged to him?” Manha asked.

“No choice. It’s a deal. Daada get’s to take over one the biggest hotel chains. So, I’m dumped” Gauri sighed.

“Stop being a daily soap queen. Niti was so right” Manha frowned.

“I’m not allowed to work after marriage. I don’t want to marry him, but I have to” Gauri sobbed.

“Where is uncle?” Niti asked.

“I think in his study” Gauri replied.

“Fine” Niti got up and left.

“Tika.. Tika” she called out, but no use. She had already left.

Manha looked at Gauri and sighed nodding her head vigorously. She sat down holding her head.

What was going on?

It was all going above her head. Too much to digest. Why everyone?


One side Boonie was sick. Couldn’t be cured.

The other side Niti. Just now she had escaped from the clutches of the devil Saral. And then not one, but two problems. Now another.

Facing Chandra Prakash.

She had to do it one or the other day. Either today or tomorrow. What’s written can’t be changed.

Here Gauri. Not a very close friend, but a good friend.

Acting like a daily soap queen. Sacrificing her life for her dad so that he could take over a company that ran the largest chain of hotels.

Manha got up and cursed whatever was going on. She cursed herself for coming back to India. Why couldn’t she stay back with her father and brother. Though her brother hated her, her father loved her to the infinities. She went out to see what Niti was upto.

Niti went down “aunty where is uncle?” she asked.

“In his study” Anisha replied.

Niti stormed towards the study despite Anisha’s warnings to not head towards the study room of her husband. Manha kept watching Anisha’s scared and tensed face. Something was not right for sure. Manha followed Niti. Niti kept walking and opened the huge wooden designed door of Aghastya Dikshit’s study. She found an old man in his late fifties with gold plated round framed glasses sitting at his desk with another seated opposite to him with his back to her. Aghastya’s reaction turned cold at the interruption. But his expression softened once he saw Niti at the door. He smiled her and gestured her to come in.

“Hello beta” he smiled.

“I’m not here to greet you and have normal talk uncle” Niti clipped.

“What happened beta?” he asked.

“Do you know to whom you’re getting Gauri married to?” she asked.

“Me” came a cold voice and Niti stiffened.

That voice.

That very voice. It was his.

He turned around and eyed her with hatred. Niti was scared. He was a mean seven feet tall goof. But she put on a blank indecipherable expression that he couldn’t read. She was seeing his face after a year. He smirked as she stood rooted to her spot.

“Look who we have here. Nithika Malhotra” he smirked.

“You know her?” Aghastya asked all shocked.

“Who will not know her? We have history” he sneered as he walked to her.

“History?” Aghastya asked again.

“Yes. Long story” he sneered as he locked Niti to the wall.

“You’ll have to pay” he hissed close to her face.

Manha who was losing her patience wanted to rip him apart right there. She looked around and found a paper weight on the table. She took it and flung it over his head. Chandra Prakash moved back as he groaned in pain. She smashed his nose with it and threw it at his forehead creating a swelling. Chandra Prakash eyed Manha with rage as he took his kerchief to stop the bleeding in his nose.

“What was that for Ms. Sharma?” Aghastya asked who was losing his patience.

“This man deserves more than this” Manha scowled.

“Manha calm” Niti cooed.

“Shut up. What calm? This man!!” Manha hissed with her fists balled.

“Didn’t you see what he was going to do to her? Still you’re questioning my behavior?! Wow Mr. Dikshit wow” Manha taunted as she clapped her hands.

“This is not going to help us at all” Niti whispered.

“Do you really know the sin you’re committing?” Manha asked.

“What sin? What are you both talking about?” he asked all perplexed.

“They don’t want me to marry your daughter. They don’t want me to marry Gauri. Why can’t they understand that I love her. With all my heart” he acted to be disappointed, placing his hand over his chest.

“Your other daughter insulted me in front of all that day and now these girls. She too said that she won’t let me come near Gauri and marry her. Now this girl blames me and this one abuses me. What makes these girls say I’m a bad man? Why? Why only me?” he fake cried burying his face in his palms and looked through his fingers to see Aghastya’s reaction.

Aghastya was lost in his thoughts. Chandra cursed his fate for not gaining immediate sympathy. He started to act again when Aghastya looked at him. He looked at Niti and Manha. Niti yawned and rolled her eyes. Manha checked if her manicure was perfect.

“Lol this is called Oscar performance. Niti this is abuse it seems. Lol” Manha laughed out loud.

“Hehe yeah” Niti chuckled.

“Beta apologize. This is not the way you behave” Aghastya spoke in a calm tone.

“We’re sorry uncle, we won’t” Manha sighed.

“I’ll not spare you Malhotra. You’ll pay for it” Chandra hissed.

“We’ll see” Niti threw a sarcastic reply and walked out.

“When’s the engagement aunty?” Niti asked.

“Next week” Anisha replied.

Niti and Manha just left. Niti took out her phone to call Neil. But scowled in the end. Battery dead. She took her other phone. That too was switched off. She scowled again. She had forgotten to charge her phone at night. She had given the number of only one phone to her family. On the other hand, Neil was worried about Niti. She was out for hours. She didn’t tell anyone she was leaving too. Her phone was switched off. He had called up Karthik to trace it but was not possible as her last location was somewhere halfway to Gauri’s place.

“What happened Niti?” she asked.

“Battery dead” Niti pouted.

“It’s ok. Use my phone” she gave her phone.

“But I don’t remember the numbers” Niti pouted.

“Try” she smiled.

Niti tried hard and remembered Karthik’s number.

“Karthik I need your help” she clipped.

“Who’s this? How do you know me?” he asked.

“Idiot it’s me. Niti” she scowled.

“Where are you? Do you know how much everyone here are worried about you? Ankush is going psych here” Karthik scowled.

“I’m sorry. I forgot to charge my phone and my battery died. And stop talking about him. He’s going to betrothed to another girl. Holding on to me is cheating her” she snapped.

But no one knew that Karthik had put the phone on speaker and everyone heard it. Ankush felt like throttling Niti. Neil scowled at his sister’s carelessness.

“Who’s on the other side?” she asked.

“Everyone” he replied.

“You put in on speaker? You psychotic idiot” she scowled.

“Sorry” he apologized.

“Fine. I’ll meet you when I reach” she said.

“Where were you?” Neil snapped.

“Came to my friend’s place. Stop worrying. I’m not a baby” she scowled.

“Fine. I’ll take care of you when you reach” Neil snapped.

Manha and Niti looked at each other and Niti started the car and the engine roared to life. Chandra Prakash watched all of it. He smirked at the girls defeated faces. He couldn’t do anything because he had promised Gauri of not doing anything to them.

Ok.. I’m done.. I know it was boring.. sorry.. will try to make the next one entertaining.. bye bye.. love you all loads.. tc.. keep smiling.. bear hugs to all of you 😍😘

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