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Manmarziyan 2 states chap 26

Hiee all im Sv back here. Thank u all for the love u guys showered to me. Trust me this is the best birthday ever coz no one has ever gifted anything as a birthday gift apart from my family. Now im so happy to have a big family for me . Love u all for those lovely os wish i have my birthday daily coz those stories were awesome and u guys paring me with arjun gosh that would be a dream come true to be frank i love the character of arjun as tiger possessive about his radhika and when it comes harming her then he would turn a beast i love that one and a perfect one by my wifie , U guys know what i want to have that possessiveness which my wifie gave me in the form of rohan and then the way i wanted to get proposed arjun(sathya ) gave me as a as a halloween queen as that was my dream and then to taunt him was arjun rathore by my punch parvathi and then the way we should be friends by my ponney shree and then my twin’different plot of nail biting and my lil one(supriya’s) realistic os and brin di’s os of me making ardhika and nesam one gosh im over the moon and i have saved all those os in my mobile and reading it again and again as this is my precious gifts u gave and then my jaan and our harry potter love and my di’s cross roads and my aasthu giving my a dream to see them god im soo lucky to have u all and so as a birthday return gift this is for my family love u all.

Enjoy the ride….
Its been long time let us just have a look of the modern devadas saral (ok dont stare at me with those angry eyes, let him think sometime big coz at last he is going to be devadas only).


Saral ; ooh dear how to say that im in deep love with u ,
Tam – nee illama oru nimisham kuda ennala vazh mudiyadhu een purinjuka maatengara ??
Eng – i cannot live without u even a minute why cant u understand dear ??
Argh bow bow…. bow bw…….argh………… its teeth was in verge of biting his face.
Saral – tommy what even u are not accepting my proposal ??
Tam – andha aalu dhan enna pudikalanaru neeyavadhu purinjuko pls……….
Eng – that man is not understanding and u are not understanding me pls understand…….

House owner lady – Tam – vandhutana dai unna indha pakkam vara kudadhunnu sonnenla ?? avarukita enatha sonniyo manushan veetlaye modangi kedakaru ippo enga veetu naayaum vidamatengara poriya illa naaya vittu kadika vidava ??
Eng – cameah ?? saaley i said not to come this side na ?? i donno what u said to my husband he is not even stepping out of his room and now u are talking with my dog are u going or i will ask my dog to attack u ….

Saral gulped and said ; tam – naayina bayandhuduvoma ?? ponga poonga naanum poren
Eng – dog means will i get scaredah ?? go inside madam i will go out…
Saral to the dog – tam – namba naalaiku continue pannalam ok bye baby
Eng – we will continue tomorrow ok bye baby….
And stepped out and said ; radhika i am practising all for u but i donno what are u doing ??
Neil and sam were practising so was ardhika. Arjun was seriously struggling as she was dancing like hell but he was dancing in robotic style. She was fed up but she wanted to win the dance as she was the dancing queen of her school. She wanted to win so badly. She made up a mind.

Radhika ; arjun pls dance properly.
Arjun ; its not coming for me pls leave me radhika.
Radhika ; arjun if we win the dance competition then i will give u one present.
Arjun (full exhausted) ; what is that may i know ??
Radhika ; well a romantic date with a perfect kiss.
Ting there was a sound and she turned and saw him. He was standing with full energy (like in some hot drinks ad after drinking those, the body will gain energy or to be frank popoye’s spinach or chota bheem’s ladoo)
Arjun ; will u kiss me if we win the dance competition ??

Radhika ; u heard me right ?? if i say that i mean it.
Arjun ; what about tha tha ??
Radhika ; patti will take care of him so come to practise. He nodded and started to practise now he was dancing like a super awesome guy who has inborn talent of dance.
Tha tha pov after knowing the deal between ardhika ; aahaaa in a smirk way and he flew away as his wife has asked him to come.
Radhika got a call and looked at arjun. Arjun was looking at her in a shock……. (bgm dan dan dan it is a shocking bgm think like a serious tone)Ardhika and Nesam rushed inside the hospital. They were on a race. Radhika and neil were in the front and samarj behind them. They were looking at their mobiles and finally all bumped inside the karthik’s room and radhika shouted yaa yaa i caught that in a exciting tone and sam who was angry picked up karthik and started to beat him black and blue as radhika got the pokemon but not sam.
Karthik ; have some pity on me sam im sick.
Sam ; why did u leave her win ??
Karthik (who was in the bed like a round earthworm) ; stop it sam its paining.
Sam ; and it is paining when i loose the game again she crashed my clan now it was pikachu how can i miss that. Neil was enjoying with radhika but arjun was making sam to calm down.

Jessie just entered and saw the chaos. She sat next to karthik and he shouted as she sat in his hand where he was injected the trips…she immediately stood and he was in fear crawled inside the bed.
Karthik ; pls leave me im scared of u guys……
Sam ; so jessie ur not gonna dance ??
Jessie looked at karthik he gulped and looked down. He held his hair and grinded the flour with his head and said ; this stupid has enjoyed in rain and now shivering in fever the best part was spoke like a super hero then fainted and fell down straight like that.

Karthik removed her hand from his head ; are u doing any head massage for me ?? jessie glared and said ; im leaving u coz i love u orelse i would just pounce on u and bite straight ur neck just like a big cats do. He ran and stood behind ardhika and said ; pls save me from that animal pls i want to live. Neil asked her to calm down and said ; we still have time jessie leave him for 2 days he will be fine. She nodded and they all left the hospital.

Program day.
Mosquito whose name was vibhav came with his 4 side kicks namely screw, spanner, cutting Blair and fitter (reason of the name nothing stricked my head other than these so only these) and of all vibhav is the head of the gang whose other name is tool box. So they are making themself ready to go to the mayura fest to ruin it and defame mumbai institute of technology but they never knew what is waiting for them.

Arjun wanted to surprise radhika so he decided to give a shock to her and so was radhika waiting to give him. Mosquitoe abd team started with a wireless to contact each other. Spanner has a habit of giving missed call which he used while he was speaking through wireless.
Vibhav ; argh this stupid is giving missed call even now and was busy to tune to spanner at that time screw jumped near vibhav and he in turn jumped over fitter.
Vibhav ; why did u shout u idiot ??
Screw ; sorry boss but i came to say that i have stopped neil from his performance…….
Vibhav ; how ??
Screw ; look here his shoes. Vibhav looked at the shoe and jumped from fitter and gave a tight slap.
Vibhav ; its my shoe u idiot.
Screw ; then that (pointing at vibhav’s shoes)

Fitter ; those are mine. They heard the announcement.
Ladies and gentle man let us take a moment to thank mumbai institute of technology so ladies and gentleman let us give a big round of applause to committee head of mit arjun. The claps were breaking the building and all the girls were eagerly waiting for hos single glance. All were expecting him to come in tux or t.shirt. All the lights were off. There was pin drop silence then tak……. (light on sound)….. all were looking at the stage. The sound of the foot step came but it was not one but 2. Slowly they were visible. It was arjun and neil but they were not either in tux or jean or in any other western oufits but arjun was in a typical tamil style veshti and shirt. His abs were so perfectly seen in that shirt and he was breathtaking. Neil came in a punjabi kurtha and bottom. Sam and radhika just entered the auditorium and found arneil on the stage. Radhika was in punjabi dress and sam was in typical saree. It was like mix of punjabi and tamil attife of them and Arjun was dashing in tamil attire and so was radhika in a punjabi outfit. Neil was just blinking at his beauty and so was sam looking at her handsome hulk. Tha tha came with patti.
Tha tha (to rasam) ; Way please hot couple coming through. Bith jerked and saw tha tha in tux and pattibin frock. Rasam’s jaw dropped. Patti pulled both the jaws by closing the mouth and said ; old is always gold babe. Both shook their head and came back to reality.

Sam ; is this ??
Radhika ; yes. They are doing too much yaa mudiyala (cant take it).
Sam ; let them enjoy now go and enjoy with my best friend. Radhika smiled.
Arjun came down and saw radhika. Sje was just blinking but she was into his spell.
Radhika ; tam – shirt nalla irukku…
Eng – shirt is nice.
Arjun – Tam – shirt illa kurtha.
Eng – Its not shirt but kurtha.
Radhika (closed her one eye and smiled and said) ; kurtha… .
Arjun ; tam – punjabi dress superah irukku.
Eng – Punjabi dress u look super. She blushed. Tha tha fainted as he for the first time seeing her blush.
First contest it was best voice.

Many sung the song. For few the claps were too damn high not because they are nice but to make them shut. Then vibhav came but all were silent and he started to sing the song. It was a perfect blend. Beautifully sung. Many were into his spell of voice. Arjun was not able to believe as his voice was like a radio which is not tuned properly. But how this ?? Arjun saw radhika who was busy staring something.
Arjun ; what are u seeing ??

Radhika ; look there and pointed and saw some one is standing behind the stage and operating something and radhika asked tha tha to look at them. Tha tha verified and said ; he is the one who is operating and vibhav is just giving lip moment.
Radhika ; tam – inga avavan enna nelamaila irukkan nai paatukku lip moment kudukudha ?? vada arjun paathurlam.

Eng – here all are in which condition ?? he is giving lip moment for the song dog come arjun lets do this. She pulled sam and both stood behind the stage. Sam whistled s*xily and he as if a dog looking at its food after days was staring at her. She waved her hand to come near her. He jumped and came and stood near her.
Sam ; close ur eyes honey wanna give u something and smiled so s*xily again. His eyes was having heart shape and he jumped and closed his eyes. Sam who was smiling took a big stick and hitted his head hard. He said ; that was powerful and smiled and fainted. Radhika went inside and turned the tempo t o 0.5(minimum speed) and the song was dragging and it was like a slow motion kung fu panda voice……

arneil and all are started to laugh and so was radhika, then she changed the tempo of the song to 2.0 (the maximum speed) and his mouth was going all speed and now all are rolling and laughing. He also gives a fake laugh and looks at spanner. Spanner goes to check what is that screw is upto when he went back tha tha came and scared him and that made spanner freeze and he was in a statue mode. Last one was arjun. He stepped up to the stage and took his guitar and sang radhika’s favorite song malare from premam malayalam one(its my fav song it is demanding my playlist from 2015 i wish u guys should hear to the malayalam premam malare and the only malayalam song and movie i know so hear it one time i guess u will all like that).
Arjun was singing in all love when he was singing , radhika was not able to hold anymore she ran and pulled him to a hug and slanted him over her hand and kissed him tight over his lips.

Tha tha ; Tam – enna da ivlo naal achey onnum nadalaiyennu nenachen nadandhuduchu nadathitanga

Eng – what yaar these many days over nothing happened i thought happened they made that happened.
Radhika saw him and said ; arjun i …………… he fainted.
Radhika ; tam – cha oru dhadava kuda i love u vey sollaliye evan ennadana posukku posukkunu mayangaran
Eng – cha not even single time i said i love u to him but he is all the time fainting.

The whole gallery applauded and radhika lifted him like a hero lifting the heroine (that was tha tha who was doing this his pov ; paa what is he eating sema weightu paaaa) and radhika was walking in a pride…….

Precap – Ardhika dance………. vibhav’s stomach goes for a toss after the food competition and those mosquitoes are being shooed by spraying hit………..

Thats it guys. Hope u all are enjoyed it and sorry for the delay. Hope u all enjoyed it and pls spare me for the typos. Love u all stay blessed and stay strong and dont forget to smile. Love u all,

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