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Manan : Jeene Laga Hoon Pehle Se Zyaada by Crystal : Chapter 19

Manan : Jeene Laga Hoon Pehle Se Zyaada by Crystal : Chapter 19

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The comments in Chapter 18 have been answered.. thanks for your support keep supporting..i am going to continue this ff just for my fans who are actually reading……. But a request to all my silent readers…. Please comment just to boost up the writers 
Its a short update but please do enjoy

Recap : Nyonika makes Manik accept her challenge by bringing Nandini as his partner/date in the Malhotra’s Annual Event

Let’s continue

The same evening at the club

(Manik) “Hi, Nandu. Busy?”

(Nandini irritated and thinking) Manik came and sat down. What did he want?

(Nandini)“Not really. Just reviewing.”

(Manik) “Did Mr. Roy invite you to the party held by our company Tomorrow?”

(Nandini’s POV) About the party…. I don’t feel like going. Too much of effort….

(Nandini) “Yes. But, I don’t think that I would be going. I don’t have my dresses with me now. They are with my aunt.”

(Nandini’s POV) I hope he will drop it with this.

(Manik) “What? You are not coming because you don’t have a dress. Buy one. This is the first meet you will be attending held by our company.”

(Nandini’s POV) True, but I just don’t feel like it. This will be my first break after a long time.

(Nandini then told) “Nope. I don’t want to waste money with petty things. All my money is invested in properties now. I don’t have cash till next week. Besides, I rarely get dresses which suit me. Most of my dresses are tailor-made.”

(Manik just spilled the beans out) “Please, be my date Tomorrow. I will get you the dress and accessories. I don’t have a date. If not, I don’t have to go.”

(Nandini) “Then, don’t go. Or hire a roadside female escort.”

(As soon as she said that, Rishabh continued) “Go on, Didi. Have some fun.”

Rishabh suddenly popped up from behind.

(Nandini’s POV) When did he get here? Have fun? This is my long awaited break.

(Nandini )“Rishabh! (shouting at him and then turning back to Manik). Ask someone else, Manik. How did you go to other parties of your company?”

(Manik) “I was my mother’s date.”

Rishabh hugged me from behind. “Please, Didi. Go ahead. Enjoy your night Tomorrow.”

(Nandini) “Rishabh, you just want to go stay over at Peter’s home to have fun, now that exams are over and no more group studies. That is why you are asking me to go, isn’t it?”

(Rishabh) “I promise, Didi. This will be last stay over. Please? After that as you say, all the stay-overs will be at our home. Please?”

(Nandini) “Sigh. Fine. Go to your sleep over. But remember what you just said.”

(Rishabh) “Thank you. I love you, Didi. You are the best didi in the world and Good night.” Rishabh kissed Nandini on her cheeks and went up.

(Manik) “So, it means yes to me, too?”

(Nandini) “Manik! You are still here! Just because I said ok to Rishabh, doesn’t mean its ok to you. Also, Rishabh didn’t ask for you. He did it for himself.”

(Nandini’s POV) I should really stop working in the lobby. Whenever I work or talk on phone, Manik always pops up in the middle, its really irritating.

(Manik) “I am also begging you like Rishabh.”

(Nandini’s POV) He looked at me with puppy eyes. Not possible. This wouldn’t sway me.

(Manik)“Please, Nandu. How can I, the host, not attend? Please…..”

(Nandini) “Find a hired female escort, for goodness sake!”

(Manik) “Please, Nandu. It won’t look good.”

(Nandini’s POV) What he says is true but do I have to ruin my break for him?

(Nandini spoke) “Dress and accessories free; no price limit on dress I choose. If you can agree to that, then, I don’t mind.”

(Nandini chuckled in her mind) He will surely not accept to this. He leaned back.

(Manik) “Sigh. You are more expensive than a hired female escort.” The Impudence!

(Nandini)“Fine then. I will stay at home, thank you. It is not like I NEED to attend it. I don’t think I will be reproached for not going to the party.”

(Manik feeling guilty) “Sorry Nandu, very sorry, I didn’t mean it in a rude manner. I meant you are worth it. I need more practice in controlling my thoughts and words. I really didn’t mean any offence. I accept your deal. Don’t worry. You won’t dent my pocket. Let’s go shopping Tomorrow.”

(Nandini’s POV) Why did he have to agree? I was so sure that he wouldn’t accept it. Now, I need to go with him.

(Nandini again spoke) “Shopping Tomorrow and go there at what time? Let’s do this. We will start at four. Choose the dress and finish everything and go directly.”

(Manik) “Fine with me. So this means, I need to get a new suit.”

(Nandini) “I guess so (giggle). Good night, Manik.”

(Manik) “Yeah.”

(Nandini’s POV) He sat there and looked deep in thought. Maybe, he really didn’t have a choice, except to ask me out.

(Manik’s POV) Yes, finally Nandu has accepted to be my date.

Background Song : Jeene Laga Hoon Pehle Se Zyada
Pehle Se Zyada Tum Pe Marne Laga Hoon…

Main Mera Dil Aur Tum Ho Yahaan…
Fir Kyun Ho Palkein Jhukaye Waha…
Tum Saahasee Pehle Dekha Nahin…
Tum Isse Pehle The Jane Kahaan…

Jeene Laga Hoon Pehle Se Zyada.
Pehle Se Zyada Tum Pe Marne Laga…

Thinking about her and he just dozed off

Precap : Will Nandini look pretty? Will Manik win bet against his mom?

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