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Mamma and papa plz!! Epsiode 5 flashback starts

Mamma and papa plz!! Episode 5 flashback starts

Both raglak reach the hospital after getting out of the car ragini rushes inside the hospital

The family members get happy seeing ragini
Ragini rushes to ap
And laksh follows behind


“Ma how’s ahaana I wanna go and see her” ragini says and cries
Ap hugs ragini
The doctor comes out

Ragini rushes to the doctor and so does laksh

“Doctor how’s my daughter can I see her plz” ragini says and cries

“We hav to transfer the blood after transferring the blood only then we can say smthing” Doctor says

“Yh I’m ready to give my blood I’m her mother” ragini says

The doctor nods

“Ok come with me” doctor says
Ap touches ragini’s shoulder
“Go beta” ap says

Raginin goes inside and lies down on the bed and the nurse injects a needle and attaches a bag to a tube and in that tube ragini’s blood will travel in that tube to the bag

Laksh rests his head on the wall

“Laksh were did u find ragini and y did she go is everything ok” sanskaar says and places his hand on lakshs shoulder disturbing lakshs thoughts

Laksh thinks
Laksh checks if ragini’s GPS is on and it happened to be on so laksh traces ragini through her gps and finds her sitting where she always goes wen she’s upset near the rivers
FB ends

” nothing happened bhai it’s just ragini wanted to spend some time alone” laksh says

Sanskaar pats on laksh back

“Dnt worry laksh ahaana will be alright” sanskaar says whilst patting lakshs back and saying it slowly

Laksh nods and breathes out

Inside the ward
Ragini is laying down on the bed and luking at ahaana continuously
Ragini starts thinking
And it goes into flashback(finally teja)
Dp is sitting down drinking tea and the whole family is present their except laksh

A man is shown smoking along with some friends

“Yaar lucky tera vo hitler baap, wats his latest update” one of the friends says whilst smoking

The man turns out to be laksh

“Omi can hitler ever change” laksh says
The friend is revealed to be Omi

“Such yaar I feel sorry for u lucky ur dad is so strict that u guys hav to take his permission to even use the toilet” Omi says shaking his head and laughs

“Trust wen dada ji was alive it was jokes hitler bapu was a mouse infront of him” laksh says

“Durga yeh kya hai Durga Nalayak kahi ka Durga” laksh imitates as his grandad whilst his friends laugh

“Ji bapuji ji bapuji nahi bapuji maaf kecheye Hume bapuji nahi” laksh shouts whilst imitating dp and laughing

Just then lakshs phone starts
Chaar Bottle vodka songs starts
And the name flashes ‘ma’

“Oh shit ma is calling” laksh says and answers the call and signs his friends

“Ji ma” laksh says

“Atoms are the basic units of matter and the defining structure of elements. Atoms are made up of three particles: protons, neutrons and electrons.” lakshs friends say in the background

Ap gets happy listening to the background

“My son is studying” ap says happily

“Ji ma I’m studying science” laksh says and winks at his friends and they smile

“Ma I’ll be late so plz handle hit I mean papa” laksh says as takes a sigh of relief

“Ok beta come soon u knw ur papa” ap says but stops

“Yes maa I knw

He hangs up

“Bye guys I need to go” laksh says
And leaves wen he hears a noise

“Lucky spray” all his friends say

“Oh yh” laksh says and quickly Sprays

He reaches home and sneaks into his room
And quickly gets into bed and and clock
Strikes 11:30 and a man enters his room and checks around

He looks at laksh sleeping and nods his head
He is wearing a maroon sherwani with tight cream trousers
The man is also bold and wears glasses
A woman enters from behind
“Ji let him sleep he was studying till late” the woman says

The man puts his hand up

“Annapurna u dnt need to tell me I knw all his activities” the man says
The woman is ap


“And one more thing no one can throw dust into Durga prasads eyes” the man says

The man is the dp

Ap feels hurt and luks down with tears In her eyes
Dp leaves the room and ap follows him
Laksh who was awake and listening to the convo gets angry
Lakshs pov
How dare that boldy insult my mother who does he think of himself to be I’ll show him if he wasn’t my dad then I would hav shown him nw I wanna take mom away from him then he will realise
Laksh pov ends and he sleeps

Shekhar and sharmishta hav recently got married sumi is in the kitchen whilst Shekhar goes to the shop daadi is praying ragini comes and takes blessings from daadi and goes to dada ji who’s sitting and reading a newspaper and takes his blessings
Ragini goes to the kitchen

“Maa I’ll help u umm u tell me and I’ll do it” ragini says

Sumi smiles

“No ragini there is nothing left u go ur getting late for college and wat about Shona is she awake yet oh god this girl na let me go an wake her up” sumi says and smiles

“Maa I’ll go” ragini says and smiles

Swara is sleeping
Ragini enters her room
“Swara quick get up or dadi will shout at u” ragini says
Swara quickly gets up and hugs ragini from the back

“Ok meri maa I’m up I’ll quickly get ready” swara says and ragini smiles

Dp is sat on the dining table luking at his watch whilst ap has her head down
And the rest r sitting down and eating
Laksh is running down the stairs and slips down sujata gasp

“Chore sambhal ke the food isn’t running away” sujata says

Laksh gets up and runs to the table and sits down

“Hmm If u were 30 seconds more late then ur breakfast would hav been cancelled” dp says strictly

Laksh takes a sigh of relief whilst sujata gasps

“Ke breakfast cancelled Bhaisa wat is this I mean bhaisa this is not fair” sujata says with her drama
Do glares at sujata
Rp nudges sujata
“Chup ka sujata otherwise ur 2 days worth of meals will be cancelled” rp says

“Ke 2 days na I’ll be quite” sujata says and quickly starts eating

“Mom the food isn’t running away” sanksaar says and laughs

“Exactly chachi u were telling that a minute ago” laksh says

“Chup both of u eat and stop eyeing on my food like bhaisa” sujata accidently says
Sujata luks up at dp who is attacking her with his glares

“Na Bhaisa I was just joking hahaha” sujata says and fakes a laugh

Laksh burst out laughing but after receiving glares from dp he stops

“Laksh r u actaulky learning anything in college or r u going for time pass” dp says

“No papa I’m currently learning about atoms elements and compounds” laksh says
Dp nods

“Umm papa I’m going college I’m getting late bye maa” laksh adds and quickly leaves

Laksh leaves

“Hitler kahi ka” laksh thinks

Laksh reaches college and before entering college he smokes a fag and then decides to enter

Ragini who got late cuz she made a stop on the way to college to meet her papa and swara has already left

Ragini and laksh r both rushing in opposite directions and they both crash into each other
Ragini falls but laksh manages to hold her
Laksh keeps luking back as he is late and he doesn’t want a teacher to catch
Suddenly ragini starts coughing
Laksh luks at her
“Wat” laksh says

” this smell” ragini says and coughs

Laksh smells himself

“Oh shit thanks for reminding me” laksh says and pulls ragini up and sprays

“I hate that smell” ragini says

“Ok nw ur insulting me” laksh says

“But how did I insult u” ragini asks

“U just did nw shush”laksh says and leaves

Continuation of flashback and raglak meet again in baadi laksh to encourage ragini to do smthing but wat????

Thank u sooooooo much guys I mean I got so much support so far I hope after reading this ur not dissapointed
But plz comment and tell me how it is cuz last episode I got less comments so plz do comment

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