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Mahek 6th October 2016 Written Episode Update


Mahek 6th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in


Scene 1
Rajiv tastes Mahek’s food from the bo she left and likes it. he asks cook to serve this to critic, this is your solution, your desert, go and serve it, cook asks where did box came from? Rajiv says God came to save your job.
Mahek’s desert is served to critic, Shaurya and all are tensed. Critic tastes it and says its amazing, chocolate rasmalie, its really good, you wanted to get five stars but i was not very keen but will get five stars for your this dish. He meets cook thinking that he made it, he praises him and leaves.
Rajiv reads Mahek’s note that i am sorry, bad food can destroy mood, maybe this dish will make your day today. Rajiv smiles reading note
Mahek and Sonal are drinking soda at street. Mahek sees Rajiv with police coming there, she gets shocked

and says to Sonal that i think he brought police for me as i went to Shaurya’s office without permission, Sonal says lets run then, they both runaway from Rajiv.
Rajiv comes to Mahek’s dhabba, manager asks why did you come here again? he says i want to meet Mahek once, manager says i am warning you last time to leave from here, you have nothing to do with Mahek, Rajiv says i knew about your anger thats why i brought police with me incase you decided to beat me but i dont want anything, i just want to ask where Mahek lives?
Sonal and Mahek are running, Sonal says are you sure that judge Rajiv has brought police for you? Mahek says i think so, they see Rajiv coming there, Sonal asks her to go and hide in her house, they leave. Rajiv is finding Mahek’s house. Shaurya calls him and says you need to at venue of India’s super cook. Rajiv says i am finding Mahek, Shaurya says you are still hung over that dhabba girl? Rajiv says that Dhabba girl made your restaurant get 5star rating, Shaurya says my cook made that desert, Rajiv says no it was Mahek Sharma’s dish, Shaurya looks on.
Sonal comes to Mahek’s house and is gasping for air due to running. Pd asks when did she come from inlaws house? Sonal says i didnt get married now, it has time, Pd asks when is marriage happening? sonal says december, PD says its good to romance in winters, Sonal blushes.
Ravi calls car vendor and asks him to give advance back, he will buy car from someone else. Jeevan comes there and says this is wrong, you cant ask advance back for your shop’s stuff, we have reputation here, Ravi says i dont need to learn from you, you should start selling hats and glasses as you are good at spying, Jeevan says i was just trying to explain. Rajiv comes and asks where is Sharma house? Ravi tells him way and continues to fight with Jeevan, Rajiv goes to Mahek’s house.
Shaurya asks cookf if he made desert? cook says yes trust me i made it, Shaurya says you can leave, cook smirks and leaves, Shaurya says then why Rajiv wants to give credit to that girl? Mahek messages Shaurya if he is busy? he says no, she says i have been stuck in situation with a guy, he is ill-mannered. Shaurya says one girl is behind me too, she is so clingy that she reached my office, Mahek thinks, she writes that boy sent his chinto(worker) behind me. Shaurya writes Chinto is interesting name, Mahek smiles. Sonal calls Mahek and says Rajiv has reached your house, Mahek gets offline and goes to see. Shaurya says she got offline?

Scene 2
Jeevan says to Kanta that Rajiv kapoor in our house? Mohit meets Rajiv and says who doesnt know you? Balwant asks Ravi to ask him why did he come? Mansi comes there with refreshment, she says Mahek have come too. Rajiv smiles seeing Mahek, Mahek gets tensed and says i accept that i shouldnt have come to your restaurant without permission, i just wanted to refill the mistake i did by making you eat bad dish, i just wanted to make you eat good food, i wont do that mistake again. Rajiv laughs and says why not? why not you will cook such good dish again? i infact want you to cook in biggest restaurant. Rajiv says to her family that your daughter has magic when she cooks, i want her to take part in India super cook competition, all are stunned. Rajiv asys Mahek deserves it and that stage deserves Mahek. Sonal says its that show which comes on Tv and you and Shaurya judge it? Rajiv says yes, people from different areas come and after 8weeks of competition, winner gets 50lacs, Nehal is about to faint listening it. Rajiv says this is great opportunity for Mahek, its time to get Mahek’s cooking out of kitchen, he shows form and says this is small formality to enter competition, please fill it, all are silent. PD asks to serve him something, Mansi says you must drink coffee? Rajiv says no tea will be fine, she says your face seems like you drink coffee. Kanta asks Mahek to come in kitchen.
Mahek comes in kitchen, she says to Kanta that i wont be able to handle all that competition, i am just happy cooking in this kitchen. You know i cooked in Sonal’s roka, all praised me so much but i blacked out seeing so much attention, i cant handle all that camera and Tv, chachi you will say no right? Kanta asks her to cook samosas.
Mansi serves samosas to Rajiv. He eats it and loves it, he says wow, they are tasty. Rajiv asks what you people thought about offer? Mahek says sorry Sir, i dont think i dont think i deserve this offer, Rajiv says trust me you are really good cook, Mahek says my mother taught me how to cook, she was great, i used to do homework in kitchen, cooking is my hobby and passion, it makes me feel close to my mother, i dont want to use it in any competition, Rajiv says think first please, dont take haste decision.

PRECAP- Shaurya says to Rajiv that Dhabba girl is lying, she didnt make that desert, she must have bought it from somewhere and brought it here. Rajiv says her family rejected my offer, Shaurya says it must be their plan, they must be planning next move now. Mahek messages Shaurya and writes you know about India’s super cook competition, i have to tell you something about it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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