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Mahek 4th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Mahek 4th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

Scene 1
Its night, Mahek is online. She lies on bed to sleep but gets message, she checks it and sees Shaurya’s message, he asks if she is busy? she says i was lying down, he says rest then, we will talk later. She writes i am fine, we can talk. He asks what you were doing at daily heart? she asks if he was there too? He writes that i saw your pictures you uploaded, Mahek says it means we were at same place, i hope your day was good there. He says not at all, i would have died there, people would be writing RIP on my wall. Mahek says mine was better then. Shaurya says our friendship’s best part is that we dont need to understand fully each to talk, some relations become stale with time but some relations even if you dont know them, you feel connected to them. Mahek writes your day was really bad. Shaurya says i have to sleep, i have work tomorrow. Mahek says alright, remember if you dont get sleep then dont take milk with turmeric powder, he smiles at her comment.


Mahek is kitchen and says i will reuse rice that were not eaten yesterday.
Shaurya scolds his cooks in hotel for reusing food to serve customer, he fires one cook, she cries and leaves. Rajiv comes and says she was crying, you didnt have to do it, shaurya says go and get married to her if you are feeling so concerned about her, i am devil then be it. Rajiv comes to meet Mrs. Dehli Pammi.
Rajiv asks Pammi how she is? she says you gave my trophy to Chawla. Rajiv asks can she tell him address of girl who cooked for her, she is really talented, Pammi says i dont know anything about her, i wont give it, Rajiv says i saw video of her cooking for you, i will find her then at all cost, Pammi leaves.
kanta says to PD that i will talk to Nirja, she runs marriage center. Kanta calls her and asks her to find some match for Mahek. She asks PD to lower volume of Tv. Mahek does, Nehal’s phone is ringing, Ajay is calling her. Kanta asks Mahek to ask Nehal to take her call. Mahek comes and tries to silent Nehal’s phone, Nehal comes and says why you are touching my phone? you dont have anything to do in life so interfering in my life? Mahek says i didnt do anything, i was just putting your phone to silent as Kanta chachi asked me, why you are getting angry? she starts crying, Nehal says only family can be wavered by your tears not me, this is my room and i dont want you here, dont interfere in my life, stay away, Mahek is hurt and runs from there, Nehal have sigh of relief.
Rajiv is finding Mahek, he shows video to one man and says she works at dhabba, did you see her? man asks if she works on Tv? Rajiv says i will find her myself. Rajiv ask other people on road. Mahek comes on same road, she parks her scooty and goes to Dhabba. Rajiv says to driver that i will eat at dhabba. Shaurya calls him and asks where are you? Rajiv says i am finding that girl which we found at Dehli heart, Shaurya says we have a lot work, comeback, Rajiv says you are right, i wont find her, he is about to end but see Mahek infront of him working at Dhabba, he is stunned. He comes to Mahek and asks if she was at Dehli heart? she says yes, Rajiv asks her to cook anything for him, Mahek goes. Rajiv says to Shaurya that i found girl, he asks Shaurya to come here, he will love to eat this food, shaurya says i dont like to eat on roadside dhabba, Rajiv says i feel like we have got diamond, come here, shaurya ends call, Rajiv laughs.
Mahek is cooking at dhabba, she is hurt over Nehal’s words. Shaurya arrives at dhabba. Rajiv says i knew you would come fore sure, now you will see. Waiter asks Shaurya to sit on chair, Shaurya doesnt like hygiene but sits down. Rajiv says you are going to eat memorable food today. Shaurya says lets see what this dhabba has to offer me. One waiter says Mahek is really famous cook here. Rajiv asks him to see if she cooked it. Mahek is cooking but her mind is still stuck on Nehal’s words and she is not concentrating. Waiter comes and takes food from her. He brings it to Rajive and Shaurya. Shaurya asks if he is gonna eat this? Rajiv says if you start eating then you will eat all. Shaurya eats it and spits it. He gets up and says disgusting, he asks waiter if this is what you call food? Rajiv tastes it and doesnt like it, Shaurya says it has whole factory of salt in it, shaurya says lets go. Rajiv asks waiter if same girl cooked this food? waiter says yes, Rajiv says i cant believe it, he gives money to waiter, waiter says if you didnt like food then we will cook something else for you, we dont allow people to leave food in middle. Shaurya says we call this food trash and the cook who made it is pathetic. mahek hears commotion and comes out of kitchen. Waiter says dont insult us, many people come here to eat and praise it too, Rajiv says its okay. mahek comes there, Shaurya says i can see what kind of people come here. Shaurya says humans eat food for taste while animals eat to end their hunger, Mahek says you are right, they eat it with hope, they sleep in small home but have dreams, they have so many hardships that they dont care about taste, they just need food to end their hunger, you are very famous chef, you can reject my food but you can call these people working at dhabba as animals. shaurya asks Rajiv if he was praising this girl? she is multi talented? seems like she likes her food so much that she eats it all as seem by her weight, Mahek is offended to listen it, waiter says leave from here and dont ever comeback, shaurya says i was brought here, didnt come on my own, he leaves. Waiter says these rich people have habit of insulting, Mahek tastes food and says what did i make? this is too salty, she recalls shaurya’s words, and realizes Shaurya was right.

PRECAP- Mahek is working in Shaurya’s hotel kitchen, Shaurya comes there, Mahek hides from him. shaurya scolds one cook to work fast on desert, Mahek thinks that he shouldnt see me, she tries to go out of kitchen but Shaurya sees her and says stop.. Mahek turns and looks at him tensely.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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