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Mahek 26th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Mahek 26th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

Scene 1
Sonal says Vicky I don’t want to go. I can’t. Mahek asks what happened? Sonal says see he is asking me to meet his friend. Vicky says my friend is here for a day. I want to meet him with her. Mahek says you should go I will manage. Sonal says thanks mahek.
Ajay comes as a girl to meet nehal. He asks is mahek gone for shoot? He mom comes. Nehal says go hide behind the closet.


Shaurya sees there is not water in his room. He goes to the other room. his PA comes in room but Shauray is not there. Sonal asks mahek to look for her earring while is leaving. Mahek goes in apartment and looks everywhere. She says where is her earring?Shaurya is in washroom. Mahek looks for the earrings everywhere. She gets a call. Mahek says I can’t hear you. Watchman locks the door from outside.

Shaurya says I have heard this voice. He comes out of washroom and says you.. Mahek says you.. He says what are you doing here? Are you stalking me? She says I have better things to do. I came here with my friend. He says where is your friend? She says who are you to ask me that. He says who cares. Shaurya tries to open the door but it doesn’t. Mahek says help help. He says there is no network. Mahek calls sonal and tells her that she is locked in her room. Shaurya takes her phone and says I will call first. Take the money from me. She says give me my phone back. How dare you. He says I am just making a call. They come close while fighting for the phone. The phone falls in bucket. Shaurya says this was just a 1700 phone. Mahek breaks his phone. He says it was 70000. She says better buy my 1700 phone for better network. He pours all the water in bucket on her.

Ajay is still in the closet. Nehal comes and says please stay there for sometime.
Mahek says what do you think you are.. He says better than you. See my expensive phone. It is working now. Shaurya gets angry. Shaurya shouts how dare you. She says don’t come forward. Stop there. Stay away from me. If you do anything you won’t be able to run away. He takes his coat off. Mahek says why are you doing that. Shaurya shoves her, she falls on the floor. Mahek says stay there. I know you intentions.. Shuarya sits close to her. Shaurya says what re you my intentions? That I an you? Have you ever seen your face? My workers have more class than you. I am giving this flat to my employees. I wont even touch you, you are my standard. Wear this coat or you will die because of pneumonia and shoot would stop.

Tai ji asks nehal to call Sonal or mahek. Sonal gets a call. Vicky says tell them you are on the way. Nehal says we are on the way we are about to reach. He says why are you worried? SHe says if we don’t reach on time Kanta chach will kill me. Kanta says I think there is something wrong.
Shaurya is driking tea while mahek tries to dry herself up. Shaurya looks at her.

Precap-Shuarya is drinking. He says drink if you want its your friend’s. Mahek faints. Shaurya says get up please.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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