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Mahek 19th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Mahek 19th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Mahek says just give me one chance. Shaurya turns, he is shirtless, Mahek turns away from him, he asks what are you doing here? She says i thought its Rajiv Sir’s room, he says all know that its my room, he says get out, Mahek turn towards him and says i have phobia, i get nervous when in pressure, just give me one chance, i will do anything. shaurya says really? he comes closer and says ofcourse you will do anything, i can see it, you had this strategy, he shouts to get out, Mahek backs away from him being scared and mistakenly switches off lights of room by striking with switch board, she runs towards Shaurya and hugs him, he says what the hell? Mahek moves away from him, they look at each other through dark, music plays, Mahek looks down being embarrassed, Shaurya keep staring at

her, Mahek looks at him again, they are close and sharing eyelock, Shaurya seems lost in her, he moves towards her, she moves back, Shaurya moves closer and extends his hand, Mahek moves back and he keep coming closer, Mahek is pinned to wall behind her with Shaurya’s hand on either side of her, he says move away and switches on lights. Mahek says i am sorry Sir, he says get out, she says sorry, Shaurya wears shirt and pulls her out of his room. He grips her hand and drags her from there. Mohit and Kanta comes to venue and asks one man about Mahek, he says the one who ranaway? Kanta says no she came running to venue, one girl says Mahek is back stage.
Shaurya drags Mahek to India’s super cook venue and pushes her away. Rajiv and all come there, Rajiv asks Mahek if she is fine? he asks Shaurya what is this drama? Shaurya says yes drama, ask her, he asks Mahek what she was doing in his room? Mahek says i was finding Rajiv to ask for one more chance and mistakenly entered Shaurya’s room, Shaurya says your last try to remain in this competition was low blow, cheap act, you said you can do anything to remain in competition, Rajiv your favorite contestant used cheap stunt which middle class girls use all the time. Mahek says Mr. Shaurya Khana.. she wipes her tears and says you are crossing your line, i said i was finding Rajiv and mistakenly entered your room, Shaurya says you threw yourself at me and it was mistake too, you begged to me that you will do anything to remain in competition, Mahek says i meant that i want chance and i will cooking test of any kind for that, i want this chance for my family, they have so much hopes from me. Kanta and Mohit comes there too, Mahek says when i said that i can do anything, i meant that i will fight with my fears to be in competition for my family and for Rajiv Sir who had hopes from me, you took me wrong way, maybe you got girls in your life who meant to do ANYTHING when they say it, maybe you wont give me chance but keep your cheap thinking to yourself, i will never forget that i ranaway being afraid but i will also not forget that i cameback to fight with my fears, i will get another chance, i will cook for my life and one more thing, lock your room when you change your clothes, you may think that you are dashing and hot but that doesnt mean YOU ARE dashing and hot, atleast i dont think so, Shaurya glares her. Mahek starts leaving, Kanta asks Mahek what is happening? Mohit asks what this tall guy was saying? Mahek says lets go. Shaurya says wait. Mahek turns and looks at him, Shaurya comes to her and says you and your family want one chance right? then lets make a deal, you can take part in my special show tomorrow. In greece, they used to make bull from bronze, he shows her bull, they used to make it to torture people, they used to put man inside this bull and used to heat bull, the man inside it used to be exposed to so much heat and torture. My tomorrow’s round is inspired from this theory, in tomorrow’s competition, there will be so much heat and pressure, you will get another chance there, if you are able to bear that much heat and pressure then you will be taken back in competition again, lets see tomorrow. Are you ready for bronze bull or still scared? Mahek turns to look at Mohit, he nods yes at her, Kanta nods no at her, Mahek thinks and says okay Sir i am ready, Shaurya says tie sacred thread in some mandir, you will need goodluck, he leaves. Kanta hugs Mahek.

Scene 2
Mahek is leaving venue, Kanta asks what happened? why did you run? Mahek says i got scared thats why i ranaway but i thought about you people and got my strength back and cameback here and what Shaurya thought, its not his fault, he has that kind of thinking but when he alleed me like that, i got angry, my hands shook and i said anything that came to my mind, Kanta says lets go.
Shaurya is drinking juice, he recalls Mahek saying that he might he is hot but not all girls think he is hot, atleast she doesnt think like that.

Upcoming after break- Shaurya says to Rajiv that Mahek will be hit before this show becoming hit, Mahek Sharma is fox which have used your innocence to be part of this competition, now i will take advantage of her,

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Update Credit to: Atiba

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