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Lusty love Raglak OS

It’s a dark room. All the lights are off. One bed is shown. On that a girl is sitting. A boy is beside her. She is crying.
Don’t waste time.your mom needs operation. And you need money.for that you have to satisfy me.go and come with this towel.

He says and throws a towel on her. She wipes her tears and goes to washroom. She comes out with towel. He is only with short. He is sitting on bed. He removes his short. He sighs her to sit on his lap. She unwillingly sits. Soon he starts kissing her cheeks and neck. His hand comes on towel to remove it. She holds his hand saying no.
Just bear it for a while. He tells and removes it.

She closes her eyes. He wildly kisses all her parts, tears keep flowing from her eyes. He makes her sleep upon him and gets done with his work.

They both wake up next morning.
I have to go..she says. He leaves her free from his clutches. She runs to washroom and cries a lot. He keeps walking here and there. She pours lot of water on her. She changes her dress and comes out.

He gives her suitcase with money. He puts his hands on her shoulders and kisses her lips.
I love you so much. But i even want you. I will marry you for sure.
He says. He drops her in hospital. She runs to reception and pays money. Soon her mom is shifted to operation theater. She is fine now.

He was waiting out till the operation is done. She runs near him. She says happily. Mom is fine.operation success. Thank you so much.

He grabs her near by waist. Why thanks. You have given me that and i have given you this. Go and take care of your mom.
She bends her head and comes near her. She looks at two of her sisters. They hug her and cry.

She is Ragini. And he is Lakshya. Her sisters are Swara and Uttara. Sharmishta is her mom.

Ragini goes into flash back…

Shekar leaves his family alone as he can’t bear 3 girl child. Ragini is elder. From then, she is care taker of her family. They have a rose garden. Sharmista and Ragini pluck those flowers, make garlands, bouquets. They sell them and make money for their livelihood. Ragini sacrifices her education for her both sisters. She never makes them work.

Ragini and Sharmishta does all works and they struggle hard. Uttara is youngest of all, she always studies nicely. She gets top ranks always. But swara doesn’t study properly. Her mind is always on becoming model. Without her mom and sisters knowledge she used to attend screen tests. But she is good by heart.

In front of their house only there is the flower shop. Sharmishta sells flowers sitting there all the day. Whereas Ragini goes to house to house and hall to hall to deliver the garlands and bouquets.

Once, while she is going on cycle, a car comes and dashes her. She falls down and all her flowers get spoiled. Lakshya gets down from car. He gets mesmerized to see Ragini. He was flattered at that point only.

Ragini scolds him. Can’t you see and drive.
Lakshya says her sorry and gives her money.
I want money only upto my flowers. I don’t need more.
Lakshya gets attracted to her.

From next day, he is the one who comes to their shop always. Buys all the flowers and bouquets. His office is fully decorated with those flowers only. Ragini understands his intention. She warns him. He keep doing the same. She complains to Sharmishta, she says politely to him. But, Lakshya keeps sending his friends to buy them, when no one is there to buy.

He loves Ragini deeply.

Swara starts loving her classmate Sanskar. And he is only to use her. Once he takes her to his house and gets committed with her. Swara doesn’t say this to anyone.

Lakshya proposes Ragini. Ragini rejects that he is rich. Everyone will think, that she intentionally loves him. He gets angry. I want means i want. Accept my proposal u will be queen in my mansion.

But Ragini being good attitude, she rejects. He gets angry.

Swara vomits and Sharmishta comes to know that she is pregnant. She starts beating Swara. Ragini asks who is he. He is Sanskar and he is a rich boy. Sharmishta and Ragini go to talk with his father. Sanskar behaves as if he doesn’t know Swara.

Then Sharmishta gets heart attack. They joins her in hospital. They needs money for operation. Then Ragini asks Lakshya help. He asks her to sleep with him. Ragini doesn’t have another way. She agrees.

Like that he gets what he want and he gives her money. Ragini gets that all in her mind and cries.

Sharmishta scolds Swara again.
See your sisters. How pure they are. They never did any mistake.
Swara keeps crying. But her words touch Ragini’s heart as she done a mistake.

Ragini says that she will come just now and keeps walking on road as zombie.

Lakshya comes to hospital with Sanskar. Lakshya makes him accept Swara heartfully. Sanskar accepts Swara. Sharmishta is happy.

Lakshya goes out to search Ragini. Ragini keeps walking on road and reaches a bridge were river flowing. She keeps crying and about to jump. But Lakshya pulls her back who just came there.

Let me die. I did a sin…she cries.

Lakshya slaps her.

You didn’t do mistake. You did it for your mom. I even said that i will marry you. I really love you Ragini. This is love and lust also. That’s why i did like that.

Taking advantage of girl’s weakness is also love?? You gave me money on condition of my respect. How this can be love?? No..you just gave me money and i gave you what you need. Squeezing me during that kind of sadness also love?? No..it’s just lust. And, I’m bent to it. I’m a sinner.

No Ragini. Listen to me. I really love you.

Ragini keeps moving back and jumps into river.

He shouts Ragini loudly.


Should Ragini excuse Lakshya? He really loves her. But he did wrong. But he gave family a new life which Shekar is supposed to do. Why he has to bear Swara’s responsibility if he is selfish?
So, did Ragini do right jumping.? Lakshya could be excused??

Plz, tell me and with ur replies i will right nxt part.

To be continued…

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