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love story of kaira (episode 3)

hello i am srivalli this artical is based after kairas marriage as i likked the ff so much i will cont it as di is not abel to continuue

a butifull morning kaira are hugging each other and sleeping naira wakes up
naira : karthik get up na its to late
karthik: let it be but u be near me
nairia: your mom is comming
karthik:let her ,now we are married
karthik mom enters
karthik : s mom [he shouts]nairia goes and touches her feet and karthik wakes up

[in sing mes]akshara : gayu u and naira are going to be together onse again
gayu : hows that mami
akshara: as u are going to same house
gayu gets shie and she runs

[in malo messi]

naira does pooja and sings song
nairia :karthik i am going to my moms house i will come after 3 days
karthik: what u know i cant live even 1m without u
naira: sorry
nairia leaves to sing mesion
naira: hello gayu di ,hello muma
gayu akshara:hello
akshara:how are u naira
naira: iam fine mumma
gayu :mammi karthik is there know
naira:gayu di
it was night
[in mah miss]karthik:krishna ji what is this its not fare u gave me nairia now only and takking her away from me [he gets an idea]karthik goes to sing missi
karthik climbs up and goes to naira room

precap :karthik goes to naira and gayu sees them doing romance and some suspense

guys plseeeeeeeeeeee cment f u want me to cont this ff plese coment and give me some ideas thank u .

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