Hi guys I am back with my next shot just for my cute se pyari se Vanu
(Ishu even you asked me to post but khya karu I have already written an episode for you😉 )
Let’s start (Mere bak bak sunmeh kisko bhi interest nahe hai But still sunlona pls 🤗 I have a bad news for you all ………………………
Dekho I have changed the title a bit ab ismeh some shots nahe hai missing hai coz now I have a very nice plot for this ff but it would still be short jab lage I am dragging tell me Okay app okay tumlogo ko hakk hai bolne ka )
Now pakka vala start :

Kunj’s POV (dekho pehle sirf Twinkle ka POV tha ab sirf Kunj ka 😂)
We rushed to Twinkle’s house she was really worried when I reached there I found Leela Aunty RT uncle and an old lady whom on seeing Bebe got up but I did not bother much about her I was looking for My Twinkle my lady love when I found her standing close to the couch but wait she was wearing a traditional dress you know na that one with a female version of kurta and a pant which was extra large arre those kinds of dress bebe wears what’s it called ha patyala peg no no Kunj patyala yeh my Twinkle was wearing it but she still looked so beautiful I was staring at her I heard a loud harsh voice say “Apne dost ke yaad tho nahe aaye hoge “on seeing towards the source I found out it was the old lady “Vasundhara meh tujhe kaise bhul sakte hu? “asked bebe “Jaise tu yeh bhulgaye ke tujhe tere Kunj ke shadi mere Twinkle se karne hai “ Dadi said I was shocked I looked up at Twinkle she looked helpless I was happy but things go on too fast I never wishes that to happen “Bebe meh nahe bhule mujhe laga tere poti itni khubsurat hai tho usse mere Kunj chalaga khya”asked Bebe with a some naughtiness in her voice “Chal jhuti mere poti khubsurat hai tho khya tera Kunj sona nahe dekhta (sona nahe Dadi Hot dekhta hai Sid my Sid 😍😍😍😍😍😍 okay not just mine but all of your too Happy )I kept on looking at Twinkle and paid no need to what the elders were talking She looked confused helpless and a bit sad I know she loves UV and I need sometime to make her fall in Love with me Dadi’s words broke my thoughts “Kunj javab de Answer me” she asked me “what answer “ I asked smiling sheepishly “Are you reday to get engaged To Twinkle today “she repeated her question for me “Voh Voh is Twinkle ready “ I asked her “She is ready Dadi said abruptly I looked at Twinkle she wasn’t ready I think she is forced to do so “I need to talk to Twinkle alone


“ I said looking at Twinkle her eyes sparkled a bit “Okay puttar go to Twinkle’s room “she said with a smile We left for her room “Kunj we can’t get married “she busted out as soon as we entered the room “Yeh “ I said trying to hide my feelings “So what’s next “she said while butting her nails cute girl “Simple say you aren’t ready to marry me “ I said shrugging her shoulder “You think it so simple I can’t say no Dadi me kasam de hai “ she said being annoyed “Oh so should I say no ?”I asked with a heavy heart “It won’t make any difference Dadi would did someone else “she said being tensed “Oh so should I say yes ?”I asked “I don’t know “ she said hitting her lips cute yar she is looking so cute “I think we should act like we would get engaged for a while then we would break it till then You can make UV jealous and then make Dadi feel that he is perfect for you “I said trying to hide my sadness “Genius “she said and hugged me I felt like being in heaven she moved back “Great I must say Saddu Sarna you have brains “she chuckled Cute year I will die if I see her for some more time cuteness overloaded “Kunj “she called out breaking my thoughts “Lets go down “ she said while opening the door “yeh come let’s go “ we went down where eveveryone were waiting for us “I am ready “ everyone were happy there face showed it “so why delay you both go and select your rings while we ask the pandit for a good day to do your engagement before Ishana’s engagement “said dadi excited “Ji dadi said Twinkle “we left for the shop the whole journey was a salient one I wanted to speak to her but could not I wish I could tell her that I love her and want her to love me like the way I do

Precap:Twinj selecting Twinj engagement- Breaking news the rings and Ishana and Omkara’s entry
Bahaut small episode tha na so thoda aur

Twinkle’s Pov

We reached the shop he got down and left for the shop I thought he would open the door for me “Mehendi lage hai haatho meh khya ke meh darvaza kholu”(should I open the door for you )he asked God did I say it so aloud “I can read your brain Miss “he saud I quickly opened the for and went into the shop following him “Show us the best rings “He said “Kunj we don’t need the best rings “I said “Kunj Sarna always needs the best be it for a real day or a false one “he said with some attitude We were shown many rings I liked none if them “Kunj I think we should go to some other shop “I said while checking out a ring “No wait let’s switch “He said to which I have him a ‘what did you say look ‘ “I mean you search a ring for me and I would do it for you “He explained “great let’s do it “ I said after around 15-20 minutes I found a beautiful ring for him (Guys I am not good at explaining objects especially rings so imagine a good ring after all Its the hand that matters not the ring 😉)I looked up at Kunj he too had found one we showed each other our out the rings we selected “Wow “I said looking at the ring he selected it was beautiful and was like a pair to the ring I had found for him “I know my choice is the best “He said while pulling his collar up “Whatever “I said “See this one is for you “I said showing him the ring I got for him “Pack the two rings” he said and went to pay the bill How rude I went behind him oh God this duppata and I tripped over my ling duppata “Twinkle can’t you are see and walk “I mentally scolded myself for being so careless

Today tho I would definitely insult my self in front of everyone I closed my eyes in fear but then I felt the same strong arms around my waist which made me feel so comfortable each time I would fall and each time I opened my eyes I could see him It was Kunj again I have never felt so comfortable with UV as I feel with Kunj “You do it purposely “he said while pulling me up I got his chest I felt shiver passing thorough My spines “What purposely? “ I asked “Seeing a hot handsome and se*y boy everyone would wish to fall into his arms “ He said with a grin “And who is that Hot handsome se*y boy” I asked looking around here and there “It’s me “ he said with a cut pout “I was joking “ I said while smiling at his cute antics “Lets go home or Dadi won’t leave me “I said as he was paying the bill “Twinkle wait baba it seems there is someone whom Twinkle Taneja is afraid of “He said while walking towards the car “No who said I am afraid of her “I said “Sasriakal Dadi”said Kunj and I looked around and said “Dadi I was just joking “ I heard a loud laugh Oh so it was Kunj’s plan I say sat in the car and then he came running “Sorry yar even I was joking “He said “It okay but next time never play such pranks with me” “Okay so you are afraid of Dadi “he asked “No it’s not like that it’s just that I respect her Can’t speak up against her “ I said while switching on the radio “Oh that’s nice you respect her “ He said and I smiled the radio channel having those news reports started playing I was about to switch the channel when I heard “Breaking news The heir I o the Taneja company is going to get married to the owner of Sarna company “ I looked shocked towards Kunj …….
To be continued ……

Precap:Ishana and Omkara’s entry

I hope you liked it though I know it’s boring but even if you liked it a bit pls do comment
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Next update :3rd November Guess kiska birthday ????

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