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Episode 5
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Recap:Twinj in the shop 🙂
Twinkle’s POV :
“How dare he say this to me He should have at least seen my figure a perfect one Girls die for getting such a figure and this sad called me fat Now he will have to face the consequences He has messed up with Twinkle Taneja and not an ordinary girl “ My chain of thoughts were broken by the sales boy who had brought around 15 dresses for me “These are some beautiful dresses for a beautiful lady “ Said the sales man to which I was about to shout at him but after seeing Kunj’s expression I acted to blush “Thank you Handsome “ I said to which Kunj looked at me shocked “Where is the lady we had told to bring the dresses “ Kunj questioned “Voh Sir she had been called to the Managers cabin Some paperwork “ He said “Okay you may leave “Kunj said in a cold tone “No, wait “ I said to which both of them looked at me “ Voh If I don’t need the dress you can help me bring a lager size”


I said while eyeing Kunj to which he looked somewhere guilty for calling me fat “Ma’am the small size would perfectly fit you coz your figure is perfect “ He said while eyeing me to which made me feel a bit uneasy “Twinkle lets leave from here coz I don’t think we would can find a perfect dress for you here “ Kunj said while dragging me out of the shop I felt he was mumbling some curse words for the salesman so I thought of remains quite or else he would burst out all his anger soon me Wait a minute I am angry on him but ….(looking at his face) Leave it Twinkle you know you should forgive others this is what Ma has taught you but I will punish you Saddu The best method is Silent treatment.
Kunj’s POV (The most awaited one )
“Twinkle,So these are the dresses I have finalised just try them for once” I said To which Twinkle nodded and left to change this girl I knew she was angry on me that is why she was trying to go close to the sales boy but why does she have to do this and now she wont speak a word for the past 20 minutes I am the one who is blabbering and she hasn’t spoken a word I know she wants me to say sorry to her And I am also such an idiot I should have not called her fat “Beautiful” was the only word which I spoke seeing Twinkle wearing a Black colour one piece Halter dress She showed me some more dresses she was silent all this while Oh god why is she not speaking anything I cant bear her silence I can bear her anger but not this Mute Saiyyapa queen
Kunj’s POV ends (Guys there is one more Kunj’s POV coming up in this episode )

Twinkle’s POV :
I am kind of enjoying this I am silent I know its difficult but kabhi kabhi kuch pane ke liye kuch khona padta hai so to gain a sorry from him I have to loose my Voice for sometime “Twinkle please forgive I am really sorry “ said Kunj holding his ears while we got seated in the car To which I just turned my head away though I peeped thorough the corner of eye to know what exactly he is doing to my surprise he was concentrating on driving the car I think this silent treatment has some side effects too “this isn’t the way to my house” I shouted seeing Kunj take the wrong left turn “Hve you forgotten the way to my house “I asked to which he remained quite Urg!!!! Now he is giving me the shock treatment Tit for Tat it seems He stopped the car in front of a restaurant “I thought you would be hungry “He said with a sheepish smile “Yeh I am “ I said holding my growling stomach “I am sorry Twinkle I should have not called you fat You have a perfect figure” he said holding his ears with a cute puppy face Oh god this puppy face of his is melting me should I forgive him ? He called me fat but he is apologising for it too “Okay its fine but never call me fat again ,Okay “ I said while pointing my index finger at him

“Okay done pack promise “He said in excitement He is so cute I had never seen this cute side of his We had Lunch and then he dropped me home “Bye” I said “Bye Be ready at 8 tomorrow and no Top knot a …” He said to which I stopped him in between “Yeh Yeh I remember that I have to dress like a very beautiful girl “ I said while running inside the house “Pagal” I heard him say “Voh tho meh hu “ i said turning back while running I could still see him smile I wish he always keeps on smiling

Twinkle POV ends

Kunj’s POV :
I dropped her home “Careful” I said while she was running looking at me This girl really will drive me crazy someday I mean her mood swings her attitude This is what made me fall for you Twinkle (GUYS YOU HAVE READ IT RIGHT KUNJ LOVES TWINKLE AND NOT MAHI )

This is my plan to make you fall in love with me In a short time you would realize that I am much better than that UV and if I fail I swear I would leave you forever I wish You could love me like the way I do (He sighed ) I reached home and saw Bebe watching the news For the first time in my life I saw her watching it She always watches those dharmik shows where the the solution for not getting a job is to eat Panipuri from XYZ stall or something “Bebe” I called out and went to hug her when i saw the news she was seeing the niece of RT Tnaeja is getting married to Omkara Singh the son of the great industrialist Tej Singh’s son “

I know these business deals Tej Uncle is my maternal Uncle more like a friend to me I have grown up with Omkara He is a good person a pure soul and Ishana is his childhood best friend they were in relationship for over 3 years and now finally They are getting hooked
Childhood friends become lovers is so true wait a minute Did I just say childhood friends turn into lovers OH God wait that means UV and Twinkle can get along to My thoughts were broken by A phone call it was Twinkle’s “Hello” I said “Kunj Ma has called you and Bebe Been here urgently pls come here soon “she replied to my hello in a worried voice “Twinkle is everything all right I asked “”Kunj you would get your answers once you come here “she hanged the call Why did Twinkle call me ???
Kunj’s POV ends

Precap: Breaking news :Twinkle Taneja gets engaged to ……..(any guesses ?)

I am really sorry for this boring update but its needs for the story line and the short update too coz it creates the suspense and some of my female Sherlock holmes Might have guessed whom Twinkle is going to get engaged to so please tell me your answers 🙂

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