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Party hard Love you ? ****************************************************************************************************************
So Without wasting time lets start but before that remember That the story is in Twinkle voice Kunj’s voice will be introduced in the next episode (I think so ) Lets see ?
Recap:Twinkle and Kunj in the party and Twinkle sees UV proposing Mahi She cries and bangs a man Who is none other than Kunj and hugs him and cries 
Let’s start:
I wiped my tears and ran away I don’t know how I could just cry so easily infant of Him I have not even cried in front of my friends I don’t know why I felt peace in his arms I felt I like staying in it forever “Twinkle what are you saying You Love UV” said my mind “Love can happen anywhere anytime “retorted my heart The fight between my brain and heart makes me think I am mad I quickly closed my eyes to force myself to sleep but whenever I tries closing it the only things I saw was Kunj consoling me I brushed my thoughts but then a sudden thought occupied my mind will he Say this to the others that I cried If he uses this to blackmail me Oh god How could he do so That Saddu I said as I pressed my lips tight (The way Twinkle used to do when ever she used to do a saiyyapa )


The next day 
I reached the college wearing a white crop top and black ragged jeans I saw my group sitting and taking and there was an additional member who was sitting on my chair beside UV That blo*dy bi*ch Mahi I wish I could kill her or at least a kick on her as* Look at the way she is sticking to UV seems as if She moves her face towards the left and then she would kiss Him Oh God and this Uv look at his hands moving all over Mahi’s thighs Oh God my leg did I just step on the banana peel OH god pleas I don’t want to feel embarrassed infant of Mahi and Uv As I was passing silent prayers to babaji Babaji did actually listen to me I felt a pair of strong arms Holding my bare waist I mean okay the word bare was not needed but I felt shivers passing through me when He touched You guys might be thinking how could I say It was he without looking at the person Now come on guys Which girl would save the other one who is falling except for your friend and my friends were sitting on the table facing their back towards me so how would they help me Just a minute I mean It has been so long I haven’t opened my eyes to see who saved me As I opened it I saw a pair of familiar eyes “Kunj” I exclaimed “Twinkle” He shouted as loud as I did 

All the people in the canteen turned and stared at us as if we were allies from planet Mars “Oh hello the show is over for today do come back to the same place same time tomorrow “ I shouted Then I realised that I was still in Kunj’s arms As I have felt earlier I felt Like staying in his arms Twinkle what are you saying remember UV I reminded myself and Composed myself I looked around and saw many girls staying at me with Love and many boys with anger I was confused for a second but then I realised the girls were looking at Kunj and the boys were looking at the man who stole the hearts of their ladyloves 

UV I saw him he was a bit jealous as he saw Mahi Looking at Kunj without blinking his eyes but then he tightened his grips on her a bare thighs Se was wearing a super mini skirt 

I then walked up to my group and sat down on an empty chair I was supposed to be seated on mine I thought but then UV pleaded me so I agreed 
Just then Kunj came on to our table and on seeing an empty chair next to me he sat on it I was hell angry on him but the other group members to be precise the female group members  could not help taking their eyes off him the other girls present in the canteen kept on showing their deep cleavage to him but I must say Saddu Has a good sense of control I mean If Uv would have bee in his place He would have made one of them his girl friend for sure But then Suddenly Fattu came in Fattu He is a guy in our batch who is the teachers pet and does not even bunk a class and hence we have named him fattu “ The classes are cancelled today due to an urgent Teachers meeting “ He said sadly and the rest of the students could not stop themselves from shouting I was a bit upset as I was in a mood to study today but yeh since we have a day off I would buy me stuffs for me or Go out for Dinner with UV like we do when we had no college  I asked him to drop me and then pick me up at 6 Uv was ready but then I saw Mahi Holding on to him tight

“Baby you said we were going for a movie today “ She said Pleading to him and clinging to him as if she was a monkey and UV a tree “Twinkle I am sorry we wont go out tonight “ He said holding his ears “Okay fine But atlas drop me home Dad is out of town and my driver is on a leave “ I said “Okay…)He said but was cut by that bi*ch “Uv You were going to go to shopping with me right “ She said “Yeh baby sorry I forgot Twinkle I am sorry I wont be able to drop you “ He said “What the hell UV Now how will I go home Mom has taken my car to the repair shop “ I complained hopping that he would drop me “Kunj can drop you “ He said to which I looked at Kunj in shock “What me dropping her”Kunj said thinking me as a burden on him “I will not go with you I will go by the cab UV can you atlas call the cab “I said “There is a cab strike “Mahi said “Kunj please see Twinkle’s house is on your way Home you wont even have to take a different route No time waste and you would have a companion with you On your way back”Uv said trying to make Kunj agree “Okay fine Lets go Miss”He said formally

“Bye UV Love you “I said Love you i really mean it but for UV its nothing more than saying I love you as a friend How I wish he knew that I meant it In a terms f Love between two opposite S*xes .
Precap:Twinj talks in the car and First Kunj’s POV I think the most awaited one 
Next update:ON 17th October,2016.

Hi guys So I think the next update that is on 17th is the last for this month But I guess I would try posting after 24th My exams would end and Diwali would be coming 
Hope you like this episode and if you have any confusion regarding anything feel free to ask me and yeh You can give in your suggestions to improve my writing So feel free to do so ? 

Once again Happy birthday SidVee ? Hope you have a blast ? Send me the cake ? I would be waiting for it ? Love you dear ? 

And Yeh Sidhanshi I am angry with you You did not tell me it was your birthday on 5th You should have told me right I would have posted a episode for you too but don’t worry I would post it soon ? Happy belated birthday ? Hope you had a blast ? Love you ?
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