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Love makes life beautiful episode 21

Hi all first to the story then hamaare baatein ok,

Abhi saw his troubling trio waiting at their room’s door with their sleeping arrangements. Abhi smiled at them while looking at their sleepy faces. He opened the door wide so that they can go inside. They all got happy and jumped on the bed. Pragya also got happy and they all were ready in their sleeping positions just waiting for their papa. Riya shouted” papa pls come fast na I am feeling sleepy” abhi replied from his closet “ coming sweetheart” pragya thought lets make some fun of him.
Abhi came wearing his night dress nd sat near on the other side of their bed. Both abhi and pragya were sitting like a border for their children. Soon all drifted to sleep as abhi read a bed time story for all. Abhi smiled at his fantastic four sleeping sound and he wished this family remained the same.
At midnight,


Abhi got a call. It disturbed his sleep. He got up immediately not wanting to disturb any of his foursome. He immediately took the call. It was the call from his manager.
Manager : sir, sorry to disturb you but it is very urgent.
Abhi : I know yohesh or else u wont phone me this time even though u r in US fr meeting u know that it is night now don’t freak out just calmly tell me what is the matter?
Yohesh : sir actually, the meeting which I am attending here na some new problem came. Our rival industry na dobriyals and sons they have forged the papers which we have to sign and they swaped with theirs. So the committee head wants to meet you and conduct a meeting on who will get the quotations and u know na sir this project is very important as it’s the next step for our album release. So sir will u pls come here so that we can solve.
Abhi : but yohesh how can I immediately get the tickets to come to US?
Yohesh “ sir sorry u should not come to US but u have to reach delhi as its head office is there only. And for tickets don’t worry I have already booked for u the flight is at 2 am and now the time is 12. 30 so can u pls come?

Abhhi : ok yaar I will come I will meet you there.
He didn’t know what to di and he also didn’t had time. So he slowly waked pragya even though he didn’t want to wake her up from her sleep.
Abhi : fuggi fuggi wake up I hv to tell u something important
Pragya : kya hua buddhu pls let me sleep I am already tired yaar do u want me to get dark circles never na so let me sleep and don’t disturb others too switch off the lights.
Abhi : arrey wake up yaar I am already not having time. Get up pls.
He pulled the blanket but because of that sudden action aditi got wake up. She started sobbing lightly. Abhi who couldn’t see it immediately scooped aditi and patted her back so that sh could sleep. He was having aditi in one hand rocking her and in the other hand hew was packing his things for his two day stay. Pragya saw all this smiled and got up.
Pragya : give her here and what hpnd all of a sudden are u gng out but u didn’t tell me anything I would have helped u early na ? why r u dng like this buddhu? Seriously man who does like this?
Abhi tried to give aditi but as she was clutching his t-shirt firmly. So he continued rocking her telling pragya “ arrey yaar what to say just now yohesh called that I hv an immediate meeting with investors as someone forged the quotation papers so I hv to go now itself. I am not fearing of the meeting. But for tomorrow I don’t know what u gonna do?”
Pragya then only realized what is gonna th next morning when abhi is not there. She gulped but didn’t show it to abhi and said with attitude” don’t worry buddhu I will take care after all I am pragya mehra wife of rockstar mehra mother of mehras so she can do anything” abhi rolled his eyes. Seeing that pragya “ what only u will have self praises why cant i? now et ready fast rockstar time is not there”. Abhi nodded and saw aditi slept. So he placed he carefully on bed not waqnting to disturb her.

Pragya done his left out packing gave his wallet, watch, his wrist bands, and his most irritable dogtags matching to his packed t-shirt. Seriously who wears dogtags and wristbands for meetings. When she asks this surely the reply would be “ of course I am a rockstar baby rockstar abhishek mehra I will do this”. She sighed. Soon abhi left kissing all their foreheads not wanting to go without informing his force but he also know he cant wake them in middle of the night. He went to airport waving a bye to his pyaari fuggy stealing aflying kiss from her.
Next morning,
Abhi was flying. Here pragya was seemed in full of tension. Even though she worried bit she also dodnt know what to do as in some time the mehra mansion will become mehra madhouse as the big mehra is not her.
At 6 am,
Pragya came from washroom after taking a bath in hot shower, damping her wet hair. She saw her children sleeping peacefully. Soon she saw rishu stirring in his sleep as its his time to wake up. Yes she guessed right, rishu woke up and saw his loving mom looking at him waking up. Rishab smiled at her, and gestured her to take him with his little hands. Pragya took him in her arms and cleared his face.
Pragya “ good morning my lord. So finally woke up what to do now sir waiting fr ur order
Rishab “ nothing maa call papa u know na he always wakes me up and gets into sleep again after waking me up. He is my alarm clock where is he I want to see him he is irresponsible mumma.
He said while resting his head in her shoulders. Pragya smiled at his son and thought abhi is the best father one could ever have. But she also know there is a big bomb gonna blast if she breaks this news.
Pragya “ haaye meri prince actually today ur alarms clock will not come as yesterday night papa got a call so he went to delhi to attend a meeting he will come tomorrow only.
Rishab with even more sad face” what why didn’t he wake me up he should have told me na I would hv given a kiss before leaving as he always loves tht. Now a days he is not at all listening to me mumma I always said to him that without him my morning doesn’t break why is he like this?. He was at the verge of crying. Prgaya immediately got this. And rubbed his back telling “ rishu beta papa loves u more as u r his partner in crime he wanted to tell u but u were sleeping peacefully he didn’t want to disturb ur beautiful sleep so only he didn’t inform u ok we will talk with him after he comes. Why now a days he is not at all listening to u I will ask him. Now get ready get like a good boy brush ur teeth as I wil come and make u bath as daily papa does that na now go fast fast” rishu nodded and went to brush. Prgya smilingly nodded her head and saw aditi waking from sleep., now she have to get ready for another banter. Aditi also gestured to make her stand.
Pragya made her stand and rubbed her nose with hers and said,

Pragya : yehhh my princess woke up get ready fast princess as u have to go to skl na.
Aditi : I know maa but call papa I want to tell him yesterdays dream u know na after waking me up papa listens to my dreams this is my routine and he always listesn that now where is he I want to see him tell him to come fast I hv to brush my teeth also tell him to come fast.
Pragya sighed” ohh god this buddhu na what was the need to pamper them this much they cant even spend a single day without him what to do now? Come on pragya u can do it.
Pragya : my princess u can tell papa ur dreams after he comes as he is not here last night u woke from sleep at midnight. He saw u were disturbed by a bad man in ur dream so he went to beat that bad man and will come tomorrow as the bad man is far in delhi ok.
Aditi with a sad face : mumma why didn’t u stop him if he is there means no bad man will come near me I want to see papa now pls mumma tell him to come I want to see him. She started sniffling. Pragya immediately said,
Pragya : princess papa cannot bear u being disturbed he will surely come just one day na we will beat him and make him write the cursive writing when he comes. Why did he leave my princess at night ok now get ready like a good girl as papa always says..
Aditi “ aditi is a rockstar so she has to be a good girl hey na..
Pragya “ yes now go go rishu already woke up u hv tom compete him in getting ready. Go faast dude.
Aditi nodded and ran out shouting “ I will be getting ready fast rishu u cant beat mee.”. pragya smiled widely at her childrens cut antics and their love fr their father. Now one more battleis left. Uff how much difficult to convince them. Even it is is easy to do a case on criminals. But convincing them is the most difficult task. But after what she aw pragya eyes widened she thought” ohh my gosh what to do now”

Precap : riya was waiting fr abhi which makes her fall in fever. Pragya gets the call from the stranger.

Keep guessing the stranger guys I will soon reveal him. Thi swill bring a major twist in abhigyas tale and did u guys like the picture of the children if not I will change them. And sorry fr not uploading as reason which I am gng to tell u all know but beyond that I was in hospital as I was having a viral fever and sprain in my left hand so only couldn’t typer. And also my mom didn’t know that I am posting stories till now as she restricted me frm posting in my second episode so I hv to do this secretly so pls forgive me and love u all fr ur immense support even though I posted after 2 months fr my previous episode I am so blessed to hv u all ur my energy u r my inspiration r my everything guys love u all and don’t forget to tell ur views both positive and negative and pls tell me u like the story line or not. Chappals, rotten tomatoes, stones are also welcomed.
Love u all stay blessed.

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