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love makes life beautiful episode-20 KB

hi friends its been a long time I met u all sry actually my exams were there and so many tests cycle, car, bike revision tests so only couldn’t update and honestly speaking I didn’t get any idea how to continue I don’t want u all to be disappointes and I know no one missed me but I missed u all ur sweet comments were my energy now also I am uploading without any take lets see whats the result so back to the story

the episode starts with,sun rises,pragya wakes up first and what she saw will surely bring a smile not only on her but on all of us. She saw her world sleeping peacefully but in their sleep they were fighting. Abhi and rishuu were sleeping upside down just like ditto of each other and aditi was sleeping left side to abhi with her legs on him and riya on back of abhi. Abhi didn’t even stir in his sleep as he don’t want to disturb anyone’s sleep. Pragya kissed all their foreheads and went to freshen up.
At breakfast table purab and bulbul pragya were chatting. Slowly one by one got up first rishu got up and went to freshen up next is aditi and then even riya too got up but our hero didn’t even stir. Its like he was sleeping for his whole life. All kids gathered in dining table all were having their breakfast silently. Pragya felt weird and asked them ,” arrey what happened kiddos all are silent any big problem? Or all r hvng any vrath?”


rishu answered “ ma not like that its just that u hv to check ur specs as u cant see someones missing if that person is here u wont speak top us u will be shouting us to shut up without him only we r so silent” aditi and riya too nodded. Pragya stared at him but rishu didn’t make a fuss out of it. Then only she noticed abhi was not there. Purab answered “ dii see my kids are saying correct only ur husband is the only who is the noise of this house. Is already 10 am he is still sleeping wake him up dii he will wake by u dii go and wake him up dii I cant see my kids silent” pragya tells “ arrey dramebaaz stop ur drama ok ur kids are not less than shaitans just becoz they r silent today don’t side them as because of them he is so tired they made him play with them upto 12 and after that they came to our room saying that they cannot sleep in their room so in the pretext f making them sleep he lost his sleep and in the top pf all they slept on him rishu on his side aditi on his hand and gudiya on his back now u say purab how can they blame him for oversleeping” she said huffingly.

Purab smiled at his dii’s concern on his bhai. She didn’t even leave his side een in front of his own children. Purab thought then he said “ ok dii leave it now go and wake him up its already time”. Pragya nodded and went. All others laughed at her and was waiting to know what happens next.

Pragya went to her room and pulled off the curtains and yelled at abhi buddhu het up its late already all r waiting”” . but abhi didn’t make a fuss out of it. He turned that side avoiding sunlight. Pragya again again shouted for him but he didn’t get up. Pragya got panicked and went near abhi and checked his temperature. When she was checking him abhi suddenly woke and pulled her on him. Pragya shouted” abhi what r u dng?” abhi “ cant u see mrs. Mehra I am romancing with my wife?” pragya “ acha then what were u dng yesterday night mr. romeo?” abhi “ leave it na fuggi as if u would have sent champs to their rooms even though they insisted u only told them bacco come papa will make u al sleep.

I hv to crack my brain to get stories for them u were sleeping sound “ pragya pouted. Seeing that abhi said” fuggy u know I got a dream yesterday that u and I are in a romantic cruise u know u were ina different avatar u were ogling at me then u came near me and kissed me and..” pragya “ stop it buddhu I know ur intentions its morning and I hv so many works ur children r calling u its my mistake I sided u down come fast”. Abhi pulled her again again. But pragya didn’t budge. So abhi in fake anger “ ok mrs. Pragya mehra if u didn’t want to fulfill ur hubby’s wishes then let it be I wont talk to u today and its final” pragya thought he was kidding nodded her head and went. Abhi thought “ oh no abhi she found that u r kidding no u hv to act for real lets play some games after all she irritated me”. He quicky got freshen up and went down.

At breakfast table all greetd him good morning. Abhi replied to all. Then he ate breakfast with them all. After breakfast all gathered at living room, but one person was sad that was our pragya coz in real abhi was not at all talking to her. She tried all her ways but abhi didn’t react to it. Pragya was so sad but didn’t show it. Abhi was playing with all his children. Then after some time, pragya came and told them that it is time for homework, they all went.

When pragya was making special dinner for abhi by making his favourite dishes, she got a call where someone “ hello sweet heart enjoying ur present life soon u r going to regret it. Be mine I will keep u as my princess.” Pragya shouted at him “ how dare u speak to me like this? Do u know who I am rockstar abhishek mehra’s wife pragya abhishek mehra and a criminal lawyer if I give a word to my husband or if I put a case aginst u u will be sending ur life in jail flirting the jailer understand?” the caller “ oh this much angry not good sweetheart whatever it is u cant do anything to me now search fr ur husband now..” pragya shouted “ abhi abhi” but there was no response. She got panicked. She again called him. The caller laughed and said “ this is just a trailer u have a lot more to see in main picture wait and watch baby until then take care of urself as u belong to me” pragya panicked a lot she started getting wrong thoughts. She called “ rishu, rishu beta where is papa?” rishu came runningly and told “ ma I didn’t know where he is I saw him gng to his room last time wait gudiya is calling me bye ma” pragya nodded.

She hurriedly went to their room. When she entered their room worriedly there she cant see abhi she ran around the room shouting for abhi. When she came near the fan rose petals started to fall on her. She wondered what is this. Then she saw a note “ sweet heart I know u r worried I don’t know fuggi I cant even act like being angry to u I think u will be good in this dress get ready fast and come to terrace”. Pragya smiled and immediately got ready. It was a gold and pink chudi with gold border. She was looking gorgeous in it. She immediately ran to terrace. There terrace was arranged beautifully (like in recent episodes). She came near the table decorated with candles and rose petals. She was waiting fr abhi his one sight is enough fr her to soothe her racing nerves. Abhi came down from the stairs with a large rose bouquet. He came near pragya and bent in his knees.

Abhi “ to the most beautiful girl I have never seen, who is filling my life with all possible colours, and making me laugh cry at the same time. Elders say when someone laugh and cry at the same time they are blessed. In that way I am the one who is the most blessed person in this whole world I love u fuggi” prgya had tears she hugged him and let down her tears along with her tension. She told him “ abhi u don’t know what place u hold in my life but I promise u that I will be there for u even after my death I love u too buddhu” abhi chuckled and said “ fuggi don’t worry I didn’t put any appointment for us to yamraj so he will not come to invite us don’t worry” pragya too smiled. Then abhi scooped her up and made her sit in the chair. He served her the foods “ fuggi do u remember today?”

pragya “ no abhi today is Sunday why? Any special?” abhi with fake anger “ what u didn’t remember tis day? Bad fuggi don’t talk to me how can u forget this day “ pragya not able to get his point “ whats the matter buddhu pls don’t say like this see u hvnt talked to me frm morning now not again pls” she kissed him on his cheek. Abhi got melted and said “ fuggi this is the day where I hv first seen u in our skl and this is the same day where I felt my heart skip a beat where I hv decided that u will ne my knight armour” pragya had tears “ abhishek still remember that day” abhi wiping her tears “ how can I forget my chipkali u know u looked so cute in those two ponytails while asking way to ur class” both reminiscing their moments . pragya immediately pecked abhi and said” I love u abhishek I am all urs” abhi with a spark in her eyes” really” pragya nodded., abhi again scooped her and went to their bedroom. He placed her carefully on her bed and said “ now see my other side fuggi” he was to climb on bed.

Suddenly they heard a sound the trio shouting “ papa come soon na we are sleepy we want to sleep in ur rrom with u continue the story where u left yesterday” prgya burst out in laughter abhi pouted and said “ not again” but inside felt happy and thanked god for giving him such a beautiful famil but not knowing the upcoming storm in his life.

Precap: the same unknown caller called pragya. Pragya is trying to find that caller. Abhi notices pragya in tension.

So guys here is my 20th episode I am so blessed to have u all as my choti diis and brothers I always feel that I am not giving u enough but I will try my level best and I don’t know abt todays episode as I really didn’t have any idea while writing this so I was not at all feeling good but iw ant to know ur feelings and ur views on it positive or nrgative both welcomed may god bless u all love u folks..

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