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Recap:Kunj Saying he loves……..
Lets start
“I love Mahi” Is what he said I was shocked I did not know how to react “Kunj you Love her” I questioned to which he replied “Yes” with a sheepish smile “Oh so you would help me separate Uv and Mahi so I can get UV and You can get Mahi” I questioned “Yeh I have a plan ready too” He answered instantaneously Seems he came prepared “So what is it “ I again questioned “You have to prove to Uv that you look better than Mahi “ He answered “I am better than her” I said “ Have you seen yourself in the mirror you look like a Dracula “ he said while he chuckled “Oh mister what do you think of yourself Have you seen yourself you look nothing less than a Gorilla “ I answered back with a smirk “Twinkle now I am serious I mean look at you which girl does a top knot walks like the way you do does not were heels does not apply make u and all I doubt are you a girl “ He said in a serious tone “Kunj look I don’t need to prove it to you that I am girl okay,but you are right I think UV would notice me only when I have some make up but i want him to love me like the way I am “ I sighed “Twinkle but you have to “He said “I am in the plan “ I said
“Twinkle you need makeover “ He said Looking at me from head to toe “But I am completely fine with it “ I said “Twinkle You need to “ He said trying to convince me “Okay but I wont were that pencil heel my foot aches in it “ I said while making a small cute sad face “Okay fine “He replied with a smile “So lets go shopping for you “He said excitedly “Shopping “I said a bit horrified “The word shopping itself scares me Finding a cloth which has the sole purpose to cover your body part takes atlas an hour I mean people waste so much of their time If they could invest this much time in a bit of betterment for the society It would have done wonders for us “ I said to which Kunj looked not even a bit convinced I mean A boy Loves shopping eww

We reached the mall in a hour suppose This traffic you know Anyways I we entered the mall I could see People staring at me and Kunj some where gossiping some were smiling looking ate and Kunj “I think it because of the body guards” I whispered to Kunj “Yeh but you know after dad’s planned murder Bebe does not let me move out without these body guards” He said I could feel the helplessness in his tone “Even Dad Had appointed 10 for me but I shoved them away “ I said feeling proud of myself “If I even think of doing so Bebe would home ground me for my life “ He said while I chuckled “Its not funny “ he said being annoyed “Yeh “ I said trying to control my laughter but I could not “Kunj you are afraid of Bebe “ I said while I still continued laughing “Not really Twinkle I respect her she is the one who has taken care of me since childhood Mom and Dad were always busy with their social life they did not have time for me Only Bebe used to be there with me So I guess If respecting her means I am afraid of her then I am afraid of her “ He said in a serious tone “Kunj I was just ….Dont be so senti yar I am the girl here so it should be me not you who is senti I hope you don’t develop girlish characters by changing my tomboyish characters to a girly one “ I said trying to listen the mood “Twinkle i am straight yar I love Mahi remember “ He said
To which I felt an unknown pain don’t know why but yes I did Maybe I am jealous of Mahi I guess anyways we walked into the store to buy some dresses the saleswomen walked up to us she asked me for my size “XXXL or is there a bigger size “He asked I stared at him “S “ My size I told the sales girl she then left to bring the latest fashionable clothes of that size “Kunj why did you say XXL “ I asked him “XXXL” he corrected me “Whatever do you think I look fat “ I said while narrowing my eyes “I don’t think so (My expressions changed into a calm one) I am sure you are “He said to which I turned red in anger (Red tho blush karte huai turn karte hai par here tho she is angry )

I am really sorry for a short update but I would updating n the 17th a Long one hope so Hope you liked this part if so please do comment ?
My sole purpose to write this part was for my cute sis Thanmy ? I hope you liked it ?
I had tried writing it a bit longer but my eyes hurt so I cant type more I hope you all understand ?

PRECAP:Twinkle’s anger and Twinj shopping Maybe Kunj’s POV (Guys I am sorry I am promising that I would include Kunj’s POV but I am not able too maybe because The story in Twinkle POV suites more -but I would try including Kunj’s short POV next time )
Love you all ? Keep smiling ? Keep reading ? and commenting ?

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