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Hi, Guys…I know i’m very late..and u all r eager ly waiting for this episode…so, No bak bak’s …



Now, I can’t be in room anymore …becoz, I”m still feeling restless when i heard about pragya..! Her kidnap mystery haunting me all the night..! I saw Ansh is sleeping peacefully on me…I slowly placed a kiss on his forehead and slowly get’s up with out disturbing ….I checked his temperature…It’s upto normal…Soon, i get’s fresh up and left to Kitchen in search of my Mom..

I entered living room….It’s full of silence..! I expected this becoz, Dad left to kolkatta for a important deal..! Then, I slowly peeped in Kitchen..where my Lovely Mom is busy in her work…I slowly goes to her and lean my head on her shoulder and say’s”Good Morning Mom!”..Mom smiles and replies me by caring my face…! I slowly tries to do some help to her and ask’s”Mom! shall i cut some veggies for u?”by taking a knife in my hands…Mom smiles and ask’s”What happen to my Abhi? Today’s he’s getting so much love on his Mom..! First time..that too Early Morning he enters Kitchen and asking some work to do!! Wow!” Mom said in a teasing manner..I say’s”Come on Mom! Now, ur Abhi can manage ur grand son..! that too Alone..!” By giving a proud look to her…She smiles and get’s busy in her work..!

After lot’s of struggle and thinking..I slowly say’s”Mom! i want to say something..!” Mom say’s”Why u r asking? u need permission for sharing with me? come on tell me..!” I really feel’s scare about her reaction. About pragya’s matter..! She’s my best friend with whom I shares everything in my life…! So, i don’t want to hide this matter from her… I slowly say’s”Maa! Pragya is alive!” Mom freezes for a second…! I slowly goes to her and places my hand around her shoulder….Mom looks very shocking..! I slowly shakes her and she came back to reality…she pressed my hands and say’s”R ….u sa..y..i..n..g T..r..u..t..h..?” I nodes with happy tears and hugs her…! I really don’t know why i felt very happy and peace after sharing with her..May be It’s my Mom power..!

My mom broke the hug and worriedly ask’s”Where’s she? i want to see her..! ” I slowly say’s”Mom! pragya is missing..! “Mom get’s tense and say’s”Meri bachi! kaha hogi..?? [ my child..where she will be?] and slowly starts sobbing..I quickly hugs her and assures her I will bring Pragya back..!” I just explains about that nurse and everything..!

Just then, My li’ll Rockstar enters and hugs my Mom from back side..! He looks dull and still rubbing his eyes..! My mom quickly wipes her tears and cares his face and say’s”Ajj mera Ansh ney ithni jaldi utgaya! kya huva bacha?”[ Today my Ansh wakes up early! what happen beta?] Ansh slowly say’s”Dadi! Mamma kabh aayingi? mujtey mamma chahiyeh..![ Dadi! when will mom comes to me? i want to go mamma!} Mom turns to me and looks helplessly…! I signs her not to worry..Soon, she compose herself and took Ansh in Arms and say’s”Ansh! tumhara health abhi teek nehi hai..javo jav sojavav bacha!”[ Ansh! ur health is not stable..go and take some rest..!] I quickly took Ansh in Arms and say’s”Maa..! mei dektihu..! and turns to him and say’s”Now, papa will say so many stories to u..kk?”and took him to room..

I starts to tell a story for distracting him but, Ansh again ask’s”Papa! mamma chahiyeh..!”.I can’t able to control my self Now…I hugs him and say’s”Mom will come to us..Ansh..It’s a promise to u..! I will bring her !”i said with firm determined face…Later, i slowly makes Ansh sleep and get’s ready to meet Rajesh with whom I discussed about pragya..!

I quickly get’s ready and Finds my mom is missing..! I searched for her..Finally i found her in our Lawn ..I slowly goes to her and call’s”Maa!”Mom turns to me and hugs me …she slowly say’s”Abhi! mujhey darr lakta hai! kya huva pragya ko? Oh teek hei na”?[ Abhi! i’m feeling tense! what happen to pragya? is she alright?] I slowly broke the hug and say’s”Pragya is missing.! but, i will bring her back..!”with a firm face..Mom cares my face and say’s”Abhi! I know u will do it..! But it’s my wish too.! to see u as a happy family man…Pragya neh bahhut kuch sehenliyeh..Abb bas..! U ski jindagi tumhara pyaar sey barna chahihey..!”[ Pragya faced a lot..Now, it’s limit..Now, she have to be happy and her life should be filled by ur love and care..] I cares her Arms and nodes yes with happy tears…

Soon, i entered Living room, when i was about to leave ..Kaka informed me about a person who came to meet me..! I enters hall and finds a young and handsome man of 23-25 yrs..! He’s very charming and bright..! I shake hands with him and introduced myself..He say’s” Hello Abhi! i’m Purabh! ” I just get’s shocked hearing his name and worriedly ask’s”R u pragya’s brother?”He get’s surprise and nodes yes..! I felt very happy and got a hope to find pragya!

Later, I and purab explains each other about pragya..! Slowly purab say’s”ABHI! I took Pragya di from hospital…that day..!” I get’s super shock and seated in sofa…! Purab kneels down in front of me and say’s”I’m sorry Abhi! at that time, i don’t know about u..so..!”I pulls him and hugs him happily.. I feels so much relax and peace after listening Pragya is in safe hands..! Unknowingly, Happy tears starts rolling in my eyes..! I slowly say’s “Thanks..Purabh! thank u so much..! u really don’t know u had given me how much peace with this news..! Pragya is with u..! she’s fine..! that’s what i want..!”I brokes the hug and happily ask’s “HOW IS PRAGYA? Purab downs his head and say’s”I’m sorry Abhi!” I get’s worry and lost my coolness and holds his collar and ask’s”What u mean by sorry? why r u saying sorry purabh? Is she fine?” and keeps on asking same thing worriedly…Purab slowly looks in to my eyes and say’s”Pragya di is not with me..! I couldn’t protect her..!”


Sry friends..if i bore u all with this episode..!
Thank u so much friends..for ur support..I’m so sorry for this late update..i know u all r eagerly waiting for this…but i will try to updates regularly..and This ff will be completes with in 5-7 episode..so, i won’t drag ..plz keep supporting me friends..thank u..!

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