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love is not blind for swasan…season 2 episode 5

Hi guys imama here….
Swasan were into each other embrace…
Sanskar: Swara
Sanskar: you OK na
Swara: hmmm
Sanskar: swara you trust me na
Sanskar: (tries to break hug)tell me what happened..??
Swara: (tightens her grip around him)I’ll tell you but only on one condition..
Sanskar: anything you say..
Swara: you will not break the hug until I say…
Sanskar: (tightening his grip)OK I promise…now please tell me what’s bothering my sweet heart..

Swara narrates all her dream and tells him that it actually happened with her in college but at that time ragini came there and saved her…


Sanskar could feel his shirt wet due to continuous tears…and even her grip was getting more and more tighten on him as she was really scared…

He didn’t utter a word although his blood was boiling and he just wanted to kill rajat at the time but for now he had to calm her sweet heart…so he just keeps hugging her assuring her that she is in his protection and no one can dare to touch her….

After sometime swara break the hug and took his hand in hers…they both were sharing an intense eye lock….

Swara took his hand and rubbed hand’s back on her neck sensually… She closed her eyes feeling his touch…while sanskar was not able to understand what is she up to….he was about to say something when she says till closing her eyes…

Swara: sanskar can u please kiss me here(indicating her neck)
Sanskar: but Swara…
Swara: (interrupting)please…rajat tried to touch me here I want you make your mark on me…please for me..

Sanskar could make it clear that he has to do it to calm her down and to make her relax….
He slowly bend towards her and muzzled his head in her neck giving her gentle kiss…

Swara:(playing with his back hair)hard sanskar
Sanskar gave her open mouth kisses and bite her neck leaving his mark…she moans in pleasure and pain and he sooth the part with his lips gently sucking it….

a little gesture turned into ended up on bed Swasan making love…

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  1. It Was So Nyc Plz Next Episode Update Soon

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