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LOVE IS LIKE THE WIND, U CANT SEE IT , BUT YOU CAN FEEL IT� – a shraman fanfiction. episode 11

Hi guys , I am back with the 11 episode of “LOVE IS LIKE THE WIND YOU CANT SEE IT, BUT YOU CAN FEEL IT” . I know I am late, I was a bit busy with my exams and I was not well but guys I promise that the next episode will be for preekar and I am already working on that guys. So please cooperate.
so guys lets start.
Recap: He hugs her from behind, she knew it was him , she just turned around and faced him.he placed a slight peck on her cheek. Shravan: “u look beautiful”(stares at her, is lost actually)

suman: ok, mr Shravan malhotra, you are here to fulfill my wish and not to stare at me ,so which wish are you gonna fulfill, the shooting star wish right?
Shravan: oh yeah, so what is your wish ?
suman: ill tell you, hmmm
recap ends.



(suman – shravan converstion)
Suman: so I have decided what to wish
Shravan: ok, so what do you want?
Suman: I wont tell that to you, let the star come , then I will wish, ok .
Shravan: as you wish sumo( stares at her lovingly)
Suman and Shravan stare at each other and share a eyelock.
Shravan: sumo, be ready the shooting star is gonna come .

Suman: ok.
The shooting star comes and suman shouts …
Suman: I and Shravan should enjoy life..
Shravan: sumo,I though you are gonna wish something very big, but you ..
Suman: no Shravan , this is my biggest wish, I want to enjoy life as much as I can with you.i love you Shravan, I love you
Shravan: sumo, you need not say that again and again, I know you love me a lot and even I love you so much .
They hug and stay in each others embrace. Ek duje ke vaaste ( title track plays)
Honton pe tere
Shikvon ka shor hai

Par ye nighaahe
Kehti kuch aur hai
O o ho o..
Jo hai mere lamhe kahin
Chhut na jaaye hath se
Mil jaane de dil jo bane
Ek duje ke vaste
O o ho o..
Ho.. Kyu yeh dabhi si khwahishe
Dil mein tera bewajah
Ho.. Jaake zara ussey bhol de
Chahta jisse tu raha
Kahi teri khamoshiyan
Jeet na jaaye pyar se
Mil jaane de dil jo banne
Ek duje ke vaaste

In pushkar’shouse
(everyone is assembled in the hall incluing shravan)
Pushkar: I think no one is interested in my wedding, you people have not even decided the venue yaar.
Shravan: come on pushkar, we have already made all the arrangements but that is a suspense , so you will not come to know what it is .
Pushkar: but have you guys really done something? Where is the venue?
(all the family members sign Shravan to keep quite , but Shravan was so excited)
Shravan: we have really done something that to not a simple wedding , but a destination wedding, dude.

Pushkar: oh really , thankyou everyone.
All the family members stare angrily at Shravan
Shravan: sorry!

Scene 3
In preeti ’s house
(everyone is assembled in the hall including suman)
Preeti: why is no one doing anything special for my weding?
Suman: there is a lot of suspense preeti, you will come to know , have patience.
Preeti: really? You have done something for my wedding. Tell me what is the surprise , please
(all the family members sign sumanto keep quite , but suman couldn’t control her excitement )
Suman: we have planned a destination wedding for you and pushkar.
Preeti: really suman, thankyou . ( runs to her room happily)
All the family members stare angrily at suman
Suman: sorry I was not able to control my excitement .

Preeti and pushkar converstion.
Puskar: hi preeti, I am so happy
Preeti: yes pushku, a destination wedding for us.just imagine how much fun we can have together!
Pushkar: arey yaar, I am not able to control my excitement and I cant imagine how pretty u will look as a bride.
Preeti: is it? (blushes)
Pushkar: if you will look very lovely and beautiful, then I will be lost in you, donno when I will come back to my senses.
Preeti: (blushes) ok bye
Pushkar: someone is blushing , huh ?
Preeti: shut up pushku, bye
Pushkar: ok bye, love you, take care
Preeti: love you too, bye..

Precap: both pushkar and preeti’s family reach the …………. destination, preekar and Shraman romance.
( so both – suman and Shravan revealed the secret to their best friends, stay tuned to see what happens next.)

Hope you like the epi, thankyou for commenting
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