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LOVE IS LIKE THE WIND, U CANT SEE IT , BUT YOU CAN FEEL IT� – a shraman fanfiction. episode 11- preekar special (part 1)

Hi guys , YB is back with“LOVE IS LIKE THE WIND YOU CANT SEE IT, BUT YOU CAN FEEL IT” . so guys this is a preekar special episode and hence I am going to divide this into four to five parts..
So lets start.
Both the dixit’s as well as the singh’s (pushkar and preeti’s family) have packed everything and have got ready to travel to the destination.
They have planned to have both the wedding and shaadi together, so preeti and pushkar will become one soon.

Scene 1
Pushkar is arranging his things and then suddenly his gaze falls on one photo, he picks it up (preeti’s photo) he keeps staring it and whispers to himself “ she is gonna become mine soon”. Meanwhile, someone taps on his shoulders.( he turns back)
Shravan: i know pushkar, you are so eager to meet preeti uh?
Pushkar: whats wrong in that, even you are excited to spend time with suman.
Shravan : ok, get ready fast we gotta leave .
Pushkar: hmm ya ,coming , shravan..
Shravan: yes, what do you want ?
Pushkar: Shravan, please batao na , where are we going.
Shravan: you will come to know, its suspense buddy.
Pushkar: so you are not going to tell me, wait I will also not let you meet suman. (pushkar runs away)
Shravan: arrey, pushkar… don’t blackmail me .(Shravan runs behind pushkar)


Scene 2
(Shravan and pushkar run and finally they stop, because they see everyone gathered in a hall, preeti’s family are also present.)
Pushkar searches for preeti and finds her , he goes to her and they start talking.
Shravan notices that even sumo has come with preeti’s family.
Note: pushkar and preeti’s family are travelling separately.
So everyone says lets start our journey.
Pushkar interrupts them and says
Pushkar: wait! How will suman come , with us or preeti’s family.
Everyone say that suman should come with pushkar’s family as Shravan is there, but pushkar says that she is also preeti’s friend , so she should go with preeti.
Shravan: I think suman should decide with whom she wants to come , sumo, whomdo you wanna go with?
Suman: I will go with preeti, Shravan.
Pushkar to Shravan: now what will you do? she is going to go with preeti.
Shravan: ok, sumo, can I come with you?
Suman: ok Shravan.
Shravan leaves with suman (he shows faces to pushkar)
Shravan rocks!

Both the families enjoy the trip and when they reach the destination. pushkar and preeti come to know that their wedding is going to take place in jaisalmer.
Both the families reach the destination and get ready for the engagement.
2 hours later.
The hall is lavishly decorated with ballons, flowers, a big chandelier and also has a couple chair in the middle.
(the picture is shown in the cover photo.)
The engagement starts.
Pushkar is wearing a blue sherwani and preeti is dressed in a simple, traditional sari.
Preekar are very happy and keep on stealing glances and our pushkar is not able to take his eyes off preeti.
Meanwhile our hero Shravan looks charismatic in a green sherwani while our princess is dressed in a peacock green lehenga. The couple look very good together .
The episode ends on preekar and shraman’s happy face.

Precap: preekar’s engagement and sangeet , shraman moments

Sorry guys, I couldn’t write more, will write the next episodes very nicely, I promise
Please cooperate.
Thankyou for you support and comments readers.

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