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LOVE IS LIKE THE WIND, U CANT SEE IT , BUT YOU CAN FEEL IT� – a shraman fanfiction. episode 10

Whoa, its my tenth episode, hi guys this is yb with the tenth episode of “LOVE IS LIKE THE WIND YOU CANT SEE IT, BUT YOU CAN FEEL IT”. I know you guys are eager for preekar’s destination wedding , but may be I will take a few more episodes to decide that .
So lets start, hope you like this episode guys,

A beautiful girl is sitting in her balcony , thinking of her love and how her wishes are gonna be fulfilled, (of course , this is our suman) she is thinking of what other wishes can she ask her love. She goes to her room and starts searching for her diary in which she has many of her memories . she starts searching for the diary , suddenly she notices an other black diary which is covered with dust .she takes it out and starts turning the pages. she finds her mother’s handwriting in it , a drop of tear trickles down from her big – black eyes. She recalls her parents and how she lost them , she feels vey bad , but later her gaze ,falls on a paragraph that her mother has written to her . it was written “TO THE MOST WONDERFUL DAUGHTER, SUMAN FROM HER LOVING MOTHER – PRIYA TIWARI.” Suman felt very happy when she read those beautiful lines .
(what is written in those paragraphs, secret to be revealed in later episodes)
Suddenly , she hears a knock on the door, she opens the door to find her grandpa.
Suman: nanu
Raghuvar tiwari : beta what is wrong with you , were you crying ?
(he wipes the tears on her face and quickly pulls her into a warm hug)
Raghuvar tiwari : suman, I know you were thinking about your parents. We cannot change anything, its not in our hands child , it’s the lord who decides everything. But I am sure this nanu has given you everything that he can, did I do any mistake my child?
Suman: no nanu , you were perfect in making me a strong person , I love you nanu.
(the grandfather-grandaughter spend some quality time)


(preekar’s family comes to know that preekar love each other . both the families are ok with their relationship, pushkar’s family are visting the dixits ( preeti’s family ) to talk about the marriage
The families talk to each other and spend some quality time . they are making plans for the wedding.
Pushkar’s mom: pushkar and preeti, you should not interfere with the wedding preparations , so you people go and chat .
Preetis mom: I agree with you pushkar’s mom. Preeti take pushkar to your room.

Preeti and pushkar walk to preeti’s room.
Preeti opens the door and goes inside followed by pushkar . she feels that her duppata is stuck to something and hence she turns back to take that out and is facing pushkar. meanwhile our pushkar is very eager to see preeti’s room and hence pushes her in that excitement. Both of them trip and fall on the bed nearby. He is on top of her .( mistakenly romantic, haha)
Both of them get lost in each other for a lot of time, pushkar notices her pink-soft lips and without even thinking for a minute, he throws his lips on hers and they share a passionate kiss. Lather they compose themselves and preeti buries her face on pushkar’s chest as she has turned crimson.
(enough of preekar romance , lets move to an other scene.)

Scene 4
Pushkar and preeti’s parents decide a destination wedding for pushkar and preeti in the absence of preekar, later they also inform Shravan and suman about this and they tell them not to reveal this to preekar .
Both the families start the arrangments and book the tickets. They want this event to be a grand and lavish one.
Scene 5
Suman and shravan’s phone conversation
Suman: hey Shravan
Shravan: hi sumo, wassup
Suman: nothing, I am very eager for preekar’s destination wedding yaar, im very excited
Shravan: oh yeah , even I am .
Suman: so why did you call me
Shravan: because one of your wishes is gonna be fulfilled
Suman: oh really , when?
Shravan: stand in your balcony , stare at the moon and think of me , I will arrive by that time.
Suman: ok , I will be waiting for you, come soon. Bye
Shravan: bye.
He takes a quick look of himself at the mirror , smiles and goes to suman’s house.
He enters her room , goes to the balcony and finds sumo staring at the moon.
He hugs her from behind, she knew it was him , she just turned around and faced him.he placed a slight peck on her cheek.
Shravan: “u look beautiful”(stares at her, is lost actually)
Suman: ok, mr Shravan malhotra, you are here to fulfill my wish and not to stare at me ,so which wish are you gonna fulfill, the shooting star wish right?
Shravan: oh yeah, so what is your wish ?
suman: ill tell you, hmmm
the episode ends on suman’s thinking face and shravan’s happy face.

Precap: suman and Shravan happily wish on the shooting star, preekar destination wedding , plans

So guys , hope you enjoyed the epi.
Which destination will be good for preekar’s wedding?, please give me some suggestions , as I am not getting any ideas.
So , take care guys

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