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love is forever (episode 20)

the episode starts with pihu and ananya playing.

pihu: ananya.
ananya: excuse me… i’m older than you… so call me didi…
pihu: ok ananya..didi..


they laugh

pihu: you are awesome..
ananya: you too.
pihu: ok i will ask you question…
ananya: go on..
pihu: if you get a chance to wish for anything that you like.. what would you wish for…

ananya thinks.

ananya: love..
pihu: love?
ananya: yes love.
pihu: why would you wish for that?
ananya: you will understand one day pihu..
pihu: um… okay. but if i get a wish i will wish for… dolls or…. a good mama.
ananya: but you have a good mama.
pihu: no.. my mama is bad… i mean shagun mama.
ananya: but your mama is ishi maa now.

pihu nods.

pihu: yes.

the scene shift to adi’s room. ishita enters. adi looks up.

adi: ishi maa?
ishita: adi.. can i come in…
adi: of course.

ishita sits beside him.

ishita: promise me… that you won’t get too tensed about this.
adi: well what is it?

ishita gets tensed.

ishita: well….
adi: tell me maa, tell me..
ishita: well adi… me and raman have got into a desicion. adi here we have lot of people wanting to hate us.
adi: yes..
ishita: it is now troubling our children too. so adi… it’s not safe here. i mean… adi… not about this criminal.. but we can face more in the future.
adi: so….
ishita: so we thought of sending you…abroad….

adi gets shocked. aliya hears this and gets shocked.

adi: what me?
ishita: no.. adi.. calm down… just for 4 years…. raman will find a job there…it’s in america
adi: america? ishi maa, it’s very far away
ishita: yes i understand but adi think…. here there is so many troubles for you.
adi: but maa..
ishita: think a bit adi…

she leaves. ishita sees aliya. she pats her shoulders and leaves.

aliya enters. she cries.

aliya: adi…

they hug.

adi: what to do aliya?

aliya shakes her head.

aliya: i don’t know adi.. but please don’t leave me… i love you.
adi: me too…

they cry.

the scene shift to abishek’s house.

abishek: happy now?
mihika: yes.. a lot..
abishek: glad you liked the movie.

they smile.

the scene shift to the bhalla house.

ananya: yes..mama?
simmi: did you do your homework?

ananya looks down and shakes her head.

simmi: ananya??

ananya : sorry mama.. i was playing with pihu…and i…for…go…t
simmi: do it now then.
ananya: okay…

she leaves. simmi smiles seeing her.

precap: adi agrees to leave abroad


guys don’t worry… soon there will be a season 2!!!!!

please comment down suggestion for support roles in this ff…

sorry if this is short

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