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love is forever (episode 17)

omg!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry guys for not posting ?
but here goes the episode….

the episode starts with ishita waking up early.


ishita: please god help me to manage time, i need to cook food and go to clinic before 7’o clock.

she goes to the kitchen.
ishita: how dare raman to challenge me? i can do all of it before 7.

she starts cooking food. she burns her hand because of the rush.

ishita: ouch! this pan..
someone hold her and keep her hand under the tap.
ishita screams. that person close her mouth.

person: it’s only me…
ishita looks back. it’s raman.

ishita: how dare you raman? how dare you scare me?
raman laughs.
ishita: anyway why are you up so early?
raman: to accompany you. i knew you will rush and have some accident.
ishita smiles.
raman: but you still have the challenge..
ishita: oh better get cooking.

ishita starts cooking. she goes to get something from the fridge.
raman hugs her from behind.

ishita: raman..
raman: are you scared of losing?
ishita: what? no way..
raman: then what’s the hurry?
ishita: i want to show i can do it.

raman lets her go.

raman: no one is here, it’s our time.
ishita: what?
raman: let’s go outside.
ishita: what? this early?
raman: yes… it’s cold outside.

ishita smiles and nods. they leave.
they sit on a bench.

ishita: why do you want to do this?
raman: do what?
ishita: to spend time with me?
raman: well…so many things has been going in our life… adi and aliya, shagun’s death, pihu with us..
ishita: that’s true.
raman: and we never cared for each other, that’s why i thought of this challenge.

ishita looks at him.

raman: yes. i knew that you will definetly try this challenge, so you will wake up.
ishita: very smart raman..
raman: yes, then we can spend time.

ishita rest her head on raman’s shoulders. they smile.

ishita: so you do care for me.
raman: you are my life.

raman kisses her.

it’s now morning….

everyone is waken, and raman ishita is also inside.

pihu: ishi maa, give me my tiffin.
ishita carries the tiffin.
ishita: here beta.

everyone leaves.

scene shifts to aliya’s house.

aliya is crying. adi comes from the bathroom. he sees her.

adi: aliya..

he sits on the bed, next to her.

adi: it’s okay now, he will forgive you. im sure.
aliya: is he my appa? how dare he? can you believe he slapped his own daughter.
adi: aliya…calm down….
aliya: how– can i calm down..

she cries loudly. adi hugs her.

aliya: appa slapped me… appa….

aliya faints. adi gets shocked.
adi shouts. ishita comes running upstairs.

ishita: what happened adi?
adi: ishi maa… aliya…

ishita sees aliya and gets shocked.

ishita: bring some water… oh god! i hope she will be okay.
adi brings water. ishita sprinkles water on aliya.

aliya coughs. she slowly opens her eyes.

aliya: amma.. appa slapped..
ishita: calm down aliya.. calm.. come on rest. rest aliya…

aliya sleeps.

ishita: look after aliya beta.

adi nods. ishita leaves.

she goes to her bedroom.

ishita: please protect my children god…

she gets a call. she answers.

ishita: hello.
the person: ishita ji?
ishita: are you … pallavi?
the person: yes, ishita ji.

ishita gets shocked.

pallavi: ishita ji? you still remember me..
ishita: pallavi! of course… stop calling me ‘ji’ pallavi. you don’t need to.
pallavi: okay.. if you insist… but this is why i called you.
ishita: why?
pallavi: to let you know that i’m in india now… and i hope to visit you…
ishita: what great news pallavi!!
pallavi: is it okay?
ishita: yeah..of course. and remember bring rohit too.
pallavi: ofcourse ishita.

ishita ends call. she gets happy and goes to the living room.

ishita: mami ji… sarika…

mrs bhalla and sarika comes.

sarika: what happened?
ishita: she’s coming to visit us.
mrs bhalla: who?
ishita: pallavi!

sarika gets glad.

sarika: really?
ishita: yes. and this time with rohit.

sarika smiles.

mrs bhalla: wicked woman…
ishita: mami ji… you know she apologized..
mrs bhalla: mean people are always mean. they never change…
ishita: mami ji, what ever happens promise me you will be happy when pallavi comes.
mrs bhalla: why should i be happy?
ishita: okay then try to act happy..

mrs bhalla nods. sarika and ishita smiles.

precap: sarika tells romi about pallavi. he gets glad
adi opens a letter and get shocked…

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