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love is forever (episode 15)

the episode starts with everyone consoling pihu.

mrs bhalla: beta, your mama was going to do something bad.
pihu: will the cops lock her up?
ishita: we…don’t know yet pihu…
the scene shifts. abishek is driving the jeep. he is in a dark forest.

cops: no sir, i don’t think she will be here.
abishek; we will look for a bit and go.

abishek gets out of the jeep. he sees a man walking on the other side of the road.

abishek: um… did you see a woman here?
man: a woman? what did she look like?
abishek: she was wearing a black sari, she had a black spot on her face..
man: yes… i think she went this way.
abishek: thank you very much..

abishek and his cops enters the forest, they search for shagun.

cops: sir, what would she do on a forest?
abishek: see here, this is the knife.

abishek picks the knife up. there is blood on it

abishek: yes, this is definetly the knife that was with her…. which means…
cops: she could be here?
abishek: exactly.

they go a bit forward.

the find a woman. her face is not clear…

abishek: see here..

he looks at her. he gets shocked.

scene shifts to the bhalla house.

adi: aliya… about shagun mama.
aliya: good that she got caught.
adi: yes…i guess but….about pihu…

aliya sits down beside him.

aliya: yes…. i know…helpless girl….
adi: she’s only little.
aliya: yes.

in romi’s room…

sarika: romi…shagun is a woman who never learns.
romi: yes…she never learns.
sarika: but some do… like pallavi.
sarika: remember that day…

FB shows….

ishita is having breakfast. suddenly the door opens. ishita gets shocked seeing the woman.

ishita: pallavi?
pallavi: oh ishita… you remember me?
ishita: how are you.. come sit down…
pallavi: no ishita. i can’t. i came here to apologise…

she holds ishita’s knees and cries…

pallavi: forgive me ishita…. please..
ishita: get up pallavi. what are you doing?

she helps pallavi up.
ishita hugs pallavi. everyone looks on.

FB ends…

romi: why are you talking about pallavi?
sarika: no..no.. it’s just i want to..see rohit……
romi: rohit… is not our son..
sarika: but still.. he got our love… and i loved him too…
romi hugs sarika.
romi: i’m there to love you.
sarika smiles..

in the kitchen…

ishita gets a call

ishita: hello.
abishek: ishita ji…
ishita: what about shagun.

pihu looks up.

abishek: ishita ji… there’s shocking news…
ishita: what? what? tell me abishek
abishek: shagun…
ishita: yes.. what about her?
abishek: she… commited… suicide…

ishita gets shocked.

ishita: what?
abishek: yes.. ishita ji, we found her body in the forest.

ishita ends the call.

mrs bhalla: what happened?
pihu: yes ishi maa. what happened?
ishita: pihu….. shagun…
simmi: what ishita.

romi,sarika,adi and aliya comes to the kitchen.

ishita: shagun… commited suicide…

everyone gets shocked.

pihu cries loudly.

adi: what?
ishita: yes abishek found her body in the forest.

pihu: mama…. why didn’t you stay for me….
ishita hugs her.

precap: everyone do pooja for shagun
mani returns to the bhalla house.

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