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love is forever (episode 14) *dramatic*

the episode starts with everyone leaving.

ruhi: i was right ishi maa.
ishita: yes, yes ruhi
mrs bhalla: mere adi beta is grown up.
ishita: i hope mani has no problems with this.
ruhi: yes.


the scene shifts to the park. it starts raining.

adi: oh come on aliya, let’s catch up with the others. see now it’s raining.
aliya: no i love rain!!

aliya spins around.

adi: everyone will leave now.
aliya: it’s okay. she hugs adi.

adi smiles.

adi: please?
aliya: okay let’s go.

they hold hands and leaves.

the scene shifts to abishek’s house.

abishek: how can i cheer up mihika? oh i remember, she said that she wants to go and watch the latest movie.

abishek calls his friends.

abishek: yes please, send 2 tickets. okay? bye.

he ends the call and smiles.

the scene shifts to the bhalla house, everyone is there.

adi: aliya come on let’s go to my room.

they goes.

adi and aliya gets ready to sleep. aliya keeps the pillow to part the bed.

adi: no aliya!
aliya: what?
adi: don’t keep the pillows now, as we will be together.

aliya smiles. she takes the pillow away.

they sleep.

it’s morning……

bhalla’s are having breakfast.

ishita: good morning mamai ji.
mrs bhalla: good morning ishita.

suddenly the door opens and shagun enters. everyone gets shocked.
ishita stands up. pihu hides behind ishita.

ishita: excuse me? how dare you enter like that.
shagun: oh stop it ishita, i came to meet pihu.
pihu peeps.

pihu: no mama, im staying here with ishi maa.

shagun gets angry.

shagun: ishi maa? how dare you pihu.

pihu runs away.

shagun: anyway ishita please come to the room.

shagun leaves. ishita remembers abishek’s words.

ishita (thinks): i should call abishek. she calls abishek.

ishita: abishek she’s here.
abishek: i’m coming ishita ji. please remember don’t touch the knife.
ishita: yes.

she ends the call.

shagun: oh come on ishita.

mrs bhalla: be care full ishita.

ishita nods and leaves.

shagun and ishita enters the room. shagun close the door.

ishita: why?
shagun: well ishita, i am here to talk about pihu’s needs.
ishita: pihu?
she laughs.
ishita: really you came to talk about pihu?
shagun: why not?

shagun purposefully drops her purse and knife and smiles.

shagun: oh ishita please can you pick the knife up?
ishita: um…. shagun you carry a knife?
shagun: yes.. i bought… a new one… because…um… because… my old one is rusty.
ishita: but where is the package?
shagun: oh stop with gossips ishita pick it up please.
ishita: why can’t you?
shagun: um….. i will…pick my purse…
ishita: you can pick both up.

shagun pushes ishita. she falls down.

shagun: now you can pick it up.

ishita slowly moves her hand towards it….. she moves her hand t pick it up.
some one enters. it’s abishek with his cops.

abishek: arrest her everyone!!
shagun gets shocked.

shagun: what?…. what?…. what are you doing? i’m innocent.
abishek: oh really? what’s this knife for? why do you want ishita ji to pick it up?
shagun: well… you have no proof.
abishek: ah ha! he shows the video that he recorded.

shagun gets shocked and runs away. abishek follows after her. shagun runs and runs and hides behind a tree.
abishek looks for her. he gets on his jeep.

abishek: let’s go straight.

abishek leaves.

shagun: phew. it’s not safe here. i need to run away from here.

she gets a bus and leaves.

the scene shifts to the bhalla house. ishita explains everything. everyone gets shocked.

mrs bhalla: evil woman, good for her.

pihu cries.

pihu: mama….

precap: everyone consoles pihu.
abishek calls ishita and says that shagun has commited suicide….

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