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Love is always alive wherever we are…..(part 6)

Sorry guys…lets gets into the story……
I lik to explain each n every scene…..so oly….if am boring, pls say guys….I ll mak it fast…


Pragya lies by covering blanket n thinking about her past.how it happen..how I married to tis arrgonent person..purab comes inside.seeing him he gets up.purab, di…its k…u tak rest.i just came to see u..how r u feeling now..pragya, ya am fine..purab can I ask u something.purab, sure di..y r u asking permission..pragya, thx purab.y don’t u get married…u have to move on in ur life, rite..how long u ll b lik tis…purab remains silent..I can understand purab.but u have to move on…just think once…purab, k di…u slep.i ll see u later…moves towards door..pragya,purab…purab, haa di…pragya, I need to go back to home….pls help me purab n pouts….purab could not help but smiled…suddenly abi got entered.abi, what purab.who needs to move frm here..is anyone here to go out of this room n looks pragya…pragya remains his slap n nodded no….purab laughed, come on abi…enough…di got panic..abi, who….she…I mean ur di…..stop joking man…always she ll eat my brain…. do u know how much energy she have sucked today…oh god am tried man…even thought am doing tis….but see her.how easily sucking my blood nu….wild cat…pragya, purab ask him not to cal lik that… I need to go home..he needs his child rite.i ll give him after 7 months.till that I ll b in my home oly…abi, sorry Miss wild cat..u are not going anything.better keep quite n have tis milk.then slep…pragy, sorry Mr idiotic character I dnt lik milk.tak that away..abi, listen dnt irritate me…have tis…purab abi b calm…giv that…turns to pragya di, drink it..I ll speak with him…drink n slep.pragya,k purab.just fr u..drinks by glaring abi..abi winks….fine.now slep..purab, abi I need to speak with u.come out..later abi n purab left the room.pragya stand before the mirror n admires her…so its mine n idiotic baby..no no….its mine oly..But its hard to belive…how I married to him…k pragya.dnt vet tensed. It ll affect the baby..first I need to find the way fr going back home…how I ll leave here..thinks n sits in bed…lies cross the bed n drifts….
In dadi’s room…abi, what man..what u need to know now..pls dnt support her..purab, am nt speaking about that.i need to know someother.abi, what..y glaring me lik tis.am nt a gal..purab, stop ur baks baks..purab, how di became pregnant..abi, y man…y can’t she..she is my wife..am capable of bring a child man..obviously it’s nt a big deal…purab, stop ur drama abi.u know what I mean..abi,oh..u need to know rite….its highly confidential…..purab, enough abi…already am confused. Now u dnt start.abi, k fine.relax…we became on soul on the day when our mongamo stopped my marriage with tanu…that day itself I know that she s my fuggei nu…but after some circumstances made my mind out of that.am ashamed of my act.how cruel na…after tis also am unable to see her pure soul..purab hugs abi.purab, its k abi…now di has came as new person.its depend upon u to make life heaven..abi, dnt wry purab.sure I ll tak care in best way…purab, then one smal obligation..pls let di to go home. After few days u can bring her back na.she was feeling uncomfortable….abi, oh….that wild car asked u to say tis a..no purab.am nt letting her anywhere. If she wants to go her home means I ll bring her family here…got it..stop supporting her…come lets see what that wild cat was doing…sure she ll b getting ready fr attacking me…purab, nk man..I have work..bettr u go…bye n left….abi, bye man…purab goes to dadi n explains everything…dadi signed relief…..

Dadi calls n informs to sarala…dadi, sarala v r going to grandma’s…sarala, how maa…again rachu was pregnant a…dadi, arrey pagAl..pragya was pregnant…sarala, what…..?????? How its possible…dadi explains….sarala, atleast let them b happy hereafter…may god gives her all the happiness how is she…how u know..dadi, abi brought her few hrs before..sarala, what was her reaction..what she said..dadi,omg…is she pragya….really she was in peak of anger..somewhat relaxed n sleeping now….sarala, sory maa…dadi, its k sarala. She got angry because of abi.nothing is wrong in tis.sarala, k maa.then tomorrow I ll come n see her..dadi, k sarala…
In Abi room:
Abi comes inside slowly n sees pragya seeing af the edge of bed n rolls . before she falls abi goes n catches her…maked her to slep properly..abi tis gal na….oly the mouth was ter till both the sides ears..but she won’t tak care of herself…pragya mummers suniye..abi got happy that she gains her memory..keeps her forehead.pls call suniye soon by hearly.am waiting fr that day….sure my baby was going to sleep day fully. See how she was sleeping nu…
He sits on other side of bed n writes lyrics fir his songs..pragya opens her eyes sigh stetching her arms..abi, good evening wild cat…pragya stares him.abi, hoi dnt see me lik tis..already am controlling myself….pragya, have some shame Mr..abi, what..Mr.by the way fr ur information am ur husband not Mr. Call me suniye. pragya, fr me u r Mr oly..better stray in ur limits. Abi ,oh.there s limits fr tis Rockstar a..lets see n moves towards her…suddenly in fear she jumps out of bed..abi got panic hey wild cat…dont jump r run lik that . already doctor said that u r weak nu…pragya, I know how to care my child. Stop ur lectures..u may n biological father.but u cant control me…he gets hurts but somewhat covers up.. Abi ,oh I see.but lecture understands oly by lectures rite…so oly..pragya,fine..I need to change my dress.abi, y.wher r u going.pragya thinks u should handle him softly..then oly u can escape frm him..better keep ur move slowly.abi, I asked wher r u going nu…pragya, vo….vo….abi, what vo…vo….come on say….. pragya, nothing am feeling uncomfortable in tis dress.so oly.abi, oh….wild cat…dnt use ur tricks on me I know u top to bottom…dnt think that u can escape frm me by ur soft tricks.pragya jaw dropped.how he got wht am thinking in my mind nu..he was a mind reader a…abi, off course am…wait.i ll bring fruits fr u…pragya, I want to speak with my mom…abi gives his mobile..pragya calls her mom..sarala, beti I thought u see u tomorrow. But u itself called me..k how r u..how u feeling.pragya ,ma ma ma….give a break…I need to come back home..pls tak me frm here..sarala, pragya u trust ur maa ,rite..u dnt wrg.u ll safe ther.moreover I ll come dialy to seee u….k…dnt stree urselfs.pragya, maa…….pls listen to me…sarala, bye tak care..pragya, oh god….who ll help me…ther is no way from here….beter to keep quiet n silently moving frm here…pragya slowly moves to dadi room..pragya, may I come in dadi.dadi, come beti..no need to ask permission. Pragya, can I slep with u..I don’t lik to b in tat room..dadi, ha ha ha…kk pragya..slep…pragya, pls ask him not to come near me….dadi, kk pragya. Now slep.pragya again slept…dadi cares her hairs n says feeling a sleepy always….think so she ll slep in entire pregnancy….later, abi searches pragya.he came to ask dadi.then he noticed pragya sleping in her bed.abi, dadi y u made her to slep.she not even ate…soon she ll feel hungry…dadi, arrey is tis my grandson…r am I dreaming..abi, stop teasing dadi.wak her..dadi, she already slept…n too she said that u should not disturb her…now get out.abi, tis s not fair dadi…how I can slep alone.she s my wife na….so she ll slep with me….dadi, stop it abi…now get out…rlse I ll push u out n lock the door..abi left the room with pout….both dadi n pragya slept well. But here abi was not at all slep a little. Thinking how to convince pragya….he drift out by mrg…

Pragya silently reached her room n opened the door.pepped in lik a cat.she notices abi waa sleeping lik a wing spread eagle….without making noise she reached wardrobe..Pragya opened cup board..she sees oly saree in that place…successful she selected a saree n left fr bath..she got ready n came out…with a cat steps, she takes her bag n peps out…before anyone sees her, she left the house…but mistakenly robin seen her..pragya left to college directly frm house…after reaching college, she signed relief..as possible he day started with her class…having her in canteen.thinking about abi.how he ll react if am not ther in home nu..oh god he ll blast lik a bomb….really am feeling peaceful here beter than his room..its suffocating fr me… had some chits n chats with her colligue.she was preparing her notes fr next class…..she notices someone standing near by door.pragya thought it was a student.pargya, come in.y standing lik tis..next I ll b comin to ur class oly…voice, u coming home not to class..she was shocked n sees towards the door….abi was standing with tshirt n short with slippers. He came directly frm bed.not even washed his face….mentally slapped her by seeing him lik tis…pragya, hi…..do u have any work here asked with innocent face.abi, ya Mrs.Abhishek.i have came to tak my wife back to home….pragya oh no now sure he ll creat a scene. Before that I ve to stop him.pragay, listen Mr.stil oly one hr is ter.then v can leave home. Pls…even I have prepared the notes….abi, pragya pls dnt play with me..come lets go…dnt mak me to behave lik yesterday.pragya, pls Mr.u just in car.oly 40mints.i ll b back….abi, fine.have u had ur breakfast. Pragya thinks if I say that I have had in canteen means sure he ll jump upto sky..her thoughts were disturbed by his voice.abi, I have asked u something. Pragya, ya.i had . shared with my frd….abi, k…then I ll wait in car.come soon.pragya,y r u wasting ur time. U can go home n fresh up na.i ll come..abi, nothing is important than u..come soon n kissed her forehead n left.pragya, is he really care about me.his affection n love was true ah..even he got angry when I said about abortion….leave it pragya. V shal aort out later.she left to class.


In upcoming episode I ll say how he came college..if u all need to know about their romantic moments am ready to say. Its upto u all…pls give ur open views…just gave something which came in my mind….
Sorry fr any inconvenience.
Aditi ,frds are need to give order not to request…..if u consider as frd means u can order relse………….its upto u….

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