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Love is always alive wherever we are…..(part 5)

Sorry guys…lets gets into the story……

Abi was sleeping with pragya.feeling the warm of his body she further moves towards n cuddles him.places her faces in the neck of abi..her warm breath flows..abi slowly wakes up and sees her…..clearly admiring pragya..tugs her behind the ears which disturbs his vision…her warm breath creates some goosebumps in his body…securely pulls her more closer towards him..solwly traces his fingers from her forehead to lips…bend downs slowly nuzzle her nape, plants few kisses in her neck..pragya smiles in her slep..abi, beta abi better keep ur control….already u don’t no how she ll react nu..if u do anything means sure she turn wild cat to tigress….he notices that she was uncomfortable by her dress (pragya was wearing salwar with stone works n doctor has been given injection. so oly she was sleeping) without disturbing he moves out of bed and goes to wardrobe.abi takes pragya lingerie n makes her to wear.he had made her to wear oly the inner piece of dress..it has arm less n upto knee size…slowly reaches her near waist n keeps his hand on her tummy. Abi, baby come soon to pappa..don’t disturb ur mamma..k..b a good baby.after u coming out v both can mak her dance in our tune..kiss her tummy n places his head near by her waist n covers by hands .thinkin tis he too slept again…


Dadi, purab am confused….how ut happened…..if so pragya would ve been said to me..but now how its possible. .even tis stupid abi also not saying anything….feeling lik banging my head towards wall…purab ,dadi y r u getting tensed lik tis…dnt worry I ll ask abi…suddenly they hears the shouting of pragya voice…..
Few mintz before, slowly pragya opens her eyes, thinks y am feeling so free.from wher tia cool air was coming. Y am feeling cool… tries to get up.but can’t . something is holding me..what was that..moves the blanket from her(in sleew abi cover her with blanket. He was sleepin near bg her hip) seeing abi she stunt. No words coming frm her mouth. Then oly she noticed her dres.pragya shouts at top of her lungs…abi got jerk n waked up…abi, what happen pragya…y r u shouting lik tis n yarns his arms..moves top n tries to put the hand on her n make to slep…pragya pushes him with ful force.pragya, how dare u…who asked u to change my dress..that too u made me to wear tis..dnt u have any sense..am not such type of gal whom u think…thats ur limit….abi tries to explain.but pragya throws the things which are near by her..shouts.hearing the voice dadi n purab stormed inside the room….pragya, dnt come near me…stupid, idiot, dog….etc…scolding lik anything.abi sat on the center of the roomm by closing his ears…he did not noticed dadi n purab came Inside…as soon as purab sees pragya, he glares dadi n left outside….dadi, abi whats happening here..y she was shouting lik tis….abi was still by closing his ears.later dadi moves to him n slaps in arm…then he turned to see her.seeing her immediately he sees backside of her whether purab was ther a nu..dadi, purab left already.pragya, dadi see ur grandson…ask him to get out…I need to go back him…how dare he canbring me here…whom are he go bring…I hate him go the core…am leaving…just go to hell..dadi was confused….abi, are u going out by tis dress n points her lingerie…dadi was mentally slapped herself fr being her.pragya, I need my dress n folds her hands cross chest…abi, sorry I can’t. Pragya, fine.then let me itselfs search that n moves towards wardrobe.abi holds her hands n says u r nt going anywhere….pragya, fr god sake pls leave me… I hate u….its better to die instead of being with u…thats it…abi lost his cool…..sternly shouts pragya…pragya, what pragya. Mind it.am nt ur servant.got it..n turns.dadi tries to control abi…abi holds her hand tightly, u r pregnant with my child damit…am nt letting u go anywhere…got it…better tak rest.dnt mak me lose my temp…bangs his hand in wall…pragya shocked n unable to say anything..pragya, I know u r trying

to cheat me…I know. U all are trying to misuse me…I won’t trust . how cheap u r Mr.Rockstar.dadi, no beti.he was rite…u r pregnant.pragya, dadi pls u too dnt support him…I know about him…he was cheating..abi, leave her dadi..whether she trust r not. Sure she was going to b here oly..pragya, no way…I won’t..even if it was true then sure I ll abort this child before she completes the word a strong slap crossed on her..pragya lost her balance n fals on bed..within a another second abi got slap from his dadi.dadi, enough abi…how can u slap her…she is pregnant.cant u see that….u know well about her..u should explain her calmly…not in tis way..pragya holds her cheeks n sits in bed….abi, how to explain dadi..There is a limit fr everything…u itselfs have seen rite..how she was speaking nu..u dnt even gave a chance to speak. Then how can I explain.sorry dadi…I cant..force fully turns towards pragya.in fear she moves back..abi, don’t u dare to say that word again…..if so, then dnt no what I ll do nu…a small tears starts to fall from her eyes..abi, y r u crying now..wipe it off…did I scolded u…no na..then y crying…I dnt want my child to b lik crying product as u..pragya stares him….I ll bring milk fr u…till then dnt move frm the place…pragya nodded with the fear…abi left by banging the door. ..dadi, stupid grandson, pragya dnt worry…he was little emotional as u said the word abortion. So oly he got angry…dadi sits next to her…pragya immediately keeps her head on lap n cries….pragya, really I dnt remember anything dadi…marriage, baby nothing is ther in my mind….in anger I have said lik that dadi….cries..dadi, kkk beta….dnt wry..by the were ur over dress of tis lingerie.purab came to see u.but seeing u like tis he left the room.pragya blinks. Seriously she dnt no what to say nu..what to say as I dnt no nu r drees was changed by that idiotic charchater ah…oh god pls help me….noticing her, dadi got what she was thinkiin nu….dadi, u tak rest…I ll bring ur dress n left to wardrobe. Brought her over dress of lingerie…now she was relaxed after wearing. Dadi, k beta u tak rest.if anything cal me..kissed her forehead n covered her with blanket n left room by closing the room…..

Sorry frds if so any inconvenience. ……
Love u all


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