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Love in Mission – Twinj Chapter 8

Hii guys I m back wid my episode and sorry for delay….
Recap- twinj and yuki’s plan to make uv as kavya’s groom
So let us begin wid episode…
Epi starts wid twinj and yuki discussing something.
y- yaar kunj all preperations are done?
k- haan yaar don’t take tension.
t- haan uv u can do it yar.
y- but I have not gone on a date wid girl before.(doing acting)
c- rehne do bhai jhoot mat bolo.(don’t tell lie bhai)
t- matlab??(meaning)
c-bhaiya has gone on date many times.
k-hey dramebaz don’t do drama ohk.
y- acha sorry yar . don’t take tenision I will do it it’s game of my left hand.
k- acha acha theek hai (ohk ohk )
t- let’s go kunj
k- hmm twinkle chalo bye uv and chinki plz uv b on time.
y- yup
and twinj left for randhava’s house..

after a while in randhava’s house yuvraj enter in house and every 1 welcomed him and anita (kavya’s mom) did his aarti also.
y- Namaste unlcle aunty.
Mr. r- namaste beta tumhare mom dad kahan hai?(where r ur mom dad?)
y- uncle they r no more.. saying this he was having tears (these were actual ears because he doesn’t have parents )
anita- kisne kaha ki tumhare parents nhi hai hum hai na. saying dis she hugged him.(who said u don’t have parents we r there .)
a(a for anita)- why r u here?
y-aunty may I ask u something?
a- Yes offcourse.
y- may I take kavya out so dat we can spend some lonely time.
a- Butt…..
Mr. r- yes surely u can take but first ask her.
y- can u call her sir.
Mr.r- hmm sure..calling kavya …….kavu kavu
Kavya- yes dad
Mr.r- uv has come to meet u
ka- (being excited) coming dad
(to uv )u here but y?
y- I want to take to u out.
ka- but y.
y-so that we can know each other properly
ka- ok I will get ready nd come in 15 mins
y- hmm sure
and kavya went and she came after 20 mins…
ka- lets go uv.
y- yes.
ka- will u stop the car in front of mall for sometime.
y- y?
ka- I want to pick my stuffs.
y- yup sure…
ka- thanks.


On otherside twinj had a conversation
t- uv did it kunj
k- yes he is awsm
t- yes like me…
k- haan haan(yes yes) (laughing a bit) it’s a joke of the year
t- whatever but our plan is success ful (doing hiifii)
kavya and uv Heading towards car
ka- is this a date?
y- what do u think?
ka-u tll.
y- maye be.
ka- ohk then u can ask me by calling.
y- I decided it right now only.
ka- ok
after 5 min they reached d mall and uv waited outside in car only and kavya came after 5 mins…
ka- let us go uv.
y- hmm
they reached to a place which was decorated wid red and white balloons.
Kavya came out of the car and was mesmerized by seeing decorations.
Ka by hugging uv – thanks uv
Y- wlcm can we sit.
ka- wait a scnd.
Y- y?
ka- I want to say something.
y- hmmm bolo
ka(seating on her knees)- uv when I saw u 1st time I fell for u . plz instead of arrange marriage we can convert It into love marriage .i love u uv…. (she thinks that she went to mall for buying ring only)
yuvi was shocked as well as confused that what shud he reply…meanwhile uv’s phn rang
he was realeved and he said
y- may I take the phn plz.
ka- yup sure
he went to a side nd picked up the phn. On phn..
y- yaar kunj !!!!!!!!
k and t together-kya hua(what happened) (being tensed)
y- kavya has propsed meee….
T – then what?
y- what shud I say her twinkle .(note kavya was standing beside him as she followed him and was shocked to listen the convo..)
k- u say yes to her.
y- but kunj u know na that I dodn’t want to marry her.
t- who is saying u to marry her.
k- yes u broke the marriage after destroying mr. randhanva.
y- ohk guys I l say her yes because of u both’s pledge of destroying mr. randhava.
T and k- thanks and sorry and all the best
And after keeping phn he was shocked to see kavya behind him in tears.
ka- y uv y u did his to me? Y u all want to destroy my dad.
y- (stmering)wh..o..said ..u ..this?
ka- m I mad here. U r a bl**dy cheater
y- (being angered )I m not a cheater ur dad is a cheater he is a murder.
Ka- what?
y- yes and yuvi narrated her whole story..
ka – if my dad has done mistake he shud b punished.
y- what will not stop us .
ka- no I m with u in ur plan. He shud get punishment.
y- thanks kavya for ur support.
Ka- what I have to do.
y-u have to do acting of our marriage.
Ka- I m ready
y- thanks.
And they left for their home…

On other hand twinkle is seen instructing men to decorate the hall.
And raghav enters
r-hey twinkle.
Twinkle ignored him.
r- kab tak ignore karegi?
t- kya chahiye tumhe?
r- tum.
t- tum pagal ho kya?
r- haan tere pyaar main.
t- just shut up and get lost saying this she went.
r- isi ada pe to main marta hoon. That is why I love u.
screen freezes on twinkle tensed face and uv happy face and ragha smirking face.

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