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Love in Mission – Twinj Chapter 7

Hiiii guys. I m sorry for being late actually my studies again started. And moreover I am busy in my birthday preprations which is tomorrow and my ff story was getting late so I thought to post a short update and yes happy dushera in advance to all of u.
So lets begin….
Now uv reached there and he met kunj and twinkle there and they talked with each other…..
t- uv, r u ready?
U(not in senses as he was in front of his lady)(same wid me when I m seeing pics of sid on insta)always for u.
T and k (together)- what!!!
u- I mean to say always ready for u as u r my besties
k- ohk. Chalein twinkle .(lets go twinkle)
t- haan kunj chalo.(yes kunj lets go.)
k- all the best uv. Koi gadbad mat karna.(don’t do anything rubbish.)
u- main kabi koi gadbad nhi karta I m gr8 yuvraj luthra.(I never do anything wrong)
k- haan haan natunki mat shuru kar ab.(yes yes don’t strt ur dramebazi now) and go.
u- buy guys all the best.
Now swayamwar got started and twinj were talking over it . they were introducing the boys to randhava family.
k- so let us start. The boys who r taking part in swayamwar which were selected by us till now are mr ankit ,ajay, rahul,pralay,shubham,shivam,armaan,vikram and yuvraj luthra (yes guys it was twinj ‘s paln to make uv take part in swayamwar which was part of their plan )
in the whole function raghav was staring twinkle wid bad eye which was noticed by kunj and twinkle.
k- raghav u r gone now.
t- leave it na kunj.
k- but he is eyeing u badly.
t- leave it let us cont on function
now after relaxing twinkle spoke

t- so boys u have to impress kavya.
One by one every1 cme but no one can impress her. But at last it was uv’s turn
u- may I have honour to dance wid d pretty lady?
k- yes
they danced and kavya was much impressed by uvraj so he was selected as his groom.
At night.
Kavu’s room
Kavya ‘s pov
I m getting married to uvraj luthra for whom I fell when I say him today. I want him to be selected and yes he was. Thanks god im very happy dat I got such a nice boy to whom I m getting married. Wow!!!
Twinj house…
t- so guys our plan no 1 is done with flying colors thanks god.
k- hmm twinkle so true. Everything was perfect.
c- so guys buy let us go uv.
U – hmm bye guys.
After yuki’s leave
t- thanks kunj for ur concern towards me.
k- u r my frnd twinki
t- then also thanks
k- no thanks and sorry in friendship ok
t- ok and they side hug each other.
Screen freezes on their faces.


Precap-uv’s plan to take kavya on date and kavya to do something which surprise…

Plz comment . so guys how many of u have the idea that uv will come as groom.?
Plz comment and happy dushera to all of u….again..

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