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Love in Mission – Twinj Chapter 5

Hlo guys…me sidhansha …I think u all liked my last ff …….so I m here to continue my ff.
So let us begin with the episode..
After that incident kunj was somewhat in anger so he directly asked twinkle about the incident
k-twinkle what was that?

k-y did u talked wid that chepo raghav.
t-because he started to talk wid me.kyun ? kya hua?(why ? what happened ?)
k – you know na that he is cheapster. See how he was talking wid u and flirting too. And u also wow.khush ho ho ke reply de rahi thi.(you were also replying by being happy)
t- then what happened it is alright kunj. We r there to take the revenge nothing else so for taking revenge I can do anything u know that and if we will keep them happy they will trust us more nicely.
k- yes I know but it doesn’t mean that u have you to reply to these chepos ohk.
t- kunj y r u getting possessive
k- I m not getting possessive at all but the thing is that u have to maintain distance fromhim.


t- (now being frustrated)kunj c I know what I want to do. Don’t order me ok.
k- twinkle u r not getting me.
T – I m getting all ur points ohk. I just don’t want to talk to u on this topic. Bye gud night.(saying this she left)
k-twinkle..twin..what is wrong wid her? Saying this he also went toward his room.

This whole incident was witnessed by yuvi.
Y to himself- y is kunj this much possessive towards twinkle? Do he love her…no no they r just good frnds. Yes only I can twinkle she is only mine .. if kunj became an obstacle in my aim then I have to do something bad wid u sorry bro I can do anything for my twinkle my love.

In twinj’s respective room twinkle and kunj was thinking that they did wrong by talking harshly wid each other so they thought to applogise and went to each other.
k- sorry twinkle I shouldn’t have talked like this too u.
t- I m also sorry kunj all was my mistake.

k- nhi meri thi I only over reacted
t- nhi meri glti thi I was harsh wid u.(it was my mistake)
k- maine kaha na meri glti thi(I said na it was my mistake)
t- nhi meri(no mine)
k- nhi meri(no mine)
t- wait like this their will be 1 more silly fight.
k- yes I think both were at mistake equaaly … happy
t – very happy and they botgh smiled.
Next day…
Twinj came to bungalow of mr randhava and started prepration for kavu’s swayamvar.and after a while raghav came down and he saw twinkle there he got mesmerized again seeing twinkle.
(she had wore this dress-http://alyceparis.com/short-dresses-4447.html)
He was starting twinkle which was noticed by twinj.so for avoiding him to talk to twinkle kunj took twinkle and started talking wid him so that he can show his priority upon her

k- twinkle u r looking very hot. Seeing kunj’s behavior twinkle was surprised and asked what through her eyes. Kunj understood that she didn’t understood him so he pointed towards raghav through eyes and twinkle looked their from corner of her eyes and understood.
t- thanks kunj u also looking dashing.
k- wlcm and thanks my love. Listening these word twinj had a small smile but they also don’t know y ?

t – wlcm my love .
now twinj did some more romantic talks so that raghav can go from there but he didn’t moved so atlast kunj started tickling twinkle and she laughed like hell. They had some cute moments.and raghav fumed in anger and went from there.
In his room he started talking wid himself..
r- I l not leave u kunj how do u touched him.i just want to spend a night wid her.then u can continue wid ur so calles relation .. I want her meanwhile kavya comes there and asked whom he want and he told her that he love twinkle but didn’t told that he want her only for night.
r-dii I love twinkle.

k- r u out of ur mind she is my wedding planner and married also that too kunj. U know how much he is handsome(this was my thought) she will never leave him for U.
r- m I bad?
k- I m not saying that but u know what they love each other a lot. Yesterday when u were talking and flirting wid twinkle kunj was fuming in anger .
r- I understand dii and thinks but I will get her
k-promise me that u will not do any thing.
r- surely dii promise. And thinks I will doo everything
kunj listen to the wordings said by kavya about them and thinks that does he love her?
Screen freezes..

Precap- swayamwar and yuvraj and twinj’s plan

So how was it guys.???
Plz cmmnt
Love u all

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