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Love Forever- A DevAkshi OS- One Shot

Hi guys, this is Niki, a reader of all the ff’s on this page. I do comment on many ff’s.
I am so inspired by them, that I decided to write one myself- not an ff but an os….

So let’s start.. I hope you guys like it. Please forgive me for any errors, as it’s my first time.


A college is shown. On the first floor, a boy is seen walking with a HUGE pile of books, so his face is covered. A beautiful girl is walking from the opposite direction, without paying attention.
As expected, the two clash with each other. The boy is Dev, and the girl turns out to be Natasha (Roop Durgapal) {How many people thought it was Sona :0}
Natasha: Can’t you look and walk, you fool?
Dev is lost in her beauty and doesn’t say a word.
Natasha: Dekh kya rahe ho? Pagal insaan… (What are you looking at? Crazy person…)
Dev (comes back to his senses): Umm…wo , kuch nahi…. Wo main…Sorry. ( Umm…that… nothing….Sorry)
Dev hurriedly walks off.
Natasha: Idiots all over the globe!
She too goes away.
A class is shown…..
Dev comes in. There is a teacher in the class.
Teacher: Why are you late?
Dev : Sorry Ma’am..
Teacher: Accha Thik Hai (Ok alright) Go and sit over there. (Points to an empty seat).Dev goes and sits. Next to him is an attractive, pretty girl.
Dev: Hi! What’s your name?
Girl: Hi.. I am Sonakshi…
Dev: Oh hi… I am Dev…Nice to meet you.
In some time, Dev and Sona start chatting about each other…
Suddenly Dev catches sight of Natasha…
Sona is still chatting, but Dev’s eyes are all on Natasha.
Teacher: Natasha, can you answer this question?
Dev (to himself): To iska naam Natasha hai…Hmm (So, her name is Natasha…Hmm)

Time passes, and Dev and Sona while chatting with each other always, become best friends. Sona soon falls for the dashing Dev. However, Dev has fallen in love with Natasha. Natasha realises that Dev loves her, and decides to make him jealous, by roaming around with another boy.
In the canteen:
Dev: Hi Nats!
Natasha: Oh hi Dev…(She then goes to a guy named Rahul)
Natasha: Come Rahul! Let’s go and have lunch together. (She takes him by the arm)
Dev feels terribly jealous… Soon, Sona arrives.
Sona: Chalo na Dev! Khaane chalte hai… Mujhe to bahut bhookh lagi hai. (Come na Dev.. Let’s go and eat. I am feeling so hungry.)
Dev (still looking at Rahul and Natasha): Chalo. (Come on)
The two have lunch together.
Sona(in her mind): Kaise Dev ko batau ki main unse kitna pyaar karti hoon… Kya wo bhi mujhse itna hi pyaar karta hai jitna main usse karti hoon? (How do I tell Dev how much I love him? Does he love me as much as I love him?)
Dev(in his mind): This Natasha….. For sure, she is trying to make me jealous. Kuch to sochna hi padega. (I’ll have to think of something.)
Natasha keeps trying to make Dev jealous, and Dev keeps getting damn irritated..
Soon, Dev comes up with an idea (which is brilliant from his point of view)
Dev asks Sona to meet him…
He holds Sona’s hands…… and Sona thinks he is actually going to propose to her.
Dev: Sona, you are my bestest friend… I just want to tell you
I love Natasha.
Sona is horrified, full of shock. The poor girl wants to cry, but her love for Dev prevents her from doing so and she just passes a fake smile.
Dev: Sona, I am sure she loves me too, but is trying to make me envious by going around with that Rahul. Sona, Mujhe bhi wohi karna hai jo wo kar rahi hai.So kya tum meri FAKE girlfriend banogi? (Sona, even I will do what she is doing. So will you be my FAKE girlfriend?)Just to make Natasha jealous.
Sona: Ok Dev (Just because she loves Dev truly, and wholeheartedly.)
Dev : Thanks, Sona. So, Natasha ke saamne (In front of Natasha), we have to act like lovebirds.
Sona: Ok (with her eyes full of tears)
Next day, in the class:
Natasha as usual is roaming around with Rahul.
Dev and Sona meet.
Dev (loudly so that Natasha can hear): Hey Sona dear, how are you today?
Natasha glares at DevAkshi.
Sona (sadly): I am good, Dev. (in her mind) Kaash Dev, tum sachme mujhse pyaar karte. (I wish dev, you would really love me.
Dev: Sona, chalo na (come na), let’s go for recess. (takes her by her hand).
In the canteen, (when Natasha is not there):
Dev (smiles): Sona, tumhari acting utni bhi buri nahi…
Sona gives a fake smile.
The two have their recess together…
Many times, Dev and Sona keep making Natasha jealous. But, as they do this, Dev gets closer to Sona. Soon he unknowingly falls in love with her (true love).

One day at Dev’s house, he stands in front of the mirror, trying to choose which shirt to wear for an outing with his school friends.
Dev: Oh great, I can’t even decide… (closes his eyes) OK, the love of my life, dear Natasha, just appear in front of me and tell me what to wear.
As he opens his eyes, he sees an image of Sona…
Sona: Ek kaam kijiye, aap orange peheniye… Aap usme bahut acche lagte hain.
Dev is hell shocked! He realises that his true love is Sona, not Natasha.He decides to confess his love for Sona as soon as possible.
The next day, Dev meets Sona in the canteen.
Dev: Sona, I just want to tell you this… I really and truly love you so much. You are the love of my life…
Sona (whispers): Kya hua? Natasha kahan hai? (What happened? Where is Natasha?)
Dev: Forget Natasha. This is not a part of the drama. We were just acting, but midway I actually fell in love with you. You are the one for me Sona. And I very well know that you love me too. (His eyes full of tears) Why didn’t you tell me? I hurt your love for me, by asking you to be a part of this stupid drama. You could have told me Sona, you could have told me…
Sona (her eyes full of tears of happiness): I love you so much Dev…
Dev: I love you too Sona.
The two hug each other, and Dev kisses her on the forehead. At that moment, the world stops for them. Two bodies become one soul.

A little girl of 6 years is shown, playing with her toy teddy bear. Her parents come in… The little girl turns out to be DevAkshi’s daughter, whose name is Nitu. (You can take her as Ruhanika Dhawan)
Dev and Sona smile at seeing the little girl. Both of them move towards her, and kiss her cheeks from both sides, as the girl puts her chubby little arms around them………


Guys, do tell me if you liked it. Thank you so much.

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