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Love for Life – Epi 5

Hey!! Guys…I am back. Sorry for the late update you know Diwali means Relatives, Sweets and many other things. I like to be missed by every one ;-)… just kidding. But guys I know only some of you and some of you know me and If you want to know about me. Here is a post created by me specially for you. The link is here…

Best-loved Things 😉


And coming back to my ff… This the 5th episode of my ff “Love for Life”. I just can’t believe that it’s a round figure and Thanks a lot for the love you all bestowed on me through your comments. As like previous I got so many lovely comments and special contribution to Shama Di, You have been a constant inspiration to me and the way you write your ff’s is completely soulful and moulded in it’s best way. love you so much… I don’t want to call you Di as we are besties now… <3

Guys! As I promised that this episode will be a Bonus one. So, let’s get started…



At Oberoi Mansion
Every body are sleeping except Om. He is looking at his watch and waiting for some perfect time.
On the other side Anika is also not sleeping and constantly looking at watch she is like a bhagodi dulhan waiting for a perfect time and chance to run away…
Their wait goes on…
Finally, When the clock strikes 11:45 both Anika and Om gets up from their bed and comes out of their respective rooms

Anika goes to Viraj’s room just to make sure whether he is sleeping or not. Anika finds him sleeping and Feels Sorry as she going out at that time with out intimating him…
Om goes to Shivaay’s room and sees Rudra and Shivaay sleeping and thinks that When the right time comes he will inform them…
Anika comes out of the Palace. She sees watch man and pleads him not to sound emergency light. She goes to the watchman and gives him money which he rejects taking and Tells her that he will not inform Malik(Viraj) but she has to come as earlier as possible. She agrees and leaves.

Om comes out of the Mansion. He goes to watchman and finds him sleeping. He thinks to discuss about this matter with Shivaay because he is not doing his duty and sleeping and what if someone enter the Mansion at that time. He leaves from there.

Anika reaches Ishanah’s house and Om also reaches there and looks at Anika and thinks What if she tells all Oberois about this?!. He gets tensed. Anika thinks there is someone behind her and turns. She finds Om there and thinks What if he tells Viraj about this?!. She too gets tensed. There are many silent glares filled with tension. Anika and Om look at each other being tensed.

Anika:: What are you doing here at this time?. You should be at home naa!!
Om gets tensed and steps forward. Anika looks at him.
Om:: We both are friends now…Right
Anika:: Yeah! Obviously… we are friends
Om:: So, you have to promise me that you will not tell anyone that I came here.
Anika:: Okay. Even you have to promise me that you will not infrom anyone especially Viraj.
Om:: Sure. I will not tell him…Promise
Anika:: Not just promise…Pinki promise…

Om(Smiles):: Okay… Pinki promise…
Anika:: BTW… What are you doing here?
Om is Dumbstruck and just gazes Anika
Anika:: umm… Let me guess… You are here to wish Ishanah on her Birthday.
Om:: Yeah!! I want to wish her…
Anika:: WOW!! That’s so sweet.
Om:: Even you are here to wish Ishanah…Right
Anika:: Yeah!! Let’s go we will wish her together. She smiles at him. He smiles back.

Om and Anika goes inside Ishanah’s house. Anika puts the cake box and gifts in her hand on a table and goes to kitchen to get a knife. Om also puts the gifts in his hand on a table. He goes to check the paintings and craft works made by Ishanah in her foyer. He gets mesmerized by her talent. He closes his eyes and tries to remember Ishanah.
Anika comes out of the kitchen with the knife. She finds Om lost in his Dreams and call out his name slowly. Om comes back to his senses and looks at Anika. Anika signs him What happened?. He nods nothing and say they are getting late and should go to her room to wish her. Anika agrees and leaves with Om
Anika and Om enters Ishanah’s room It’s full of darkness. Om tries to switch on the light. Anika stops him and say If he switches on the lights Ishanah will wake up and this won’t be a surprise. Om signs her What to do?. Anika puts the cake box and Gifts on table followed by Om while Om is putting the gifts on table the paint brush kept on table falls and both Anika and Om bite their tongues. Ishanah gets up hearing some noise and asks Is there any one? She gets tensed and She sees two silhouettes coming toward her She drags her-self back on her bed and screams She switches on the bedlights and closes her face and screams. Anika and Om burst out in laughter and shouts “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU” along. Ishanah opens her face and looks at them in relief.
Ishanah:: You!! What did you do? What if I get heart attack?
Anika stops her from saying so… by putting her hand on Ishanah’s lips.
Anika:: Nothing will happen to you till I am here.

Om looks at their bonding and is speechless
Anika cups Ishanah’s face and looks straight into her eyes. Ishanah hugs her and cries happily
Anika:: Happy Birthday My Dearest Ishu…!!
Ishanah:: Thank you…Thank you so much for you surprise and for being a part of my life.
Anika looks at her in tears and asks her not to cry and wipes her tears. Anika goes to get the cake and knife.
Ishanah looks at Om. Om comes to her. Ishanah’s heart beat raises.
Om:: Happy Birthday Ishanah!!

Ishanah:: Thank you…
She looks at him and he looks at her. They both share a musical Eyelock. They get interrupted by Anika.
Anika brings the cake and put it infront of Ishanah
Om and Anika sings Birthday song to Ishanah. Ishanah cut the cake. She feeds it to Anika and Anika feed her. Ishanah then feed the cake to Om and Om feeds her. Anika says no birthday party is completed with out cake fight and applied cream on Ishanah’s cheeks. Ishanah gets up from bed and takes cream and runs behind Anika. Ishanah catches Anika and applies it on her. They both laugh out like any thing by looking at eachothers face. Om looks at them and laughs. Anika and Ishanah looks at him they comes to him. Om still laughs at them. Anika and Ishanah glares him. Om stops laughing and looks at them. He says sorry but couldn’t control his laughter. Anika and Ishanah take a hand full of cream and apply it on Om’s face. He looks at them shocked. Anika and Ishanah laughs looking at his face. Om turns his face towards mirror and burst out in laughter. Anika, Ishanah and Om laugh like anything. Ishanah takes some selfies with them. The three share a special moment together.

Anika:: I forgot to tell you… you have to attend the Diwali celebrations at our place. Don’t say no… you have to come for me
Ishanah:: How can you even think that I will not come even after you inviting me. I will come for sure.
Om thinks that he can meet Ishanah again.
Anika hugs Ishanah
Anika says to Ishanah that she must sleep now and turns off the light. Om and Anika leaves from there.

_ _ _ _

Next Morning
Oberois are getting ready to attend the celebrations at Rathore’s palace
Shivaay wears a Designer Sherwani and looks at him in the mirror constantly and applies hair gel and perfume.
Rudra (in his room) thinks to wear something special because he is going to attend celebrations and many girls will be coming there. He want to be the centre of attraction. He tries many dresses but ends up wearing a 2-piece Sherwani.
Om(in his room) wants to looks handsome infront of Ishanah. He also tries many dresses and atlast finds himself simple yet handsome in kurta-pyjama.

All the three O’Bros comes down…
Dadi looks at them and smiles. She comes to them.
Dadi:: Shivaay! Did you just sprayed the perfume or you took bath in it…? 😉
Om, Rudra and Dadi burst out in laughter. Shivaay looks on…
Rudra:: Bhaiya! Anything special you are looking different today… I mean you are looking cool.
Shivaay is stupefied…
Om:: Haa Shivaay! You are having a complete different look… Tell us the means
Shivaay doesn’t know what to tell them and ends up giving a serious glare
Shivaay:: What do you mean by I am looking cool today?! Am not looking cool every day! (he wants to divert the topic)
Om:: You know Shivaay that Rudra just says anything like bizarre stuff and we shouldn’t think about those stuff. He just keeps on telling something like that…
Rudra stares him and calls him a LONG HAIR CREATURE. He gets annoyed and turns his face away.
Om comes to him and holds his hand. They both share a emotional look. Om burst into laughter and Rudra gets more annoyed
Shivaay comes to them and says “ One for All, All for One”. The three have a hug.
Dadi looks at them and says that they shouldn’t catch anyones bad sight.
Rudra:: Bhaiya! (to Shivaay) Don’t change the topic Tell us why did you got ready in a new look?

Shivaay reminds Anika and thinks how to tell them that this change is for you…
Shivaay:: Nothing… For a change. Just for a change.
Om and Rudra look at each other. When Rudra is about to say something Pinki comes to them and asks whether they are coming to the celebrations or not?. All the three brothers nod and leaves.

Whole Oberoi family comes to Rathore’s Palace…
Viraj comes to them and greets every one. He takes Dadi’s blessings followed by Pinki and Jhanvi’s blessings. He comes to Tej and shakes his hand with Tej and Hugs him followed by Shakti. He comes to Shivaay and shakes his hand and hugs him and Om and then Rudra. He then comes to Priyanka and greets her Priyanka also greets him. Viraj looks at her and Prinku also looks at him. They share a eye lock. They get disturbed by DJ. He starts playing a songs.

On the other side Shivaay is inbetween many business tycoons but his eyes are searching for Anika. Suddenly his heart beat raises and he could feel that. He puts his hand on his heart. When he raises his head he sees Anika down. His face is filled with immense happiness.
The DJ starts playing Nagad Sang Dhol and Anika starts dancing. All are left speechless by her performance( you know how the dance moves will be for that specific song). In middle Ishanah joins Anika and they both dance on Dola re Dola song. After the song completion some other girls join them and they dance on Pinga song. Shivaay is just glaring Anika through out her performance. Om was really happy after the arrival of Ishanah. Rudra is brain struck after watching so many girls there.
Shivaay gets a call and moves aside to attend it.

Person:: Sir!! Doctor said that he can get conscious at any time
Shivaay:: Okay. Just take care of him nothing should happen to him. And yeah when he gets conscious call me right away. Mind it
Shivaay goes to Om and asks about Rudra. Om says he don’t know. They both leave insearch of Rudra.
Rudra is seen flirting with the girls. He hold a girl’s hand and say she is beautiful and that girl gets shy.

Shivaay and Om comes to him and takes him away. Shivaay tell them the whole matter. Om and Rudra gets shocked and they hug each other
Shivaay:: I told you nothing will happen to him
Rudra:: haa Bhaiya! Thank god he is alright.
Om:: I didn’t get one thing ….when that incident happened? No body filed any FIR.
All the three gets into thinking…

No Precap Guys…

I don’t even know when I will get to post the next…. episode currently I am writing my exams so I will not be able to post daily. Hope you will understand me.

If you feel any thing that needs to be changed then Please let me know you and Drop your view and doubts in the comments section below.

My special request to all My Dear Silent readers as I told you before I want your response <3

With loads of love…  😉
Naina…<3 

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