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love comes from heart not from mind (part-2)

The episode starts with Neil consoling pragya and Ragini

N:beta don’t worry by patting pragya shoulder he was consoling
P:no pappa who is he you?y did he come here lots of questions was revolving around her mind
N:relax beta first come and sit have water
R:how dare he speaks like this to my daughter
and you just simply standing without telling anything
N:what do u expect me to do he has all powers
R:then what is the use of being a police
N:I understand now we will movery


Screen shifts to the car
Here abhi was only thinking about pragya and her sparkling eyes .he decides to collect information so he calls to one person
M:hai abhi what sudden phone call
A:no I want a small favour and he tells the information

Screen shifts
Here praagya gets ready to leave so she starts the car
In hospital
After seeing pragya all greets her and she goes to cabin and was shocked to see abhi
P:you?how cmn u r here
A:year I can’t cmn here for check up
P:don’t u have eyes it’s a gynaecologist area and ur telling like this
A:ah I know but the check up is not forme but fr my angel said in a witty smile
By now pragya understood his intention and started to move but abhi caught hold her wrist
P:leave my hand
A:y is it affecting before he was above to give her a kiss in her cheek Ragini came after seeing her he leaves ando goes

So guys hope ur all liking it if u feel it is boring then I will stop writing and this is my first fff so I want ur support

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