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Love changes everything(RagLak) epi-14

Chapter 14
The episode starts with ragLak in bed Ragini wakes up. She is shocked to see laksh besides her. She sees the room and panics. Ragini quickly gets up and leaves. She sees her mobile..she sees missedcalls of Swara and Aryan. She calls Swara
Swara; ragini..wherethe hell were you?
Ragini; I am Sorry Swara I will explain later..Mom dad must be worried.
Swara; Me and Aryan asked the guard..he said you went with lakshya..we hide it with them..I told them you were at your friends house. But why did you go with Laksh? I hope you are OK
Ragini; I am Ok swara..will explain everything later.

Ragini goes to Aryan’s House.
Ragini asks the maid about Aryan.She says he is in Study. Ragini is sweating..she slowly approaches Aryan’s room.
Ragini; (cries) I am sorry Aryan.
Aryan is facing towards the window now.
Aryan; where youwith him all night?
Ragini ; woh woh..
Aryan; Yes or No
Ragini; Yes…let me explain…
Ragini says how she don’t remember anything and how she woke up and cries.
Aryan; Ragini..go home..you parents must be waiting.
Once Ragini goes. Aryan takes a glass of whisky ..gulps it and then break the glass with his hands. His hands starts to bleed. He looks at his hands and then syas
Aryan; this pain is nothing ragini..its nothing..infront of what you did to my heart today….how could you do this to me..you will be punished for this…he behaves emotional..you know I cannot hurt you..so your punishment is you will be my wife..real one..you will marry me. He smiles.
Laksh on the otherhand wakes up..He gets out of the bed and as soon as he steps out his legs get hurt. He sees a earring there. He gets flashes of what happened. Laksh calls out his driver and ask was Ragini with me yesterday..Driver nods. Don’t dare to say this to anyone.
Laksh smirks..now ragini..it will be fun..
Ragini reaches home. She manages to hide everything infront of shemi (shekhar and sumi).
Ragini goes to her room and tries to think but doesn’t remember anything.
Swara confronts her. Ragini says how she and laksh was also drunk but hides about that bed .
Swara looks at her.
Ragini; swara nothing happened. (but Ragini herself is not sure..she is afraid)
Swara ; ragini..dad said you are joining him so you will go with him for a meeting.
Ragini; ok swara..will be ready within 15 minutes
Swara; ok


Ragini gets ready and goes with shekhar for meeting. Laksh arrives. Ragini doesnot look at him.
Laksh; sorry Uncle..i am a bit late..I slept a little more today..ragini looks at him
Shekhar; we just arrived beta..don’t worry..
Laksh; ragini..lets forget everything..past is past..we are business partners..and yes Congratulations for your Engagement.
Ragini; thanks.
Shekhar goes to his cabin.

Laksh; Ragini..coffee
Ragini; laksh..we were drun..nothing happened.
Laksh; no…everything happened..i know we were drunk but..you were uncontrollable..i didn’t know you still had feelings for me.. he smirks ad leaves.
Ragini is shocked. She tries to console herself..she runs toward balcony and cries. Laksh sees it from window…somewhere laksh feels a pinch in his heart seeing Ragini crying.
Laksh hears a knock on door.
Swara; Hi Laksh

Laksh; swara hi
Swara; umm Laksh..we did not talked since..
Laksh; I know swara..don’t worry you are my best fren..Ragini dosnot cme inbetween us
Swara; Thank you laksh..Yesterday you and ragini..
Laksh; nothing happened..I remember though we both were drunk..
Swara smiles..theyhave a casual talk and she leaves.
Ragini enters lakshcabin and slaps him.
Ragini; I heard everything..how can you stoop so low..you know what?..You don’t deserve anyone.

Laksh grabs her hand and tells..thank me.i didn’t do anything. He pushes her..she falls and he says..you know what?..i don’t touch garbage..
Aryan enters and picks up Ragini
Aryan move towards Laksh with anger. Ragini stops him and take him away.
They all have meeting. Shekhar and laksh have to go to Paris for a business deal.
Episode ends.

Precap; journey to paris.. Shekhar gets sick..who will accompany laksh now? Aryan’s new side..Revealation of few things about Ragyan.

Sorry couldnot make it much long..i think I don’t have that ability..and coz Diwali is approaching..am little busy. Next part..i will try to make it more interesting.
thank you for all comments..i couldnot reply in prev part..so so so sorry..

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