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Love changes everything(RagLak) epi-11

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hellooo…remember me? first of all i am really sorry for ate update..i was busy with exams and assignments..this is my final year so am busy but i have vacation due to festivals so am gonna update frequently now..hope u all forgive me..missed you all

The episode starts with engagement preparations. It’s the engagement day.
All the guets have arrived. Laksh is looking Dashing as always as his bearded look has managed to make him look more dapper and handsome and on top of that his attitude. Other girls are drooling over him.
Light turns off…spotlight falls on Ragini…she has mike on her hands..she greets everyone.
Ragini; ladies and Gentlemen..i welcome you all to my engagement party. A girl gets biggest joy two times..one when she is going to get married and second when she becomes a mother. Here, today I am really happy coz I got a perfect lifepartner..(she is movimg towards Laksh)..i thank God for giving me him. Today I feel so complete..i got my mom and dad back..i got my sister..and a lifepartner..she has tears of joy..(shekhar sumi smiles and swara also has tears on her eyes she grabs sanskars hand and puts her head in his shoulder and smile.)


4 black Mercedes arrives. A young, dashing man enters..(his face is not shown)..he has two bodyguards along with him.
Ragini in hall says ladies and gentlemen pls welcome my fiancée..AP ask Laksh to moveforward. Laksh takes a step forward. He goes near to Ragini..Ragini too goes near him. Laksh gives his hand to Ragini..Ragini doesnot look at him and passes by him.laksh is hell shocked.she walks near the entrance..A man is there..ragini keeps her hand in his and says..welcome Aryan Khanna..my fiancé. (Aryan is played by Barun Sobti)

Everyone is shocked. Thunders are shown in everyones faces (hehe this wasfor fun).
Laksh; Raginiii..What the hell is going on..he goes near her and grabs her shoulder
Aryan; Leave..he shouts leave her.
Shekhar; beta if you did not wish to marry laksh..why did you do this.
Ragini; baba when did I say I am getting engaged to Laksh? I said I will get engaged in two days.
DP; then why did you brought us here..this is not an excuse Ragini..i could understand you are angry on Laksh but this is not a way..
Ragini; uncle I am sorry if I hurt you..you all are here coz you are my dad’s friend and my sister swara’s in laws.
Swara; But Ragini…
Ragini;Swara will talk in home…

Laksh gets angry and goes outside…
Laksh breaks the flower pots outside..think something and enters again..
When he enter he sees Ragini and Aryan exchanging rings…
He picks a glass of whisky..gulps I and throws it in the floor..
Laksh; Miss Ragini Gadodia..wowww…you are such a big player..you insulted me Laksh Maheshwari..he goes to her pulls her..she bangs on his chest….
Aryan; Laksh leave her…
Aryan pushes him
Ragini; Aryan stop..i will reply him…I have never seen a man low as you Mr Maheshwari…the pride you carry will eat you one day..i wanted to break your pride that’s it…you don’t even know how many people you have hurted…you are just a egoistic, stone hearted man..you can go from here.
Ap gets angry on Ragini
Ap; laksh no need to discuss..we already heard a lot..we will reply back..let’s go from here.
Sanskar looks at swara and leave with family.
Ragini asks the guests to enjoy.
Engagement ends.

Swaragini, Aryan and shekhar sumi are in a hall now.
Ragini goes to shekhar sumi and hold their hands.
Ragini; ma..baba..i know you are disappointed with me..but you believe me na?
Shekhar and sumi nods yes. Ragini looks at swara. Swara holds her hand and says I believe you Ragini.
Ragini; pls don’t ask me why I did this to laksh..but yes you have full right to know about Aryan. Aryan comes forward.
Aryan is my childhood fren but after his parents died. He left the place. He and his sister avni used to stay with his nani. But then, his nani left them forever.4 years ago..avni was in final year and Aryan had just joined a job but avni left him too..then he somehow went to USA and built his own empire. He shifted to Mumbai 6 months ago.he isowner of AK industries.
Ayan takes blessing from shekhar and sumi.
Shekhar; I am believing in both of you..i just want you all to be happy.
Aryan; Uncle don’t worry I will never disappoint you..maybe you will believe me after knowing I am your friends son..you remember my dad Alok Khanna..you childhood bestfriend.
Shekhar hugs Aryan..

Shekhar; you are my Alok’s son..i left amarpur and i didn’t turned back to that place..i am sorry..i couldnot be with my friend’s children when they needed support.
Aryan; its not your fault uncle..don’t be.
Swara is little worried..Ragini notices it.
Ragini; Don’t worry swara..i will make sure yours and sanskar’s relation won’t get affected.
Swara nods and congratulates them.
They have dinner together.
Maheshwari family reach Mumbai. Everyone are tensed. Laksh in his room is punching on punching bag…he has sweat all over his body.
Laksh; Miss Ragini Gadodia..Be ready for upcoming consequences..he smirks.

Precap; Not decided hehe

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