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Love brings great courage chapter 3

So back again

Recap-sanskars entry, director wants swara to be a play back singer.


Leelas cabin
Leela gets a call
Caller- namaskar ms leela raizada
Leela-ji namaskar
Caller-this is music director Krishna johar
Leela-oh my god mr. Krishna johar, hello sir
Krishna-is swara gadodia ur student
Leela-hmm yes

Krishna-actually we want her as a playbavk singer in our new video song.
Leela-ohk so I will talk to her but the possibilities are less
Krishana-leelaji pls convince her

Shramishtha looks on
leela tells the whole thing to shomi
shomi-I will try to convince her
leela-he is a big director and I will talk to him regauding her problem
shomi-ohk let us what shona says

next day

A guy wearing brown leather jacket ripped jeans and converse shoes is riding on his duke.
Another man is also riding a bullet
It seemed like they were racing.
The guy on the duke could not keep pace with the one on the bullet.
The guy-kkkkk bro U win
Man stops-turns around.
They both are wearing helmet and come towards each other.
They both remove their helmets, they had tears in their eyes yet smiled to hide the pain beneath.
Man-laksh lucky
Saying this they both hugged each other
Laksh-hows ma
Sanskar-why dot u meet her. Its been years. She wants to see her don
Laksh-even I miss my mona darling. But the promise given by me to papa and Mrs MAHEHSWARI
Ughh from that day I hate myself.
Sanskar-u still call him ur dad
Laksh-hmmm forget that ,we promised we wont about are past when we are together. Just chill bro. I mean u r the sanskar mahe I mean THE SANSKAR GOENKA so lets have some fun bro.stop this rona dhona. And btw koi gf bani kin ahi
Sanskar-are u done sanskar goenka never falls for anyone
2 girls are passing by

Laksh sees them –hey hotties ssup
The girls go he smiles but they turn towads sanskar and take his auto
Laksh-bhai when u r around na a girl doesnot even give damn to me. Not fair hann
Sanskar-now stop talking about gals lets have a race again
Laksh-yeah so letsgo
Vroom vroom……..

In the Mumbai airport
Swara(thinking)-oh god I agreed wid my for my auditions because of her nautanki . But how will I do it infront of the cameras. Hey bhagwanji pls help. I don’t wanna disappoint maa this time.
Someone placed hand on her shoulder
She turns back and smiles-thnx maam for coming with me when ma couldnot come
Leela-swara-u too are my daughter. So let the journey begin
Swara smiles

Leela gets a call-han han I have reahed meri ma . had a very safe jouney ragu ma
Ragini-ok beta now take care and when are the auditions
Leela –no no auditions i told auditions just to make swara comfortable. She has to actually sing
Ragini-oh when
Leela that they will tell achha bye.ttyl
Ragini-say all the best to swara
Leela –ok
In Kolkata
A palace is shown
The servants are arraging the tables for lunch
A lady dressed in a Marwari style sari with jwellery with a tattoo on her neck comes down with a man of age nearly 55-60
Then other members of the house come
Everyone sits
The man goes to the head chair of the table and pulls the chair. The lady sits in the head chair and smiles.

The lady-so everyone is on tym for lunch but where is the bigada nawab of the house.
She shouts on the man-what the hell is happening in my house in kaveri maheshwaris house. I told u to make ur son punctual. He should adhere to the timings. Then what the hell is this durgaaa. U are not a good father durga Prasad maheshwari
Dp-in his mind-ik I am not a good father not at all.

Kaveri- very sweetly (sarcastically sweet) uttaraaaa have u made this paneer
A woman tastes it
Uttara-woh ..
Kaveri –yes or no

A women-no no jethaniji I have made it
Kaveri-sujata devarani ji don’t u know how to cook . it tastes so bad . even dogs wont eat this shit saying this she is about to throw the dish but a hand holds her hand.
The guy- mrs mahesswari then u should definitely eat this. U just called this shit ryt . and I guess dayans and pigs love eating shit
Utara –laughs lightly wispherd –lakhsh bhai said the truth mom
Sujata-shh stop
Laksh winks at utara
Kaveri-shut up don’t u know how to talk to ur mom.
Laksh- who mom . oh u r talking about urself hahaha I have told u already I was not born from ur womb and by just marrying my father u cant become my ma get that
kaveri looks at dp
dp- laksh get back to ur room and come and eat lunch
laksh-papa I have eaten lunch alrady coz I cant eat witth dayans.
Kaveri angrly goes from there
And everyone smiles accept dp

Next day
1 bhk house
The person infront the photos of sharmistha,swara and shekhar-chu chu chu swara swara u shouldnot have agreed for the auditions baby. This time u wont be able to face anyone get that anyone and smiles evily. She careses sharmishthas photo –beacause of u I am an orphan ryt see how I torture ur so called family

Back to Mumbai
Sanskar is listening to ndc anthem
Sanskar- woow amazing voice, he is mesmerized hearing swaras voice . I want this voice for my video

Director- we called her . she is in mumbai only
Sankar-good .so today would be the launch of my new fashion brand annapoorna
Director-annapoorna but why this name u could have got something modern
Sanskars manger tries to shut him
Sanskar eyes the director-u are no one to question me get that
Manager tries to lighten up-shakespear said-whats in the name. matter of fact is that it is sanskar goenkas brand .
Sanskar smiles faintly

In the evening during the brand lauch. Theres a ramp where models would be showcasing his collection. There are light and off course cameras and media
The models are getting ready
The dierctoer is also there
Swara comes there with leela. Swara is wearing a red gown with curls(the one is wore on swasan chopper date )
Director-thank u for coming swara . sorry actually I could not get time to meet u
Swara-its ok sir

Director-just wait here I will just be coming
Saying this he goes out.
Leela –oh god I forgot my phone in the car I will go and bring it. Swara u just wait here

The ramp walk has started
Manger shouting-wheres the 4th model
Model –sir she is nowhere
Swara is just watching all this silently
Manager-u know na that sanskar is specially witing on stage for that red dress.
Model sees swara-hey this girl
Manger sees her –yeah she will be the 4th model
Swara-no no
Mangaer- pls I will give the amount u want but just go
Model pushes swara on the stage
Sanskar is standing on the stage wearing white suit (the one on swasan date)
Swara was hell nervous she stood there
Sanskar held her hand. They botth walked hand in hand .
Swara while walking on ramp just stared at sankar. Swara was not nervous this time

Yaariyan ve… Yaariyan
Yaariyan ve… yaariyan ve..
Yaariyaan… yaa…. Plays
But reality stuck her mind. She saw the cameras the media and got a nervous breakdown
She left sanskars hand and ran backstage
Everyone stood up
Sanskar cleched his fist in anger.
Ap was sitting in the VIP section –in her mind-no no sanskar calm down
The director and leela were seeing all this on the screen
Both were shocked

Leela-shona sww..aa..rraa
She eyed the director angrily
Director was helpless- he said doing action that he doesnt know anything about this
On the ramp everyone started gossiping, the media got a fresh news to boost their trp
Sanskar angrily went inside shouted –amit amit(manger)-where the hell are u.
Amit-woh sir ..
Sanskar-u r fired damn it
Amit-but sir listen actually
Sanskar-u r fired
Amit goes away

In the girls washroom swara was sitting in a corner remembering the recent incidents . and breathing heavily
Swara-shit swara u messed up everything. U should apologies him oh god
Suddenly she heard a knock
She was shocked to see sanskar in girls washroom who was hell angry.

Precap- a heated argument

Guys sorry for late but I hope u liked the first meet.
And guys I would be updating on weekends and holidays only because I am busy with my tuitions other days.
Pls co-operate. I hope u liked it
So how was swasan first meet.
Pls let me know if it was boring
stay tuned

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