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Love brings great courage chapter 2

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Mumbai- film city
Man-lights, cameras and action..
Nobody hega like him
Nobody hega like him
Another man of mid 20s turns around wearing belly tight white shirt with his hair flying and he starts dancing with girls around him
Ismein toh hazaar khubiyaan
Nobody hega like him
Mile na iske jaisa chahe
Chiraag leke dhoondhon raat-din
He does salsa with some gals
Thoda susheel hai, sundar hai
Aur thoda homely
Sambhale sabko ghar ka kaam kare
Hai man of family
He dances more
(Most Wanted…)
He sits on his knees with srk pose
Man-song over and goes to the man who was dancing-sir pls sir just one more song
Man2-listen just because that ma knows u I danced in ur down market song which will now be a hit number because of me sanskar goenka so just lower ur voice.


Other people gossiping-being an actor he challenges directors . he is rude but indeed versatile actor.
Director-sorry sir
Sankar-u should be and I hope u got ur answer
Saying this sanskar moves out from the set.
Everyone looks on

NDC (abbreviation for nada brahma colloge of music and arts)
Principals(leela raizada cabin)
Principal(imagine her as vaishnavi merchant )-sharmishta ji I understand swara’s situation . but she has to come out of her fear. She has got the most sensational voice. Many music directors are calling me for her auditions but
Shomi-I know leela ji, she was once my fearless and bubbly shona she is still the same but a fear has overcome her bubbly personality she closes her eyes as a tear escapes her eyes.
Shomi and swara were locked in a room
They could see downstairs though the glass that Shekar was burning in fire.
The doctors saying –we are sorry mrs gadodia –he is no more
Then shomi and swara in mourning outfit
Media entered their house
Sharmishtha-go away
Media-he commited suicide because he was a fraud business man
Swara-how dare u say that
They all started bashing her and all the cameras were on her
Media – he is a fraud everyone has proofs
Swara-listen get away
Media-u cant hide the fact that he commited suicide
Swara-he didn’t
Media-then did u and ur ma killed him after knowing that he is a fraud
Both were shocked
Fb over
Leela holds shomis hand-have u lost hope sharmishtha ji
Shomi-looks up-no never
Leela smiles –then leela raizada is with u. and we will make our swara. vivacious and bubbly again.
Leela gets a call and she smiles
Caller- hey ma how r u
Leela-I am all good u say and when are u coming ragini.
Ragini-well when the college fest ends.
Leela-k bye tc
Ragini-ummmuahaha bye

Scene shifts to Mumbai
A tall tower is shown
Inside the tower theres a very luxurios 5 bhk flat.
A lady is shown sitting on the sofa and drinking tea
And sewing a dress on the sewing mashine
A guy enters-and gets angry-ma why do you work now we are well off. U don’t need to do all this
Lady-it has become habbit sanskar
Sanskar-ma we shold forget old habbits
Lady-ok beta fyn I wont ,happy
A courier comes
The lady goes
Courier man- maam tell ur name and sign it with ur number
The lady-my name annapoorna mahesh… (before completing her name she looks at sanskar who is looking back) no no annapoorna goenka.
She closes the door and sighs
Sanskar-ma I am happy that u r moving on
Ap-beta u know na tomorrow is ur papa’s
Sanskar-I don’t have any father ma. For me u r my father and my mother both. How can u forget what they did to us.
Sayin this sanskar goes
Ap looks on with a sad face.
Back to Kolkata
A villa
swara is sitting in front of the mirror and touching her reflection.
Then looking at her guitar
And starts playing and sings
Abhi mujh mein kahin
Baaqi thodi si hai zindagi

(She remembers her dad and her moments)

Jagi dhadkan nayi
Jaana zinda hoon main toh abhi
Kuch aisi lagan iss lamhe mein hai
Ye lamha kahaan tha mera
Ab hai saamne

(She rembers how her dad got burnt)

Issey chhoo loon zaraa
Mar jaaoon ya jee loon zaraa
Khushiyaan choom loon
Yaa ro loo’n zaraa
Mar jaaun ya jee loon zaraa
(Then she rembers the cameras and media)
And leaves the guitar.

Next scene
1 bhk flat with portrait of shomi swara and shekhar
A person throwing arrows at the portrait
The person- because of u I lost my mom,she was my everything and I wont spare u

Back to mumbai
A music director and a director convo
md-the voice behind ndc anthem is so pure and sensational
dirct-so if she becomes the play back singer of our movie song and sanskar goenka becomes the lead hero in that video song ,then
md- it would be the blockbuster shorm film.
Dirct-fusion of a sensational voice and intense actor will become the most talked story

pre-meeting of an actor and a playback singer.
hope u guys liked it
So sanskar is a popular actor
And swara a budding singer with some fears of the past

Why sanskar hates his father
Who is the person who is the person throwing arrows on the gadodia family
How would be the first meet of an actor and a singer

This would be a swasan story and raglak will enter the picture after some chapter

Stay tuned
Hope you enjoyed

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