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LoVe BiRdS …… Sukor OS

Hey guyzzz this Liya. I thought of writing an OS about Sukor!! Hope you guyzz like it💓. Vimli & Sukor have escaped from the clutches of kamal narayan and ragini.bhuvan – maayi and others helped them to escape and asked them to stay away from village for somedays as they are not safe!! Its about eveng and they are still running, they reached a place ,it was very beautiful with greenary all around! Its preety much close to a small forest with trees around and there is a lakhe to..sooraj who is exhausted tells them” ab mujhse nehi hoghaa!!! Mein zindaghi mei kabhi ,itni nehi dhaudi ”

Chakor :itni nehi dhaudi yaa kabhi nehi dhaudi😒😒.
Suraj glared at her . Imli: mein bhi thakh ghayi hoon😥. Kya hum yahaan kuch samay keliye rukth sakthe hei. Vivaan : haan😃. Gundose bhi peecha chudgayi.voo logh nazar nehi arrahaa…thoo hum yahaan rukthe hei.par aghee kya❓ Suraj : mera ek dosth hei.uski out house🏩 yahan sei kuch door hi hei hum vahi jaate hei vimli find it to be a nice idea😄 .But chakor was not happy with it. She was not ready to leave the villagers and bhuvan – maayi to suffer alone. But her parents emotionally ,made her to take promise that she would stay away for few days!! Chakor determines to find some solution to save her family and villagers .She decided to comeback to village with a bang.


Vimli was sitting under the shade of the tree with imlis head placed on vivaans shoulder💑. So suraj was getting bored.so he thought to check out chakor😉😉.chakor was standing far from vimli ,beside a lakhe.suraj moved near to her.
Chakor was lost in thought when suraj came near to her! He then started staring 😉😉her with soo much off affection😍😍!! He remberd yesturdays incident,how she broken her thumb👍 ,when he said her!!How she saved him ,when his father was about to🔫🔫🔫shoot him.How she consoled him,when he was broken💔 during vimli reunion…..he remembers each and every favour she had done for him!
Then he rembered how he tortured her,how much he insulted her and how he even used her fame to get money💵💵 .he always tried to crush her dreams…but still she saved him every time when he was in danger!!
He then came more closer to her and looked at her deep brown eyes👀.he wanted to say sorry to her! He saw her broken thumb ,with a heavy heart 💔💔he touched her thumb👍👍
Ahhhhhhhh!!!!! Chakor screamed in pain! Now chakor was fuming in anger and suraj was like ab tho mera murder hogha😂😂.
Chakor : tumhara problem kya hei😈😈dimagh kaarabh hoghaya hei kyaa❓
Suraj was saying Sss…Ooo..Rrr…but before he could complete she started ” vaise bhi khaarabh hone keliye ,tumhare pass dimagh kahaan hei😜 saari planning tho hamesha mujhe hii karne padthe hei” she said proudly😎😎😎. And he was numb!
Suraj after gaining his sense shot at her “auuy madam tumhe thoo mujhe thankyou karne chahiye😎😎
Chakor : Thankyou😱😱😱😱 voo bhi tujhee😝😝😝she was controlling her laughter.
Suraj : mein ne Teri motti behen ko apne upar rakha hei😎😎
Chakor : tumne imli ko motti kaha 😈😈😈…nehi chodunghi tujee!!
Suraj : ohh meri maa🙏🙏🙏 …rukhh…then suraj came near to her ,he put his arms over her shoulder and was acting like thinking!!!
Chakor : kyaa sochh rahe hau❓❓he asked him innocently😅😅

Suraj looking at her from top to bottom and then looking at imli who is with vivaans from top to bottom said “sorry yaar🙏🙏 mujhe bohot baadii ghalthi hoghayi😂😂 Tumhe teekse dekhne me baad mujhe lagtha hei ki ,imli thoo slim beauty hei😝😝😝”
Chakor : haan merit been SLI….chakor then realized what he meant and then stared @suraj and yelled SURAJ….😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

suraj smirked @her and was laughing holding his stomach😝😝😝

Chakor then picked a stick from ground seeing this suraj ran for his life😉😉and chakor was chasing him!!
Suraj who was running yelled ” bhagwan ki laakh laakh shukhar hei ki tum merit uppar nehi aayi bechara vivaans😂😂😂uski halath tho dekhoo😉😉.
Chakor : Tumne mujhe motti kaha😈😈 an thoo tum zinda nehi bachoghee!!
Suraj : meine kab kaha 😜 abhi toh tum kah rahe thee tum motti hau😝😝
Suraj said this while running just then he got a hit on his back😂😂
Now suraj was running and chakor was just behind him,lazy lad suraj who got tiers stopped running and immediately turned back and suddenly …….THUD!!!!!! Both was on the ground! Chakor on top of suraj…they share a beautiful but cute eyelock👀👀.They were lost in each other😍😍💘💘.This was their moment.Even the sun 🌞🌞was blushing seeing their closeness,so decided to get ready for his set! The wind 🌀🌀was blowing heavily showing its happiness 🎉🎉but ,due to him some of chakors hair strands coverd her face ,so suraj was not able to see chakor face properly.So he gently moved her hair ,just then his hard hand touched her soft face.Chakor was shivering and butterflies🐝🐝 were flying from her stomach but suraj was in Electric shock⚡⚡.
They then realized their position…..
Suraj : abhi toh meine bhagwan jii she thankyou kaha tumhe mere upar na rakhne keliye ,shayyadh voo nehi sunni😂😂.
Chakor then showed him a pout face and playfully hit him!!
Both of them got up and then started laughing together😇😇😇.
Birds were flying in the sky going back to their nest,soo our Sukor also moved their way to out house….but wait where is vimli❓❓they are busy in romancing 💑.so Sukor catch hold of the love birds and all the four birds ..continued their journey…that they have just started!!!!
—————————————————————————–I hope all of you like the OS .This is my first attempt so sorry for mistakes and typooss😅😅plzz soo give suggestions to improve!

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