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love between swasan (summary and teaser)

Guys sorry sorryyy sorry hundred times sorry because I’ve realized that I have done a big mistake by putting this ff name as love between swasan… but in actual I didn’t gave such scenes… sorry for that guys because u can ask me to write hundreds of funny scenes, twisty scenes, suspense etc i’ll write.. but I can’t write romantic scenes I don’t know why my fingers never allowed me to type such scene :’( even I don’t watch romantic movies… like my ff I liked only mysterious movies mostly… I know many after reading the title thought that it will be romantic story but I only gave suspense and mysteries :’( sorryyy

And guys may be after this ff I will not be able to an active and regular writer but I promise that I will be occasionally writer definitely if u all want 😉 with OS or few shot stories…


Guys there are many new readers who can’t be able to read full episodes.. and one reader also demand’s for the summary so I’m giving the summary and after that a small teaser….and next part will be on Monday 

Part 23


Shekhar and dp are frnds and business partners in london.. dp son sanskar lives in India and handling business there… swara shekhar’s daughter come for completing her studies in India….

She stay’s in sanky’s house.. there she find out the sanky is a womanizer… she got 2 frnds in clg kiran and neha… sanky behaves rudely with swara and forcefully marry with her…… … later it revealed that marriage is a plan of shekhar ……..sanky reveals to himself that he has been raped by his x gf and frnd with 2 more frnds of them …. Kiran saw swara and sanky together and he confronts him… it reveals that kiran is with sanky and they all are protecting swara from something… kiran also says to sanky that stop pretending as a womanizer when he don’t he only pretending because he loves swara from past 8 yrs and think himself not reliable for her…. Swara also loves him from 8 yrs but she don’t know that sanky is the one whom she loves

Kunal.. kiran’s cousin talks with dp, shekhar for some lead… he is a police officer….. swara suspects sanky and tries to find out the truth on which sanky scolds her… later swara said that she knows about him everything….

Sanky reveals the truth to swara that she is having a chip in her arm which is injected by dp,shekhar business partner jai kapoor after fainting her… because chip contains the secrets of illegal activities in jai’s company..

Jai’s life is in danger for that he hides the chip in swara and tells about it to shekhar and dp in a later…. Jai’s scientist frnd dr. john injected that chip in swara and only he can take out that chip and if someone else tries then swara will die. but he is missing

And all are finding her because jai’s enemies also came to know about chip… in this all swara came to know that sanky’s culprits got out from jail…

She punished them and later sanky punished them again for eyeing his love….

One day one man came and said that he is dr. john son sagar and dr. john lost his memory…… sagar tells them that they can connect chip to dr. john mind and from there they will detect the code of chip…

But swara is kidnapped…. Sanky with kunal and kiran arrived to the spot where swara is been kept.. and there they found swara beaten up all….

Swara tells them that there is no chip inside her… they only injected such virus into her from which swara become a human bomb and they will use her for destruction…

It is also revealed that jai kapoor is not the victim but in actual he is the master planner of all this mess.. to which kunal, sanky confronts him that why he made them fool…

(Guys summary is fine or not ??)


Swara is running through the clg corridors madly…. By banging and pushing ppl…

While sanky is driving the car rashly….

Swara reached parking lot….

Sanky also reached there

Swara shouts kirannnnn… nehaaaa… kirann don’t doo that stoppppp

Sanky saw her and shouts swaraaaa where r u goinggg stopppp

Sanky no swara don’ttt

And booommm

Sanky sat down on knees and shouts swaraaaaaaa

From behind someone


Sanky turns and shocked

so guys here is the teaser what u think about it ?? 😉

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